How to Blind a Security Camera (10+ Methods)

blink security camera outside the house

If you’re wondering how to blind a security camera, this article is for you. Security cameras serve as a deterrent and record evidence of a crime. However, there may be some reasons why you would want to blind a security camera. This article gives a few tips and ways to help you do that. There … Read more

How to Improve a Night Vision Security Camera

security camera in white color

You can do several things to improve a night vision security camera. The best way to improve its night vision capability is to provide extra lighting using LED bulbs, but the night vision capability itself depends on various factors, related features, where and how you re-position the camera, and so on. Also, ensure it is … Read more

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need the Internet?

wireless camera - wifi

Technically, a wireless camera can operate without an internet connection, especially if it has local storage. Still, it will limit its capability, so to use it fully, you will have to provide it with an internet connection. In particular, internet connectivity allows for remote and live viewing, instant notifications, and remote backup, which are impossible without … Read more

Is It Illegal to Tamper with Security Cameras? (Legalities)

security camera side by side mounted on the wall

Are you worried about the legality of tampering with a security camera? If the tampering involves trespassing, property destruction, or any criminal intent, it may be treated as illegal. Employees tampering with their employer’s camera can go against the company’s policies or codes, and if it’s a high-level security location, the tampering would be illegal. … Read more

Is It Legal to Record Audio on Security Cameras?

surveillance cameras outside a building

Are you wondering whether recording audio via a secured camera is legal? In many states, it is legal to record audio on security cameras. However, there are some restrictions on when and how you can do so. Generally, you are not permitted to record audio without consent, but some exceptions allow you to do it … Read more

What is a Flash Flood Warning?

streets with cars flooded

Knowing all the details of an impending flash flood in time can save many lives. In that vein, you ought to be familiar with flash flood alerts, so you don’t get caught unaware when one occurs. A flash flood warning refers to a global hazardous weather report issued by national weather forecasting agencies to warn … Read more

What is a Flash Flood Watch?

Flash Flood Watch

You might know what a flash flood warning is, but what about a flash flood watch? Here, we clarify what a flash flood is, how it differs from other flood types, and explain what a flash flood watch is, distinct from a flash flood warning. As far as a flash flood watch is concerned, it … Read more

What is Flood Zone AE?

Flood Zone AE

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified several flood hazard areas, i.e., areas at risk of flooding. Among them is Flood Zone AE. What defines Flood Zone AE, and how severe is the risk of flooding in this flood zone? Flood Zone AE is identified as having a high risk of flooding due to … Read more

What Is Flood Zone X?

what is flood zone x

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified several flood hazard areas, i.e., areas at risk of flooding. Among them is Flood Zone X. What defines Flood Zone X, and how severe is the risk of flooding in this flood zone? Flood Zone X is an area identified as having either a moderate or low … Read more

How to Prepare for a Flood

How to Prepare for a Flood

If you live in a flood-prone area, you must be prepared for potential flooding. This article gives some valuable tips on how to prepare your home in the event of a flood. It only covers things to do before a flood occurs. I have also listed emergency measures and additional things you can do to … Read more

What is an Areal Flood Warning?

areal flood alert

Maybe you heard about an areal flood warning issued by a weather news service, but are unsure what it means? An areal flood is a new term that was adopted by the National Weather Service a few years ago. This became necessary to distinguish it from a flash flood. An areal flood warning is issued … Read more

How Much is Flood Insurance in New Jersey

flood insurance new jersey

Flood insurance exists to help homeowners restore their properties after major floods.  The average annual cost of flood insurance in New Jersey is around $963. However, many factors can affect the overall flood insurance cost. Private insurance providers and government insurances also have different calculations for the flood insurance of a property.  Understand more about … Read more

Basement Flood What to Do

basement flood

Seeing murky water, soaked walls and floating pieces of furniture is disheartening for any homeowner.  Time is crucial when you’re dealing with basement flooded issues. Homeowners must quickly drain the water and remove damp items to prevent further damage. Acting on the proper post-flood process within the first 24 to 48 hours significantly reduces the … Read more

How Much Is Flood Insurance in Florida

Flooding in Florida after Hurricane Irma in September 2017

If you live in Florida, you are no doubt already aware of the risks of flooding, but do you know enough about how this affects your flood insurance? Flooding is a constant risk for Florida’s residents. You need to be well-prepared for the eventuality to protect your family, home, and belongings. You may have prepared … Read more

How High Do I Have to Build Above the Base Flood Elevation

flood elevation

Placing buildings at higher elevations is the best protection against flood damage.  New buildings must be constructed 1 to 2 feet above the base flood elevation. This is the minimum elevation requirement for new or improved buildings to be qualified for flood insurance applications. Still, this minimum elevation is subject to change depending on the … Read more