Donald Cohen

Donald Cohen

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Title: Technical Engeingeer

Position: Technical Engeingeer

Years of experience: 22 years

My name is Donald Cohen, and I am an expert with decades-worth of experience in the home and business safety and security sectors. While I specialize in an all-round smart home and office security systems, I can also give you excellent advice on individual issues such as alarms, security cameras, door locks, and child and senior safety. My other specialization is prevention and survival during emergencies and natural disasters. And with new technologies and artificial intelligence, in recent years, I have also taken a keen interest in cybersecurity and prevention of identity theft, hacking, and malware attacks. I work hard together with my dedicated team of experts. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed decisions about the safety and security of your family, home, and business.

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