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No matter how safe an area you live in, you want to have peace of mind for home security. It would be nice if we could all hire personal security guards to monitor our properties.

Of course, this isn’t realistic for most people. The next best thing? Battery powered security cameras.

These are a relatively affordable way to keep tabs on your property. You’ll always know what’s going on at home thanks to easy-to-access monitoring.

Best of all, you’ll be able to deter potential burglars and hold them responsible in the event of a break-in.

Everyone should be able to find a system that will keep them and their families safe. In this article, I review 11 of my favorite battery powered security cameras. I also include a complete buyer’s guide and answer frequently asked questions to help you purchase the one that’s right for you.

Before we proceed, you might check this guide on how to build a battery powered wifi security camera.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Here are the top 5 picks, followed by 6 runner-ups, for the best battery-powered security cameras:

Best Choice

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera - 2 Camera Security System - Wireless, 2K Video...

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1. Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 is perfect for indoor-outdoor use. Unlike some other battery-powered security cameras, the Arlo Pro 3 has a clean, compact design. As someone who is by no means a handyman, I appreciate that installation is a breeze with this product. You can either use the magnetic or screw-mounted options that are included. You can also use its flat base to put it on a shelf indoors.

If you already have an Arlo, the Arlo Pro 3 is easy to add to your current system. You can update your existing network and instantly benefit from the 2K quality. The 2k video streaming is a step up from typical home security cameras. There are multiple controls, allowing you to adjust everything from brightness to contrast. Daytime views are clear, and it has a generous 160-angle of visibility. The image quality suffers a little at night and when you use zoom, but this is to be expected.

My biggest issue with this product from Arlo is that its advanced smart features are locked unless you pay a monthly fee. You don’t need them to use the system, but they make all the difference. The product has everything from smart notifications and object detection to smoke and carbon monoxide alerts. The initial setup comes with a free three-month trial, so it might be worth it to try out these features before committing to a monthly subscription.

There are also some minor issues. This appears to be an issue when more than one camera is live-streaming in 2K. There are no glitches in the recordings, but problems arise when you try to watch footage live. The streams also might take a while to load, or there might be flashes of a black screen. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal as you will still have crystal clear recordings.

  • 2k video streaming
  • Magnetic and screw-mounted installation options
  • Flat base on the body of the camera
  • Integrated spotlight cam
  • Piercing alarm
  • Rolling 30 days of cloud recordings
  • Compact design is convenient
  • Versatile installation
  • Easy to upgrade your current Arlo system
  • Great camera quality
  • Additional security features
  • 30 days cloud recording
  • Smart notifications
  • Advanced features require a paid subscription
  • Minor connectivity issues

As a smart security camera, this product offers you with great footage and a way to ward off criminals. Its additional features, however, are what sets it apart. It has an integrated spotlight cam that can scare away intruders and produce clearer images. It also has a piercing alarm that acts as another deterrent. I find that Arlo makes the best wireless security camera. If you want a home system that promises clear images and spotlight cam features, check out the Arlo smart Pro 3 here.


Reolink Argus 2 w/Solar Panel - Wireless Outdoor Battery Security Camera...

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2. Reolink Argus 2

While the Arlo Pro 3 is a slightly more expensive option, this is moderately priced. You’ll still find that it has many advantages compared to others in its price range.

The Solar Panel is a very nice feature to have at this price point. It allows the camera to charge without you having to climb a ladder every few months. If you’re using this product indoors, you can charge it with its 40-inch USB cable. You don’t even have to detach the battery for it to charge.

This uses a PIR sensor to detect motion. This makes it more accurate, unlike many other products that use pixels for motion detection. When set to medium sensitivity, this camera sends almost no false alerts.

While other products offer higher quality images, 1080p is all you need for home security purposes. Indoor pictures tend to be clearer, but outdoor ones are sharp enough.

You can also use this with a Google Nest smart system. Just ask Google assistant to show you a particular room, and you’ll get a live feed.

One thing to note is that this wireless security camera might not be the choice if you need clear two-way audio. Recorded audio is fine, but when you try to communicate in real-time, you don’t get the best sound quality.

  • Solar charging panel
  • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor
  • 1080p quality
  • Voice control with Alexa device connection
  • Compatible with Google Nest
  • Cloud recording or microSD
  • Convenient charging capabilities
  • Accurate motion sensor
  • 1080p images
  • Poor two-way audio
  • No cloud storage

Reolink Argus 2 is the best surveillance camera in its price range. I find that poor audio quality is its biggest disadvantage, and I hope they eventually improve this feature. However, with the solar charging capability, precise motion sensor, and connectivity to Google Nest, this can be a solid choice for around-the-clock security for your home. Click here to purchase today.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video,... .

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3. Blink 


These next three products are some of my more budget-friendly suggestions. Nevertheless, they still offer great value to homeowners.

The Blink has a wireless IP security rating of 65, meaning it is more than capable of withstanding the elements. This rating indicates it can function for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s also a great option if you already use an Amazon Alexa smart system in your house. Some commands include viewing live feed and using the two-way audio through Echo displays.

One downside is that besides Alexa, it doesn’t work with smart platforms like Google, Microsoft, or Apple. You won’t be able to take advantage of neat features like voice commands on these systems. This camera also can’t distinguish between people, animals, and moving objects. It can get annoying to constantly receive false alarm notifications.

  • 65 IP rating
  • Two-way audio
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa – Livestream, motion clips, etc.
  • 2-year battery life
  • 1080p quality
  • Great as both an indoor and outdoor security camera
  • Integrates with Alexa
  • Stores hundreds of clips of the video feed for no monthly fees
  • Not compatible with other smart platforms
  • Lack of advanced artificial intelligence

The lack of advanced artificial intelligence might be off-putting. However, the Blink XT2 does integrate with Alexa. It has everything you need for a standard home security camera, and it has extensive battery life. You can find it by clicking this link.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera, Home Security Camera,...

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4. ZUMIMALL A3P Security Camera

Whether you need it for indoor or outdoor use, this can be another great cheaper option that ensures versatility.

Like with many other options, you get 1080p images with this camera. The field of view is limited to 130 degrees, but it is still enough to cover relatively large areas.

If you’re using this product indoors, you can take advantage of its magnetic and double-sided adhesive tape. For an outdoor security camera, I would recommend using the built-in screw mount. This will prevent someone from easily just walking away with it (if it’s within reaching distance).

The advanced PIR feature provides clear nighttime images. The camera can sense and capture clear images from up to 32 feet away.

This product comes with the option of storage, but you have to pay for it. If you don’t want to shell out the extra money, you can also use your micro SD card (up to 128GB).

The motion detection is somewhat sensitive and can eat up your camera’s battery. This might cause you to have to charge it more than other similar products.

  • 1080p HD quality
  • Double-sided adhesive tape and built-in screw mount for installation
  • PIR sensors
  • Good picture quality
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Advanced PIR technology 
  • Paid cloud storage
  • Issues with motion detection

In short, the ZUMIMALL A3P can cover your basic security needs. With advanced PIR technology, this is a solid choice for nighttime home surveillance. Find it here today.


Conico Wireless Camera Outdoor, 2.4G WiFi Security Rechargeable Cam 1080P...

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5. CONICO Rechargeable Battery Camera

CONICO may be one of the lesser-known brands, but consumers are starting to recognize them for their reliable products. This rechargeable battery selection is considered one of the best battery powered wireless security cameras.

Many two-way audio systems are subpar in home security cameras. This is understandable as this is not their main function. CONICO’s, however, stands out. It is responsive and has a built-in anti-noise filter for clear audio.

It also comes with reliable storage. You can use a 128GB microSD card in addition to encrypted storage. Trustworthy data protection and efficient compression allow you to maximize space.

One issue I found is that the weak 3M adhesives can make it difficult to mount indoors. You would be better off screwing it into the wall.

Other battery-operated security cameras I’ve mentioned have superior night vision. If you want decent footage at night, this camera requires objects to be close and illuminated.

  • Two-way audio
  • Cloud storage
  • 128GB microSD capabilities
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Clear two-way audio
  • Reliable cloud storage
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Weak 3M adhesives
  • Poor night vision

As long as your porch is illuminated, you can depend on this camera around-the-clock for your surveillance needs. To outfit your home with the CONICO rechargeable battery camera, click here and buy today.

heimvision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security Camera,...

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6. HeimVision HMD2


With this device from HeimVision, you’re sure to always know what’s going on at your house. Its sensors can detect humans and alert your home instantly. This is thanks to its PIR technology that can sense objects around 98.6°F.

As solar panels aren’t always as effective as advertised, I’m happy to say that the HeimVision’s HMD2 is. You don’t have to constantly take down the cameras to charge their batteries.

One thing to note is that there seems to be a bug in the system where it sends delayed notifications. There will be movement at the front door, and I’ll receive a notification for it hours later.

  • PIR sensors
  • Human detection
  • Solar panels for charging
  • Smart PIR technology
  • Effective solar panels
  • Delayed notifications

This product has a lot of useful features for a fair price. Once the manufacturer solves the app’s bugs, I think this could be a top contender. Get your hands on the HeimVision here.

Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with...

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7. Arlo Pro 2

Here, we have yet another dependable wireless security camera from Arlo.

The Arlo Pro 2 has many of the same features as the 3. You get the sleek, compact design in addition to accurate motion detection, weatherproof components, etc.

However, one area where the Arlo Pro 2 falls short is the quality. The 1080p instead of 2K quality will make for less clear night shots. It also lacks additional security features. If you go with the 2, you will be missing out on features such as the integrated spotlight cam, piercing siren, etc.

  • 1080p images
  • Stores footage past the standard 7 days
  • Compact design
  • Accurate motion detection
  • Weatherproof
  • Lower video quality than the Arlo Pro 3
  • No spotlight cam or additional security features

Arlo is a great company that makes dependable products. The Pro 2 is reliable if you want a cheaper, simpler version of the newer Pro 3. You can protect your home with the Arlo Pro 2 by purchasing here.

Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless, Solar Battery Powered, 1080p...

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8. Argus Eco

The Argus Eco is an affordable surveillance camera with smart capabilities. You can connect this camera to your phone and give Google Assistant commands like “Hey Google, show me the main driveway.” From there, you can view the live feed on your smart phone’s screen. Also, with the included cloud storage, you can easily access footage from the past seven days.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this product with your Alexa smart device. However, it is in testing, so it may become a possibility in the future.

  • Works with Google products
  • Free Cloud storage included
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant
  • Free Cloud plan
  • Not compatible with Amazon Alexa  

The Argus Eco is a reliable smart surveillance camera. It runs a little on the higher end in terms of price, and it’s not compatible with Alexa. However, its free cloud plan and smartphone capabilities pay for itself. Fit your home with the Argus Eco by buying it here.

Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera, Rechargeable Battery-Powered Home...

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9. Zumimall Outdoor wifi rechargeable battery

This product from FUVISION is a decently-priced battery-powered security camera that will enhance the safety of your property.

In total darkness, you can see people and objects up to 36 feet away. The camera automatically switches from day to night mode with no effort on your part. This feature is great for maintaining around-the-clock surveillance on your property.

Waterproof construction is essential to a battery-operated security camera, and this FUVISION product delivers. This wireless battery IP camera has a 66 waterproof rating, which means it stands up well to extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as rain and snow. This rating is also one point higher than the Blink XT2, making it the best wireless battery IP camera on this list.

The only issue I have found with this product is its lag in detecting motion. Once motion is detected, it takes this camera up to a few minutes to start recording, which is annoying at best.

  • Night vision up to 36 feet away
  • An IP rating of 66
  • Strong night vision
  • IP66 waterproof construction
  • Detects motion slowly

This FUVISION camera is ideal for someone looking for a starter camera. It holds up well and offers crystal-clear image quality. Just be aware of its slow motion-detecting capabilities. You can find the FUVISION here.


Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Indoor, UOKIER Rechargeable Battery...

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10. UOKIER Full HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Uokier is a cost-efficient option that saves you money in the long run. I was previously unfamiliar with this brand, so I was wary of how well it would hold up. The pictures I’ve seen online made its construction look cheap, but I have found that it’s made of durable plastic that holds up well against the rain and wind in my area.

This  camera offers a wide viewing angle with up to 32 feet of visibility even at night. It’s useful for detecting suspicious activity even if your property isn’t well-lit.

One improvement this product needs is the battery power consumption. For example, I have found that triggering its alarms and watching live streams take up a lot of power. So if you do get this product, be aware of how frequently you use these special features.

I disconnected this camera from where it was mounted near my garage and relocated it to the back of my house. When I did this, I experienced some difficulty getting it reconnected to the Wi-Fi. After some fiddling, I was successful, but it took some time. If you do end up reconnecting this product, you’ll need to be patient.

  • Durable components
  • Night vision
  • Viewing angle of around 30 feet
  • Durable
  • Withstands outside elements particularly well
  • Wide field of view
  • Some features eat up the battery life
  • Some minor connectivity issues

The Lemnoi Full HD Wi-Fi Security Camera is a dependable product that offers a great field of view. Despite its minor issues, it’s well worth the investment for its nighttime vision and range. The Lemnoi is available here

Why Should I Buy a Security Camera?

Some people are skeptical when it comes to getting a security system. Maybe they don’t want cameras watching and recording their every move. Maybe they just think it’s unnecessary and a waste of money. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Security systems are very valuable to homeowners. Key reasons you should consider investing in one include:

  • Decreased Likelihood of Break-Ins: None of us want to think about the possibility of a home break-in. Especially if our family is present, it is a scary thought. A security system can drastically decrease the chance of this happening. One source claims that homes without systems are 300% more likely to experience a break-in.
  • Criminal Accountability: On the off chance that your cameras don’t deter a criminal, they are still beneficial. You’ll have solid evidence to hold them accountable and help recover stolen property.  
  • Lowered Insurance Costs: As a homeowner, you must have homeowner’s insurance. Premiums can be expensive, but when companies see that you have a system, they may lower your costs. 

Why Choose a Battery Powered Security Camera?

In this article, I only reviewed battery powered security cameras and for good reason. This type offers many benefits over other kinds on the market.

There are two other popular types that some people prefer. To help you determine which kind would be best for you, here is a quick overview of each:

How to Choose the Best Security Camera Battery Operated

What Is Its Purpose? Indoor vs Outdoor Usage


Are you looking for an outdoor security camera or an indoor one? Both are a good idea and have many benefits. 


If you are looking to protect against burglars, I recommend getting an outdoor security camera before focusing on indoor ones. In addition to deterring criminals, outdoor security cameras will warn you of any suspicious activity.   


Indoor cameras will help you catch burglars, but they won’t do much for keeping them out. These devices are more useful for functions such as keeping an eye on pets. 


Regardless of which option you go with, you should make sure that the one you buy is suited for where you are mounting it. An outdoor device, for instance, will need to be able to withstand the elements.

a man in motion that has been detected by a CCTV

Motion Detection

You’ll want a device with reliable motion detection. When your camera senses that something is amiss, it can alert you via your phone. Some of today’s most advanced products can even tell the difference between plants, animals, and a person.

Motion detection is also useful for saving battery. Your camera should be in standby mode unless it detects motion, meaning you won’t have to replace the battery as often.

a brandnew camera lense for a CCTV

Video Quality

Look for a product that records in high quality. This will allow you to have sharp, crystal clear images and videos.

I wouldn’t choose anything that has a resolution lower than 1080p (HD). If you use a DVR to store footage, keep in mind that it will also need to be HD compatible.

remote control

Remote-Controlled Functions


Remote-controlled functions are another important factor to consider before buying.

Does the camera easily tilt, pan, and zoom via a remote? You want to make sure you adjust them to cover a wide area and get the best possible angle.

This is especially important when your cameras are in high, hard-to-reach places. You don’t want to have to constantly get out a ladder to re-position them.


Compatibility with Mobile Devices


Really, what’s the point of your system if you can’t monitor it when you’re away? Trust me: you’ll have so much more peace of mind knowing you can rely on remote access.

Make sure to get a product that can stream directly to your mobile device. This will make you feel like you’re home even when you’re not. You can easily check the footage and even receive alerts when there is suspicious activity.

Also, ensure that the app you are considering is compatible with your specific mobile device. Most apps are standardized across major devices, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thoughts

Well, I’ve given you everything from my product suggestions to what to look for in a security camera. Now, it’s time to settle on the right one!

Don’t take this decision lightly. Finding the right camera is important for your home’s security and family safety. Take your time, research, and compare products until you find the best one for your home!

FAQs for HD Security Cameras

With so many options out there, you probably have a few questions concerning security cameras. I do my best to answer your most pressing concerns: