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Selling Important Information For Lot Of MoneyThere are several reasons to have a home safe for your documents. Sure, you can get a home safe deposit box at your bank(bank vault), but with your own safe for your valuables, you always have your documents in easy reach. 

The idea for a document home safes is to keep your documents safe obviously, so it makes sense to get a fireproof box for documents. 

No home safe case is absolutely fireproof — anything will melt eventually — but there are some good ones out there that offer a lot of theft prevention.

There are several options available when shopping for a home safe to protect your papers and valuables. In the event of a fire, protection against high temperatures(temperature rating) may be more important than the length of time. 

It is a good idea to start your search by looking for a fireproof waterproof document home safes. Protect your papers against as many things as you can. 

A heavy home safe will protect your home safe from most burglars, so size will matter as well. There are also options for the type of locking mechanism(locking bolts) you want, and this is largely up to personal preference. 

You may use an old fashioned padlock with a key, or use a combination lock(key lock), or use one of the more modern keypad type systems(fort knox). There is a size, shape, and a locking mechanism that is sure to meet your needs. The best fireproof safes(home safes) best option is what you seek.

How we picked them

In our search for the best fireproof safes for documents, we have narrowed our choices down to a top five.  

We took into consideration size, shape, and levels of protection if offered. We considered the level of fireproof, as well as the level of waterproof and dustproof possibilities. We measured these options against the cost and came up with some that we think are solid choices. 

The most expensive is not always the best. Finding the one that best meets your needs, and offers the level of protection you want at a good price, is the best fireproof safe for documents.

  1. Honeywell Safes 1104

  2. SentrySafe SFW123EU

  3. Stack-On PFS-1608

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Best Choice

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks – 1 Hour Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry Handle,...

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1. Honeywell Safes 1104

This resistant safe by Honeywell has a carry handle so you can carry it like a briefcase. This is great when you need to carry your documents, and it keeps them security safe no matter where you are. 

The added benefit of being able to protect your documents while traveling, or going anywhere, is an added bonus to this digital safe(home safes). It offers one-hour fire protection at 1700 degrees. Nothing will withstand fire forever, but most house fires(house fire) do not last that long. It also offers 100-hours of protection against water, even when under three feet of water. 

While we often think of papers when we think of documents(file folders), this small safes is also great for flash drives, CD’s DVD., and all other electronic media. It can handle legal-size paper, as well as standard paper sizes. The security safe is 7.3 inches deep, 20 inches wide and 17.2 inches tall. 

Honeywell has a reputation for building strong valuables safe(wall safes) out of the strongest material, and they live up to that reputation with this product. It weighs in at 56 pounds, so would not be easy for a burglar to steal. 

That weight may not be easy for some people to carry, but the handle is still a convenient item that makes this a bit unique. It has a sturdy lock(lock combination) on the middle that is opened with keys, It does have plastic handles and dial lock for closing it, which is a drawback to some people.

  • Heavy and thick, which shows its level of protection against fire and water damage.
  • Waterproof and fireproof ratings and reviews are very good
  • The handle is a nice touch, which gives it a more portable feel.
  • Plastic clasps give it a cheap feel even though it is overall built well.
  • The key locking mechanism is old fashioned and some say the lock itself is hard to operate.
  • Thickness is good, but the lid is too heavy, which makes it clumsy to use at times
SentrySafe SFW123EU Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad, 1.23 Cubic Feet

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2. SentrySafe SFW123EU

This SentrySafe box can hold up to 1.23 cubic feet, and protect(theft protection) the contents from water, fire(fire rating), and most other hazards that could come it’s way. It has a modern digital keypad, so there’s no need to keep up with keys. You do have to remember your combination locks, however. 

You may also use a dial combination locks to unlock the home safe, so you have two ways to operate depending on your preference. Another bonus is a light inside, which is something a lot of safes do not offer. This home safes is ideal for papers of all kinds, and can also protect digital media like CDs, DVDs, Flash drives and other things. 

Protection is where it excels. It can withstand a 15-foot drop during a fire or some other calamity, without coming open. It is verified to be able to withstand being under a foot of water for 24 hours. 

It can withstand 1700 degrees for one hour as well. It also resists forced entry with a pry-resistant hinge bar, and large one-inch bolts that also resist tampering. It also has fittings for bolts that you can use to bolt this fireproof safes to the floor, so it is not going to be easy to steal. 

No one offers two hours of fire protection, but you would have protection for a significant amount of time. It is a home security waterproof safe that can take abuse, but also has nice security features that make it easy to use. It will protect all the important documents you want to keep. 

The digital pad is run by batteries that you can access without opening the fire safe. It comes with two trays that can be adjusted as you like. The door has a key rack for you to store keys. 

This home safe weighs in at 86 pounds empty, so it will be hard to move whether it is bolted to the floor or not. It comes in three sizes and can be purchased in dark grey or black.

  • Heavy, solid built safe, Solid value
  • Can handle 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour
  • Ability to bolt it to the floor adds even more security
  • Trays and drawers add some flexibility to the storage
  • Some people say they have trouble using the combination keypad lock. It is a double-edged sword. If you lose the company-provided code, it is hard to get open, but that is a safety feature.
  • The size does not accommodate legal sized documents
  • Handle and combination pad are made of plastic. With all this steel and security, plastic makes it feel cheaper than it is.
Stack-On PFS-1608 Personal Steel Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock

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3. Stack-On PFS-1608

This home safe is flat on top and bottom, and as the name implies, it is one you could stack. There are situations where this would be very convenient, and it is a sturdy enough of a home safes to merit consideration for any document like (birth certificates) protection needs. Another nice feature of this safe is that it comes with a modern digital combination keypad locking bolts, and it comes with a key you may also use to open the safe. 

You may open it either way, but having a key is great in cases where you lose the combination or the keypad gets damaged. It uses AA batteries that can be replaced without opening the home safe. 

This box is made of welded steel and is rated to be able to handle 1400 degrees for 30 minutes. It has an interior space of .83 cubic feet, which is not huge, but big enough for several documents. Inside is its 13.25 inches deep, 10 inches wide and 10 inches tall. 

Add about two inches all around for the external dimensions. Another nice bonus to this home safe is that the door bolts opens back beyond 180 degrees to make getting things in and out easier. 

It has a removable shelf, so you can also store things like guns(gun safes) or other items that are not paper. This home safe weighs 48 pounds empty, so it is not easily moved, but it can be moved. 

It is a good idea to bolt it down, and that hardware comes provided. The fire and protection rating is not the highest out there, but for most casual home or apartment users, this will do the job well.

  • The smallish size will make it fit a lot of places, so it is versatile.
  • Mid-priced but one of the best ones on our list, making this a great deal for the price.
  • Stackable is a nice concept for this kind of unit, giving a lot of versatility.
  • Level of protection against fires is not as good as some others
  • Padded shelf and carpeted interior could be nice, but it would be easy to stain and hard to clean.
  • There is no mention of it being waterproof on the company’s website.
SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 1.23 Cubic Feet Gray

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4. SentrySafe SFW123DSB

This is the second SentrySafe brand on our shortlist so it is clear we like them a lot. The biggest difference between the two is the locking mechanism(locking system). 

This one has a classic dial combination lock, like the one you see in movies. If a digital keypad seems to modern or risky, this might be the way to go. It also has an interesting feature related to a key. It does have a key, and that key allows you to disable the lock(locking bolts) itself. 

This means if someone else has the combination they cannot get in without the key. It is an added safety feature for when you have to have absolute certainty no one else has touched your documents. 

The combination is set by the factory, which some users may not like. As far as stats go, it ticks all the boxes in fine fashion. It has classic sentrysafe fire protection for an hour at 1700 degrees. 

It can handle a drop from 15-feet without coming open. It could handle that fall into a fire and survive. It is also rated at 24 hours waterproof in eight inches of water. It has reinforced steel doors that will resist tampering even with a crowbar. It also has large bolts that make tampering hard as well. 

You may also bold this to the floor for even more home security. It has an interior shelf that is removable, giving you almost unlimited flexibility for storage space. It is made for paper documents, but you can remove the shelf and put any size item in there that will go in the door. 

Another bonus is the door that opens to beyond 180 degrees, which makes getting stuff in and out easier. The door has a pocket and a key rack to give you even more options. It great for papers, and this home safe would hold a lot of cash as well.

  • SentrySafe fire protection is as good as it gets, The internal temperature goes up gradually.
  • The old fashioned combination lock is simple to use but very effective
  • Steel construction and solid reinforcement make this a very hard safe to open.
  • Removable shelf, pockets in the door, makes this a sturdy safe that offers conveniences.
  • The combination lock is old school and the combination is set by the company that cannot be changed.
  • The key is a great idea to turn off the lock, but it has no backup key to open the safe.
  • Some reviewers report customer service is not as good as it could be.
AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe, 2.1 Cubic Feet - YB-66YLA-F

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5. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

Amazon is getting into the home safe business with this fire-resistant box that is a good deal for the price. It has a lot of space inside with 2.1 cubic feet. The size makes it the best fireproof document safe good for digital media. 

If you have a lot of CD’s, for instance, you can stack them up with no worries. It comes with free Amazon tech support and free shipping is also often offered. Free shipping is a great deal because this home safe is made of 14 gauge steel and weighs in at 90 pounds empty. 

The removable shelf gives you a lot of flexibility as far as the size of objects to store. It is able to withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. It is not, however, rated as waterproof. It has an electronic keypad for easy but secure access. 

There is also a key that can be used for emergency access, giving you two solid options for locking(locking system) the digital safe. Inside the safe is 15.2 inches long, 9.6 inches wide and 24.4 inches tall. Add just less than two inches for the outer dimensions. 

This is the largest resistant safe on our list and one that could hold all your valuables. It can be bolted to the floor and the hardware is included, which is something all companies do not offer.

  • A big combination safe with lots of room for your valuables. It is taller than it is wide, which also gives you some options.
  • The steel construction gives it a sturdy feel. It will be hard to break into and hard to move.
  • Free shipping is a very nice bonus considering its weight.
  • While it is sturdy enough, the door is not thick enough to give as much protection as we would like
  • The heat or fire rating is good, but there are other safes out there in this price range with better ratings.
  • It is a good safe but with some plastic in use, it does not feel as secure as it could feel.
First Alert 2602DF Waterproof Fire Chest with Digital Lock, 0.39 Cubic Feet

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6. First Alert 2602DF

This digital safe is small and holds only letter-sized documents. It would also hold cash and hard drives. 

This would be great for the person who needs to keep things secure but also needs to be able to move the home safes easily. It is fire resistant to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes and offers sound protection against water. 

It has a digital lock you can program and has emergency keys as well. It has a capacity of .39 cubic feet, which is not a lot of space, which is its only drawback. It weighs 27 pounds but is designed to float, so it could be found in a flood.

AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe - 1.52 Cubic Feet, 13.8 x 13 x 16.5 Inches, Black - 42SAM

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7. AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

This small safes comes in two sizes, offering either 1.2 cubic feet or 1.8 cubic feet of storage space. 

It is upright in design, so it will hold odd-shaped items well. It operates with a keypad that is set by the factory, so keep that in mind. 

It also has a key you may use instead of the touchpad. It also has pre-drilled mounting holes(anchoring hole) so you can bolt it to the floor if you like. This is a good home safes but does not offer fireproof and waterproof protection. This could be the best home safe.

SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box with Key Lock, 0.18 Cubic Feet

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8. SentrySafe 1200

This is one of the cheapest valuables safe out there, and it is made by SentrySafe, which is one of the best companies. It is only 13 pounds empty, so it is portable but not the most secure. 

Still, it offers fireproof and waterproof protection for your papers. this fireproof document case also has a handle for easy transportation. It operates with a key. 

For the best fireproof safes place to keep documents, that is also portable and cheap, this small fireproof safe is hard to beat. This would be a great home document safe as well.

What You Need To Know: Buying Guide

fireproof safe

It is a good idea to keep your valuable papers in once place, but any old box does not make them safe. Having a box that keeps your items safe from fire, water, and thieves should be the objective and that will give you peace of mind. 

There are a lot of them out there, and they have different options and capabilities. Here are some questions to consider when shopping for the best fireproof document boxes.

Our Bottom Line

best fireproof safe

Consider what you need most when buying a combination safe, and that can help you find the best deal for yourself. The best safes(small safe) are those that offer home security for your documents and valuables. 

The best fireproof box is one that will hold legal sized documents without folding. These are usually relatively small. If you have other valuables to protect it would be good to get a larger one, which will not cost a lot more and will give you more flexibility.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to go about picking out a document safes to store your documents and other valuable items. 

Cost is a consideration, but also consider how much protection you need. You may or may not need the one with the highest rated fire protection, and waterproofing(waterproof seal) has some limitations, are just two things to keep in mind.

Based on our research Honeywell Safes 1104 offers the best deal. It is fairly small, will fit anywhere, and will hold all your documents. It will hold legal sized documents without folding, 

It offers fire and water protection that is more than you will likely ever need. It is not the heaviest and has a handle to allow you to carry it. 

The home security level, and the ability to make this safe portable easily, make it a great value in our opinion. There is also a chest upright version that can act as a cabinet. 

This is not the cheapest one, but it offers outstanding build quality and has all the extras you might need. It also has a emergency key lock system(locking system) which is a bit dated, but many people prefer this method.

There are two more options that are really good if you want the best upright safe that has a little more space. 

Two models by SentrySafe made our list, and both are good deals. the SentrySafe SFW123EU and the SentrySafe SFW123DSB are nearly identical. The only difference is how you open the safe. 

Data Security ConceptThe first one uses a modern electronic keypad, and the second one has an old-school dial combination lock. Both offer way more fireproof and waterproof(waterproof seal) protection than you are likely to need. 

Both also offer plenty of space for all your valuables.

You can’t go wrong with any of these household safes, but to get the best click here to get the Honeywell and here to get the SentrySafe model.


If you need both yes it is, but consider whether you really need both. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, or you have documents that would be ruined if they got wet, it might be worth considering. Fireproof safes are more popular and you are more likely to have a fire than a flood in many cases.

Many safes come with this option, and it depends on how secure you want it to be. 

The heaviest safe on our list is almost 100 pounds, so that is not going to get moved easily. Other safes weigh around 40 pounds and could be moved fairly easily. 

Check to see if the safe can be bolted to the floor and whether the needed hardware is included in the package. Some safes have small holes you can widen with a drill at the bottom to bold it to the floor.

The heaviest safe on our list is 90 pounds and the lightest is 40 pounds. 

A heavier safe will be harder to break into and is more secure because it is harder to move. Safes are made of steel, and the more steel involved the heavier the safe gets. If you need to move your safe at times or take it with you, a lighter one is better. 

If your only concern is home security, a heavier one is best. The heavier safes have more steel in them and are more secure, and they cost more.

Check the safe's stats to make sure it is waterproof if that is essential. There are reasons to get a waterproof safe, and reasons not to. 

The best waterproof safe will protect you against floods. Some safes are good for several hours under two or three feet of water, which is extreme. 

More likely is 10 inches of water for an hour or two. The only drawback to waterproof safes is that they hold in the moisture that can condense and damage your documents. 

That can be reason enough to not get a waterproof safe. If you do get one, air it out occasionally to protect your documents and valuables.

There are many options here, and in some cases, it is a matter of personal taste. Modern safes come with a keypad with a digital code supplied by the company. 

Other safes come with the old fashioned dial combination lock, and that combination may be created by the company as well. 

Some come with keys too. If you get one with a key make sure you know whether it will unlock the safe. Some with keys only enable or disable the combination lock. If you lose your combination it can be very difficult to get a new one.

Some safes are designed to hold papers only, so they are not really big. A larger box will be needed to store digital media and other valuables like jewelry or a gun. Some safes are taller just so you can store odd-shaped items in them.

In the digital age, we may wonder why it matters if you have paper documents. The reality is, the paper copy is the legal proof you have of anything. They are proof that financial transactions, and agreements, actually happened.

The fire safe create moisture inside the fire safe that helps keep papers below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is when the paper starts to burn. 

Steel keeps the safe secure and materials like perlite, insulite, and vermiculite are used to build heat resistance. 

Keep in mind CD's and electronic media is more sensitive than paper, so a higher rating might be needed for those items. Read fireproof document box reviews to see how well they protect.

Insurance policies, especially for home, health, and life, should be where they can be reached. 

Wills and various kinds of power of attorney papers are also good to have for when you cannot speak for yourself. Payment directives for banks and other investments are also a good idea, in addition to a will. 

Your passport, birth certificate, marriage license and things like this, can be replaced, but it is convenient to have them where you can reach them if you need to. A  list of passwords and information about all your online accounts is good to have on paper as well as on your computer.

Any safe not rated for an hour or more of fire protection, will probably not be good enough to protect your money. 

Cash is fairly safe, but remember, it is almost impossible to get cash replaced. No safe is absolutely fireproof. 

Fireproof safe reviews do not recommend storing cash in a safe. The best document safe fireproof will not protect cash or any paper for an extended period.

Even the best safe can be moved if thieves are determined enough, and have proper tools. 

A little camouflage can help you keep it hidden. Some cabinet safes can look like an ordinary piece of furniture, or you can put plants or other things on top of them to obscure the view. You can also hide a safe in a closet, or even under a bed if it is small.

The most important documents to have are those that prove who you are, your legal status, and what you want to be done when you cannot speak for yourself. 

Some financial records should also be kept for legal and tax purposes. A birth certificate, social security cards, power of attorney, are just a few.

You need to have a copy of your insurance policies, but they do not necessarily need to be in a safe. 

Items to put in a safe are those you do not want anyone to be able to tamper with or change. Your last will and testament, power of attorney, proof of benefits and disability information, are just a few things that need to be in a safe.

The best fireproof document box is one that will protect your papers the best. A fireproof safe keeps documents from getting too hot for a set amount of time. 

The time rating is listed with safes that offer fireproof protection. Safes have been tested independently and have ratings. The best safes on or list can withstand 1700 degrees for an hour. Any will melt if exposed to enough heat but 1700 degrees for an hour is something you are not likely to face.