5 OF The Best Night Vision Security Cameras (Reviewed 2022)


  • 1080P Video
  • Weatherproof
  • Control with Your Phone


  • 2K Video & HDR
  • 160° View
  • Works with Alexa

Best Overall

  • 1080P Video
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Cloud Storage

Highly Rated

  • 4K UHD
  • 180° View
  • Integrated Spotlight


  • 1080P Video
  •  2-Way Audio
  • Cloud Storage

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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience

Having a secure environment is important, and having the confidence to relax at home or be away from your home makes a difference. One of the best ways to ensure you are protected is by having a security camera. Although they work well throughout the day, the main concern should be how the camera will perform at night. 

Once you start looking for a security camera, it’s best to think about what type of camera you need. Think of your security camera as your personal security guard, but one that operates on technology. Although you can’t see it in a uniform (that would be a sight, right?), it should offer the same safety as if it were in one.

There are a number of cameras on the market that claim to have what you need but migrating to cameras that clearly capture images any time of the day or night work best. While there are a lot of cameras on the market, figuring out the best night vision camera may take some work. You’ll want to consider the features of the camera and what’s most important to you, as well as the design. You should also consider the cost. The last thing you want is to find a camera you really like and it doesn’t fit into your budget.

While you may think a night vision security camera system will be too expensive, there are affordable solutions, and we’ve put together some of the best night vision home security camera selections that may best meet your needs. These best night vision security camera reviews can point you in the right direction:

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Best Overall

REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System – Wireless, Rechargeable Battery,...

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1. Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is the perfect alternative for homeowners who place a high priority on “going green.” Designed to work with rechargeable batteries or by solar power, this device operates through WiFi, with no wiring needed. 

Displaying in 1080p full HD, this camera provides remote, live view from anywhere. Equipped with intelligent alerts, users can receive information in real time. 

If you’re worried about night viewing, the camera provides clear night vision up to a length of 33 feet. Enhanced protection protocols include a two-way audio to interact or listen to what’s going on. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, this equipment works perfectly in standard or extreme conditions. This camera also uses Starlight Night Vision, which offers two vision modes – black and white night vision, or color night vision. This is an affordable option for those looking to protect their home in a simple, yet cost-effective way. 

One of the biggest advantages is the PIR sensor which detects motion. While most cameras run on electricity, the advantages of using solar power is that the camera will still work even if the power is out. 

There are different charging options for indoor and outdoor, making things more convenient to navigate. While 1080p is a good viewing standard, the camera is also compatible with Google Nest but doesn’t work well in live two-way audio. 

Recordings are saved in the cloud or with a microSD card. If you need high-quality video, this may not be the best selection for you, but it does get the job done. There’s something to be said about using solar power, as it helps the environment while effectively doing its job.


  • Solar charging panel 
  • 1080p video 
  • Video recording in the cloud or microSD 
  • IP65 certified weatherproof 
  • Flexible power options
  • Starlight night vision
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa


Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera - 2 Camera Security System - Wireless, 2K Video...

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2. Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 is known for its ability to utilize night vision in color. Sharp, clear details in 2K HDR with a 160 degree view makes this one of the more advanced, best night vision home security camera options on the market. If well-lit areas are a priority, this camera provides a weather-proof spotlight that can be turned on remotely. 

A sleek and useful design, camera recordings can be saved for up to 30 days using the video cloud. It may be considered one of the best when comparing the best wireless night vision security camera option. Compatible with a number of accessories, this is a useful, yet practical solution for home security.

One of the highlights of this camera is its easy installation capabilities. There are three ways to install: with the included base, or with the screw-mounted or magnetic options. So what’s so great about 2K? Most home security cameras have grainy output. 

With 2K video streaming, you’ll be able to see things more clearly, and can adjust the picture to your specific settings. Since you’ll be able to see night recordings in color, imagine you’re watching TV. Now you can see who’s outside at a moment’s notice.

One of the perks of the camera? When things aren’t going well, a piercing sound alarm is included. You’ll be able to run your intruders away and wake the neighbors too!


  • Smart hub 
  • Works with Apple watch
  • Compatible with Google Home 
  • Works with Amazon Alexa 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Sleek design

Highly Rated

Arlo VMS5240-100NAS Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System

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3. Arlo Ultra 4K

If you’re searching for one of the highest affordable night vision cameras with the best technology, this may be the one for you. Equipped with 4K HDR for cutting edge image quality, this camera also has enhanced night vision, providing crisp colors even in the dark. 

Definitely one in the running for, users have a 180-degree panoramic view, illuminated with the integrated spotlight, which is super bright and motion-activated. Listen to distortion-free audio, with the camera being compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Apple Home Kit.

If you’ve ever wondered how detailed the camera can get, wonder no more. This 4K high-resolution video can provide a close-up zoom picture, highlighting the smallest of details. WiFi-enabled and completely wireless, the camera can be placed anywhere. 

There is an advanced monitoring system available (Arlo Smart Premier), which allows video and audio to be recorded and stored for up to 30 days. This is an additional cost. 

Also equipped with a smart siren, the features allow it to be set automatically, or by triggering the alarm from a mobile device. 

Sleek and discreet, the design works in any setting. If you live in an area where there is a lot of foliage or it gets extremely dark, this camera will work wonders in providing video you can clearly see.


  • 4K high resolution video
  • Zoom-in pictures 
  • Full two-way audio 
  • Weather-resistant


Google Nest Cam Outdoor 2-Pack - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor...

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4. Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera

The Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor security camera is designed to provide outdoor coverage in any type of weather. Providing 1080p high-quality video around the clock, it’s easy to install and operate. 

Equipped with the ability to monitor and converse at the door adds an additional layer of security, as well as activity alerts that pop up on a mobile phone while away. 

A little pricier than some, this camera provides real-time audio and video, with night vision and 8x zoom magnification. A 130-degree wide-angle lens allows monitoring around the property without having to be there.

Imagine you’re out of town and get an alarm – you’re able to click the app and see what’s going on without having to ruin your trip. Easily connect to your Wi-Fi network and tie into your Google network.


  • 1080p HD video
  • 8x zoom magnification 
  • Magnet mountable


Outdoor Camera Wireless, Zumimall Security Camera Outdoor/Indoor,...

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5. ZUMIMALL A3P Security Camera

The Zumimall brand touts its camera as the first truly 100% wireless outdoor WiFi rechargeable camera. Complete with a modern design, this night vision security camera can be used both indoors and outdoor.

Mountable with a screw-in design, or with double-sided adhesive tape, installation is quick and easy. Equipped with an advanced PIR feature, users can see nighttime images clearly up to 32 feet. This camera operates with 1080p video and motion detection. 

Designed with a rechargeable camera, the battery life is known to last up to 5 months when fully charged. Completely wireless, the camera operates on Wi-Fi and can withstand all weather conditions. 

Two-way audio provides clear conversation or recordings on the cloud. By using the app, the camera can be monitored from anywhere. Recording can also be done with cloud storage or with a microSD card.


  • 1080P
  • Indoor/outdoor surveillance 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Wireless and cordless 
  • PIR sensor

10 Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Night Vision Security Camera

  1. CCTV security cameras can see at night as long as night vision is listed on the specs of the camera. A high quality night vision security camera should have a long-range IR distance.
  2. Night vision security cameras use infrared (IR) night vision, which is invisible to the naked eye but visible to the cameras. When it is dark outside, the LED lights within the camera turn on, acting like a floodlight to hep the cameras capture high-res video and images.
  3. Color night vision cameras also operate in black and white. The setting has to be changed to make it start showing in color if that is an option on the camera.
  4. When choosing a good night vision security camera, the following should be considered: camera resolution, whether the camera is weatherproof, the IR range, field of view, and how well it removes image noise.
  5. Should the night vision camera be able to see through windows? Although the purpose of the camera is to monitor every aspect of the home, glass windows can provide a glare which may distort images. It is not recommended to position the camera to directly look through a glass window.
  6. If the camera is located outside, there may come a time when things may seem a little blurry. That’s because of the weather, or maybe there are some bugs interfering with the transmission. It is always good to spray around the camera with an insecticide and clean the lens with a microfiber cloth from time to time to get the most out of the camera.
  7. Where should you install your camera outdoors? It depends on the area that needs monitoring. The driveway, living room, front door, front and back yards are all good places to get clear pictures of intruders that may be attempting to get into the home.
  8. When considering whether to get a black and white or color night vision security camera, there are a few factors. First, consider the image quality. Look at the results from the color and the black and white images at night. While color is wonderful in the daytime for clear, sharp images, you may not see the same thing at night. Also, when using color night vision, it requires more storage. You should have a large SD card if choosing this option. Additionally, a black and white night vision camera would have a longer range than color night vision. It’s important to think about this when choosing the right camera. Finally, consider the price. If you are on a budget, a color night vision camera may not be the best thing. As you can see, there are very good black and white night vision security cameras that work well.

What about DNR?

Noise Texture

When your camera is working, it consistently picks up noise. This noise can affect your images and video, creating fuzzy images.
The camera removes noise from images using Digital Noise Reduction (DNR). 3D DNR is an advanced form of DNR which allows noise to be filtered during various conditions, including low light.

Types of Noise

What types of noise can be expected from a night vision security camera? There are two common types: Salt and Pepper, and Gaussian. (1, 2)

Salt and Pepper noise comes from CCD imagers overheating. You’ll see it as dark and white spots in the video. Gaussian noise comes from interference occurring from electrical moving through electrical camera components.

Traditional DNR technology employs the use of temporal noise reduction when comparing frames. Consider watching a business parking lot at night through the camera. Close objects are processed to remove noise and snow. Additional objects are unprocessed, appearing snowy.

3D DNR is Different

How different is it? Consider the elimination of traditional DNR technology. 3D DNR handles frame-to-frame noise reduction through spatial noise reduction.

Spatial noise reduction compares pixels with other pixels close by to find and remove noise that is disturbing the frame. Through this process, the digital imprint and any grainy frames will be removed to maintain clarity and focus.

Benefits of 3D DNR

Security CCTV camera on location

3D DNR uses the principles from traditional DNR to deliver even clearers signals, allowing the backup discs to have more space. It has been found that cameras that have the 3D DNR tech deliver with more accuracy and sharpness to identify certain culprits.

Finally, 3D DNR technology has made it easier on cameras. They can now determine the distance of true motion and image noise to a new DVR which is more efficient in detecting motion, especially in low light areas.

Are you ready to start looking for the camera that works best for you? Make a list of what you think you want the camera to do, what types of features the camera you are considering has, and match it against this best night vision security camera review. Before you purchase, it’s best to see actual footage from the camera to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. You’re the only person that can determine the best night security camera that will work best for you, but once you put your plan in motion, everything else should fall into place.

It’s important to consider what you are looking for. Do you need high-resolution but are on a budget? Do you really need color vision? Is your goal to have clear and sharp images? Two-way communication? All of these are important factors and should be carefully considered. While it can be difficult establishing which type of camera you really need, you have a good basis on which to start.

FAQs for Night Vision Security Cameras

With so many options out there, you probably have a few questions concerning night vision security cameras. I do my best to answer your most pressing concerns:

How do night vision security cameras work?

Night vision cameras allow photos and video to be taken in the dark. There are three different techniques: low-level light, thermal technology, and infrared illumination. 

This is done by using image intensifiers which use more light to create amplified images for low-light imaging. Then, there is thermal technology, where the objects radiate infrared energy from their temperature. (3)

These are the more popular option because you don’t need light to produce images. Infrared technology (IR) or night vision, provides light all over the images to see, but it’s invisible to our eyes. IR is used with motion detection, detecting movement. 

IR is very high-tech and can display objects, letters, and numbers. This is the most common usage in night vision security cameras.

Why does the picture look white and black in night vision mode?

Cameras with IR have sensors to measure ambient light. This helps the camera decide when to switch between color and night vision recording. 

Without the right amount of ambient light getting to the sensor, the camera records in night vision. When the ambient light is cooler, it results in black and white displays.

Why would you need a night vision security camera?

There are various reasons why someone would want to install a night vision security camera. It’s no secret thieves are getting bolder by the minute. Having some sort of protection in place is smart. If they see a camera, there’s a likelihood they will keep going and avoid your home. 

Also, a camera will help in identifying them if they decide to go ahead and a break-in. Your homeowner’s insurance may be a little cheaper as well, as insurance companies love it when their clients take the necessary steps to protect their investment. 

Finally, consider your safety. Would you rather take the chance of not having a security camera and something happens? Probably not. We live in the times of being proactive. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do all home security cameras have night vision, and how far can a night vision security camera see at night?

Most home security cameras have night vision to accommodate use around the clock. 

The standard sight is about 150 m, but depending on how powerful the camera is, it will be able to see longer distances.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. These five affordable night vision security cameras can make a difference. The Reolink Argus 2 for indoor/outdoor night vision; the Arlo Pro 3 for night vision in color; the Arlo Ultra 4K for superb night vision, Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera for night vision outdoors and ZUMIMALL A3P Security Camera as the best CCTV camera for night vision are continuously making their mark in the industry.

Highly recommended as the best night vision cameras, you’ll find the cameras in major outlets. Accessible and easy to install, you won’t need the services of a professional. Plug and play, they define the future of night vision security cameras and the features people need to protect their homes. Cameras are always adding new features to their models to make sure their patrons have what they need without incurring any additional expenses.

One thing’s for certain – now that you have a good background in night vision security cameras, you’ll know what to look for when you start shopping around, and you know the “lingo” so you won’t be lost when speaking with a salesperson. Not too bad for a crash course in security cameras. Good luck!


(1) Salt – https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/salt-and-sodium/
(2) Pepper – https://www.britannica.com/plant/pepper-plant-Capsicum-genus
(3) thermal technology – https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/energy/thermal-technology.htm

Our Recommendation Again

REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System – Wireless, Rechargeable Battery,...
  • Starlight Night Vision: With a starlight CMOS sensor, 1080p Full HD high resolution presents up to 33ft crystal and sharp images and videos even at night.
  • Free Rolling 7-day Cloud Storage: Event videos are securely uploaded to SD card or Reolink cloud via end-to-end encryption. Live view and playback the cloud video of the past 7 days for free.

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