7 Best SD Cards For a Trail Camera (Buying Guide 2021)

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If you love capturing nature and wildlife, a trail camera is a must-have device. We use these devices to capture the beautiful images of the wild animals without requiring you to go near them or running the risk of scaring off wildlife. However, if you don’t have the right kind of SD card for your trail camera, you can consider all the sophisticated specifications of the device useless. Your camera could take exquisite 4K pictures, but if your SD card dies after an hour, there is no point.

This is why buying the right SD card is as important as getting the perfect trail camera. However, with so many options to choose from, picking the ideal card for your camera can be tricky. To help you make a choice, we took it upon ourselves to test an assortment of SD cards and pair them with trail cameras from top brands, and list 7 of the best ones we came across.

Our top pick came to be the  Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO, for its massive storage, classification in class 10, utmost durability, and more, which is a must for SD cards that are used in trail cameras. With a wide range of options, you’ll be able to choose the perfect SD memory card for your next outdoor adventure in no time.

Best Overall

SAMSUNG (MB-ME128GA/AM) 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card...

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1. Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO 

The Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO is easily the best SD card for a trail camera, as it supports ultra high definition videos of 4K. Through our testing, we discovered that it was built to render durability and has been made to withstand shock and water.

It can endure 72 hours of seawater and extreme levels of temperature without a hitch. So, even if you decide to use your trail camera in the rain to capture the wildlife, you can do so without running the risk of damaging the SD card. The lightweight of the Class 10 SD card also makes it highly compatible for hunting trips.

It offers a read and writes speed of 100MB/s & 90MB/s. Not only is it compatible with a trail camera, but you can also use the car on tablets, laptops, DSLR cameras, and drones, making it one of the most versatile cards out there. With a memory capacity of 128 GB, you can take numerous images and videos without any issues. The Samsung MicroSD Evo checks all the boxes of an ideal SD card for a trail camera, so, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. (1)

  • Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SDXC
  • Class: Class 10
  • High Capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Fast read and write speeds
  • A little pricey

The Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO provides high storage capacity, and excellent resolution levels, perfect for people looking to capture data in bulk.

Best For Speed

SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 100MB/s, C10,...

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2. SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

If you want to go for a relatively cheaper option, yet a card that meets all the high standard requirements of trail camera cards, then the SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter is your best choice. With a read speed of up to 100MB/s, you can expect this card to be as quick as any of the other top models in the market, but at an affordable rate.

Our testing discovered that you can record and save full HD videos without a hitch, thanks to its class 10 specifications. Use it in your trail camera to capture exquisite pictures out in the wilderness.

The data transfer is also seamless and quick. You can also use it in an array of other devices, including drones, and click full HD images. In addition to this, it can withstand temperatures between 25 to 85 degrees Celsius. The lightweight of the card would also go easy on the total weight of your trail camera, so this is worth noting too. The memory capacity of 64 GB will allow you to save many pictures and videos. (2)

  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: Micro SD
  • Class: Class 10
  • High specs yet affordable
  • Versatile use
  • Excellent read and write speeds
  • Price for the Samsung brand is usually more

This is easily one of the fastest SD cards for trail cameras on the list, thanks to its quick write and read speeds.

Best For Price

SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card up to 80MB/s...

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3. SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card

The SanDisk SDHC card ultra 32 GB is one of the best budget options out there. It can offer an excellent storage capacity at just under $10. Being a class 10 SanDisk SDHC card, it offers supreme specifications of the category, including quick read and writes speeds, and it supports full high definition resolution data, 1080p.

When we tested the card, we realized its rapid transfer speed of a whopping 80MB/s, which makes it a desirable cheap option for people who are more frugal. On top of that, it comes with a sturdy exterior, thanks to its waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray proof nature. (3)

You can also use it in relatively extreme temperatures without damaging the card. It is easily one of the best trail camera cards to choose from. When you’re not using it in your trail camera, you can use the card in several other situations, including extra storage on your laptop. 

  • Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: SDHC
  • Class: Class 10
  • Extremely affordable 
  • Supports high-resolution data
  • High Speed
  • Not much to not like here

The SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card is the most affordable choice on the list, as you can enjoy good quality storage at just under $10. 

Best For Construction

Kingston Canvas Select 16GB SDHC Class 10 SD Memory Card UHS-I 80MB/s R...

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4. Kingston Canvas Select 16GB SDHC Class 10 SD Memory Card

Kingston Canvas Select card is another excellent option to choose from, owing to the advanced specifications it has to offer. You’d have to pay comparatively more for this card, than some of the other options in this list. The 32 GB card offers a UHS-I interface to speed up to 80MB/s and provides superior image quality.

Through our testing, we found that the speed will differ depending on a few factors including which device you’re using the card in, and the configuration of the device. In the case of a trail camera, you can expect excellent speed. The best part about this card is its durability. Even so, it has a warranty of a lifetime, so you can have fun with the card in the wilderness as much as you want.

The card has been tested under extreme conditions and proven itself to be waterproof, shockproof, and temperature-proof. The Kingston brand is known for manufacturing some of the finest memory chips, and this card is no exception to it. The Kingston Canvas Select card does full justice to the reputation of the brand. 

  • Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: SDHC
  • Class: Class 10
  • Durable
  • Small and reliable
  • Looks Good
  • Slow write speed 

The Canvas Select does complete justice to the reputation of Kingston for being one of the best memory chip manufactures, thanks to its sturdy construction, quick speed, and support to high-resolution data.

Best Budget Option

Lexar Professional 633x 64GB SDXC UHS-I Cards, Up To 95MB/s Read, for...

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5. Lexar Professional 64GB SDXC Card

The Lexar Professional SDXC card is priced low, so for people who want to buy a budget SD card with good features, this is the ideal card for you. It is a class 10 card, and thus, you can expect it to be quick. It comes with a read speed of 95MB/s, while the write speed is 90, and it offers quick upload speeds.

With a 64 GB capacity, you can save an array of data into the card without any issues. You can also choose some high-capacity options. This way, you won’t have to change cards regularly to keep up with your recording levels. You can record and capture for much longer with the existing card.

In our tests, we discovered that it is ideal for people who want to record exquisite 1080p HD, images, or even 4K videos out in the wilderness using a trail camera, this is perfect. Although 4K resolution videos could fail to reach your expectations, at its current price, you’ll get more than what you bargained for.

  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Class: Class 10
  • Good speeds
  • Highly affordable 
  • Versatile use 
  • Not all that good with 4K

The Lexar Professional is another budget option that provides supreme specifications, and great performance. 

Best For Versatility

PNY 64GB Elite Performance Class 10 U3 SDXC Flash Memory Card

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6. PNY Elite Performance 64GB SD Card

The PNY Elite Performance 64 GB SD Card is a good option for those who are looking for more sturdy cards. It is built with waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof plastic, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and our testing produced favorable results. Even if you install the trail camera with the SD card under rainy conditions, it will do its job perfectly without malfunctioning. But it does a lot more than endure extreme conditions.

The upload speed of 95MB/s. makes the SD card one of the quickest ones on our list. While the HD video storage of the camera is aimed to be 16.5 hours by the company, be prepared to witness some variations depending upon several factors. These numbers aren’t absolute, but for a trail camera, it should do the trick. 

It also comes with burst-mode capturing, which makes clicking sequential images a lot simpler and effective. For recording, you can expect it to capture videos, in full high definition and 4K Ultra high definition. Although, some of the images or videos could come out blurry. That’s one thing the wildlife lovers would have to compromise with while capturing using this card.

  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Class: Class 10
  • Waterproof 
  • Excellent Memory 
  • Comes with burst-mode capturing 
  • The customer support could have been better

The PNY Elite Performance provides much versatility in its performance, making it excellent not only for trail cameras but also for other devices. 

Best Compatibility

Sony TOUGH-G series SDXC UHS-II Card 64GB, V90, CL10, U3, Max R300MB/S,...

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7. Sony TOUGH-G series UHS-II Card 

Sony Tough is meant for people who strive to have advanced specifications, and want to click sophisticated pictures, as opposed to beginners who are just trying to get a hang of things. As the name suggests the card is “tough” under extreme weather conditions. It worked just fine in the rain when we tested it.

The construction quality is super-advanced, with 18 times the bend strength of standard units. If you’re planning on installing your trail camera in the most precarious conditions, this is the option most suited to your needs. The speed performance of this card will exceed your expectations, so don’t be surprised by the price, it is worth every penny.

The file transfer speed of up to 300 MB/s is unmatched. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a write speed of 299MB/s. As if this was not enough, it can comfortably support 4K recording. It also comes with burst mode, which makes taking continuous shots a piece of cake. People have been splurging money on this unit for all the right reasons. 


  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Flash Memory Type: SDXC
  • Class: Class 10
  • Good construction 
  • Extremely fast speed 
  • Excellent memory

The Sony is one of the fastest and most robust cards on the list. With excellent bend strength and compatibility. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying An SD Card (Buying Guide)

SD card memories

Choosing an ideal SD card for your trail camera can be tricky. You need to get your hands on a unit that meets all your requirements, and also the requirements of the trail camera, both of which would depend on the specifications of each.

However, there are some parameters based on which you can compare different kinds of SD cards, and pick the one that suits your needs the best. Here are 2 things to consider before you pay money for an SD card to choose the right card for your trail camera.


An SD card is a memory card, so of course, the first thing you’d need to consider is how much storage capacity does the card in question has to offer. Bear in mind, the more the capacity, the more you’d have to pay. The ideal card size for a trail camera is 32 GB. Most of the trail cameras also come with a 32 GB card. However, some cameras can also have a capacity of 512 GB.

Before choosing the card size, you’d also need to ensure that the size you choose is supported by the trail camera you have. The capacity that you should choose depends upon the maximum acceptable disk size. Although, you might also want to consider the price factor, instead of blindly splurging money on the maximum allowed storage. Think of your requirements, and how often you’d be using the camera.

SD Card Type

SD cards can be of different types based on their specifications. There is standard SD, then SD high capacity (SDHC), and then SD extended capacity (SDXC).

The three differ based on the speed rating. Further, the SD cards are also divided based on video speed class and physical sizes.

There is a standard SD card, micro and mini. Each size is used in different kinds of devices. Most trail cameras use standard SD cards.

In terms of class ratings, the cards are divided into four categories, class 2, class 4, class 6, and class 10. 10 is the fastest of all, and perfect for your trail camera if it supports the specifications of class 10. You might want to take these into account before zeroing in on one card for a trail camera.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the sd card stand for?

SD cards stand for "secure digital" cards. The card is used to store an array of data in portable devices such as phones, computers, laptops, and cameras. It makes both storing and accessing data such as video files simpler, which is why many modern cameras, including trail cameras, use this card to store videos.  

What type of file system is used by SDXC memory cards?

Secure Digital eXtended Capacity or SDXC memory cards are advanced SD cards that can easily support up to 2TB of memory. SDXC cards support the exFAT file system.

What is the difference between SDHC and SDXC?

While Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC), and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC memory cards) are cards that are physically the same, considering that both fit into an ordinary SD card slot, they are different in their specifications. SDXC provides storage of more than 32 GB, and up to a whopping 2 terabytes, while SDHC memory cards come with a storage capacity of more than 2Gb and up to 32 GB. With such high specifications, SDXC cards are used by modern devices, and they do not work in some of the older devices.   

What does the class 10 sd card mean?

SD cards are divided among different classes based on the reading and writing speeds of each. The different categories are called speed classes and are mainly differentiated with their minimum write speed. In this scheme of things, SD cards with a minimum write speed of 10MB/s is classified in card class 10. Below this card class is three other classes. The more the class rating, the better the performance of the card. Since class 10 cards come with the highest of all minimum speeds, it is deemed to be the best among the four. 

What size memory card do I need?

The ideal memory card size that you require depends upon which device you need the card for in the first place, and what kinds of videos you want to shoot. For instance,  if you want to record high-resolution videos, then the SD card should belong to Class 10, V10, or U1. For 4K videos, the requirements are V30 or U3. Likewise, different kinds of devices require different sizes of SD cards too. The acceptable size of trail cameras is 32 GB. This is why most trail cameras nowadays come with a storage capacity of at least 32 GB. DSLRs on the other hand would require an SD card of a larger size, due to the high-resolution videos it records.

How many pictures can 32GB hold? 

A 32 GB SD card is the standard size that most trail cameras use. The number of pictures that the card can hold will depend mainly on the file format of the image. The format could be anything between JPEG, RAW, and DNG. The file format is mentioned after the image's file name. You can store about 22,888 JPEG photos in a 32GB memory card. Although, this number is not absolute, as a lot of it depends upon the quality of the picture and the number of megapixels.

For pictures that have 22 megapixels, 4161 JPEG photos could be saved in a 32 GB memory card. In the case of RAW files, the same card size could hold about 2,228 RAW photos of 4 megapixels, and 416 photos of 22 megapixels. DNG will exhaust as much space as the RAW photos do. Another factor is the resolution of the camera.  

How many pictures can 64GB hold?

In the case of a 64 GB camera, the photo storage capacity would depend on several factors including the file format, the resolution, and much more. The variables that decide this kind of thing are big, so there's no way of giving an absolute figure. However, we can pull some estimates for you. For 30 megabytes, about 2,184 pictures could be held in a 64 GB card.  

How many pictures can 8GB hold?

Based on estimates, you can expect 8GB to hold about 2,288 images, provided that the file format is JPEG, and the pictures are taken using a 10-megapixel camera, with each image being a 3 MB one.

How long do micro sd cards last?

Micro SD cards are prone to wear, after the incessant writing, and then erasing. The rigorous use can wear it out and would then require replacing. On average, you can expect a micro sd to last for about 5-10 years. This makes creating backups for the file important. 


Choosing the right SD card for your trail camera is extremely important, but equally difficult. Doing your homework before you make a final decision can help you save a lot of money and time. To simplify things for you, we did the research on your behalf and these were the findings. Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO emerged to be our top choice for its overall performance, and excellent specifications, followed by six of the best SD cards for trail cameras out there listed above. Based on your unique needs and budget, you’ll find the ideal memory card for your camera from the list. 


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