Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

Having weapons in the home is a classic when it comes to increasing one’s safety and security. This is not achieved when weapons are left in plain view. When intruders come in, you would be much safer without those gun’s insight.

Many users today do not have the budget to purchase a safe for the storage of weapons. We are going to consider the best way to store guns without a safe. That way you’ll be able to choose the best method to really increase your safety. 

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In a lot of places, it is totally legal to have several guns in one’s home. The place you choose to store your guns is not important. Beyond that, the real drawback is not in the legality of having guns in the home. Instead, the real problem lies in the place people choose to store their weapons.

When weapons are stored in the wrong place, sudden accidents can happen. It is very common for many children to find weapons and cause some sort of accident. This happens when weapons are stored unsafely. Weapons that are left in plain view are often a threat to the users themselves when they fall into the wrong hands. 

How to Store Guns Without a Gun Safe

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Here we will mention the best ways to be able to store weapons without a safe.

Gun Storage Bag

A gun storage bag is one of the best options available today. There are other, much more efficient alternatives to a gun storage bag. Some of them are safety boxes or weapons boxes to be able to store each of your weapons. There will certainly be no need for gun safes.

However, a gun storage bag is an excellent solution when moisture may be a concern. Moisture can potentially damage a gun’s metal. Many people even choose to use transparent VCI gun storage bags. This option is one that really prevents the rust that damages the metal of the weapons.

Trigger Lock

As a preventive measure, the trigger lock is an excellent way to avoid problems. Many unwanted accidents are efficiently prevented by incorporating a trigger lock into a gun. The trigger lock function is often incorporated into a large number of today’s weapons.

Additionally, cable locks or a lock are also often alternative solutions as external equipment to lock the trigger. Either way, this allows avoiding accidents with children or people who are not used to guns and keep them safe.

Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets are one of the most popular options for connoisseurs in this area. It is the primary alternative option with the gun safe. Two different types of cabinets are usually included. One is a general cabinet, while the other is a glass door cabinet. One manner to display the weapons is to purchase the glass door cabinet.

On the other hand, the general gun cabinet has a door that is made of board, wood, and steel. It is not very convenient to display weapons when all these units are not secure and you do not have a gun store. That is why it is usually much more advisable to have the general cabinet so that the weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.

Gun Cases

An inexpensive method of storing some weapons is to use gun cases. It is also one of the most portable and convenient alternative methods of transportation. On the one hand, the user has the possibility to carry his weapons anywhere in a comfortable way. On the other hand, rust and moisture will not be a constant problem with your weapons. 

It can be difficult to operate during nighttime because these gun cases usually have a robust locking system and high-security features. Different compartments are usually incorporated inside in order to prevent intruders from having these weapons, it is a compact option.

Many users even incorporate cabinets to distract the attention of intruders. These cases often include a design that manages to fool people. Some of them have a top layer to be able to store some instruments such as violins or gutters. Underneath this stage is where ammunition and weapons can be found and keep the family safe. 

Security Case

A gun safe is a very useful object when it comes to hiding weapons, jewelry, valuable documents, or money. It is also a very efficient alternative since a gun safe can be installed in a safe and subtle place. You can store guns or other small valuables.

Beyond being small and economical, it is still an option that includes a high level of security. Different ways to access the interior are provided. People usually use a security code, their fingerprint, or a conventional key. A mounting building and a security cable optimize the protection of the weapons.

False Ventilation or False Wall 

Beyond looking like something out of a movie, this is a very popular and efficient system for securing a gun. This option is usually only available to people who can afford the large budget this requires. It will be necessary to call an architect to build a credible vent or false wall.

This is also a task that can be done by many do it yourselfers even though it takes much more time and effort. It will be necessary to work with boards or wood, after having drilled holes in the wall. It is necessary to paint with a color that is exactly the same as that of the wall. This method does not provide quick access to weapons, it is not very effective in an emergency. The same can also be applied by creating a false floor.

Lock Box

The lockbox is another lightweight and portable method of storing a set of very important items. This option allows you to carry a gun and ammunition with you. Manufacturers have also designed a large version for those who wish to store or transport long a gun.

This method is also one of the most efficient not only to store the weapons but to avoid the problem of oxidation. Silica gel packs are added along with these lockboxes. Among all the safety boxes, this option is usually the cheapest and very useful for a few weapons. 

Shotgun Assembly

You need a very safe and efficient place to store a gun. On a great number of occasions such as store safety, it is required that a shotgun is within reach in an emergency. That is why there are many shotgun mounts that allow you to secure this gun in the most appropriate place.

It is really necessary to choose the most appropriate place for this option. Otherwise, your gun would be very close to falling into the wrong hands as well. Your own shotgun would become a threat against you when this happens. In relation to the effort and budget required, a shotgun mount is one of the most convenient options. There will be no need for gun safes.

What to Avoid When Storing Guns Without a Gun Safe

The following aspects should be avoided in order to find the best way to store guns without a safe gun in the house.

  • Use the right way: While we have already mentioned different ways to store your guns without a gun safe here, they should not be chosen at random. Each user should choose the best option taking into account the characteristics of his or her house. 
  • Low budget: The options we have considered require different budgets. A user who has many weapons should consider an appropriate budget. Not all weapons could be safely stored and accidents could occur in the house itself.
  • Keep weapons out of sight: This seems obvious but needs to be said. The method chosen should not be too obvious and should be visible to all. When a user chooses a false wall the work should be done efficiently. It would be very obvious that a person has weapons stored in that place.
  • Do not store loaded weapons: In order to avoid a situation, it is advisable to have only one loaded weapon. If one person has other weapons, it is recommended that the rest of the weapons be completely unloaded. It is much easier to avoid domestic accidents with weapons.




Final Words

Choosing the best way to store guns without a safe is a very important decision. This decision is what makes it possible to avoid serious or lethal accidents with guns in a home. The storage chosen is the one that will actually increase protection against intruders. We recommend that you make sure you choose the right storage.

Another learning guide you might find interesting is the guide on how to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor. Until our next learning guide!

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