How To Change Your ADT Home Security Alarm Code

PowerMaster Code entering user code

If you need to change your ADT security alarm code, there are different ways you can do so. The first and most obvious way is to call customer service and have them give you a new one. However, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use the ADT Pulse app to change it … Read more

How to Accept Arlo Invite (Guide)

man displaying arlo devices

As a security installer, one of the most common questions I get pertains to the Arlo Invite and how to accept it.  In this guide, I will teach you how to accept an Arlo invite. Read to the end, and you will be able to seamlessly add your friends or a family member to your … Read more

How Does a Portable Door Lock Work?

addalock display of portable door locks

Spending a night at a hotel or a rental place can turn into a bad experience if the doors are not secure enough. You won’t be able to sleep freely in an unprotected room. But, you can change everything with a simple security device. A portable door lock is an excellent choice for the above … Read more

How to Fix a Sliding Door Lock Mechanism (Guide)

sliding door leading to the patio

A sliding glass door is capable of giving your home a much more different vibe than a regular door. They allow more visibility and enhance security at the same time. But, these sliding doors might break down occasionally. Most of the time, the issue lies with the sliding glass door lock. As a solution, you … Read more

How to Open Door Lock from Outside (3-Way Guide)

man picking a door lock

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately wanted to get inside a house or office but didn’t have the keys? It could be a case of a lost or misplaced key. Such a situation is heart-wrenching.  Our article will be covering how to open a door lock from the outside in detail … Read more

How Does a Door Lock Work Diagram and Guide

door lock with attached key

Internal and external components are found in every door lock. The door components of your lock work together to allow you to open or close a locked door. A portion called a tang is entirely within the cylinder when the door is unlocked. When the door is locked, the tang is halfway in and out … Read more

How Do Electric Door Locks Work?

electronic door lock

Electric door locks are a more secure alternative to traditional door locks. You can use them to add additional security to your homes. However, to open any form of door lock, you’ll need a key. Physical keys are inefficient because they are time-consuming, and you must carry them with you, which is inconvenient for those … Read more

How to Pick Door Lock with a Paperclip (3-Step Guide)

one metal paperclip

Do you know how to pick a lock using paper clips? You should know how important the lock picking skill is if you’ve ever misplaced a key and desperately wanted to get back in without having to drill the door. Today we’re going to show some easy-to-follow steps for picking door locks using a paperclip. … Read more

How to Replace Door Lock Set (3-Method Guide)

man fixing doorknob

Replacing a door lock set is essential when you move into a new apartment, get a new roommate, or get your house burglarized. Changing your door lock is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of your door. So, whether you work in the security field or you just want to replace your lockset, … Read more

How to Reset Door Lock Keypad (10+ Steps)

finger pressing number code on keypad door lock

Many reasons may warrant the need to reset a smart lock keypad. If one of your tenants is moving out, for instance, you may want to change the access code for the incoming tenant. This is to ensure the privacy and security of the new tenant. It is quite easy to do. In this guide, … Read more

How Does a Door Lock Work?

doorknob with its shadows

Curious minds always want to know the mechanisms that make equipment work. Beyond opening and closing your door, have you ever thought of how door locks work? It’s simple but complex. The latch stays partly in and out of the lock cylinder when the door is locked. When you insert a key in the latch, … Read more

How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder: 4 Easy Steps

damaged door lock

A lock cylinder key is a lock’s internal mechanism. It is often interchangeable, and you can find them in offices and residential doors. Removing a cylinder key is not a difficult task if you know how to go about it. Are you looking for a DIY tutorial on how to remove the door lock cylinder? … Read more

How Does a Magnetic Door Lock Work (Guide)

electromagnetic plate and wires

Magnetic locks are an excellent way to secure your home, office, or commercial property. Magnetic door locks are far superior to traditional locks in many ways but how do they work? Our article will go through the mechanism of magnetic door locks and how exactly they come to function, whether they are safe, and why … Read more

How to Charge your ADT Doorbell Battery

blue adt chime doorbell

When installing ADT doorbells the most common maintenance you’ll have to do is charging the battery, though it’s an easy task sometimes people struggle in figuring out how to do it. The rechargeable battery pack allows the video doorbell camera to be installed almost anywhere, but it does require maintenance from time to time. After … Read more

How to Reset a Kwikset Door Lock (8-Step Guide)

kwikset smart locks

The Kwikset smart door lock is one of the best options around to secure your home and family. After connecting the Kwikset smart lock to your smartphone, you will be able to use various functionalities. For instance, you will receive a notification every time the door gets opened or closed, you can set up security … Read more

How to Use an ADT WiFi Camera without Service (Guide)

blue outdoor camera

Just like many other security service providers, ADT also requires its customers to sign an agreement before you get the best of the smart security system. ADT cameras together with other related smart home gadgets will not work well if they’re not monitored and linked by their servers. To use an ADT wifi camera without … Read more