How Much Data Does Your Alexa Device Use?

alexa with cyan green light

Doing Alexa’s job means finding all the necessary information to provide answers and solutions, and this requires data, so below, we will cover how much is necessary. If you have already set up your Alexa device, you know you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi before using it to avoid any outages or hiccups. … Read more

How Do I Know Which Arlo Camera I Have (Guide)

arlo security cameras

Arlo security cameras produce different models that offer different kinds of experiences. Arlo cameras appear identical, and they are all suitable for indoor or outdoor use. However, most people cannot tell which model of Arlo camera they own because these cameras can be hard to differentiate. In general, to know which kind of Arlo camera … Read more

How to Fix Door Lock Hole (DIY Guide)

door hole

Do you want to remove your door knob and shift it to another door? Or do you want to replace your door lock with a much smaller door lock or a keyless door lock? In that case, it will leave an unattractive hole in your door panel and a hole where the deadbolt used to … Read more

How to Open a Door Lock with a Hole (3-Method Guide)

an opened door

Imagine coming home from an exhausting day, hankering to take a long shower to wash off the day’s fatigue. You try to open the bathroom door, but you’re locked out. Annoying. Right? Did you know you can open a door with everyday household items? Privacy doors have door locks with a hole in them. Their … Read more

How Does Garage Door Lock Work (Guide)

glass sliding garage door with blue car

A garage door lock is a simple device that makes it possible for you to keep your garage secure at all times. It is usually made up of three pieces: two side pieces and one centerpiece. These pieces are held together by a spring that keeps them in place when they are not in use. … Read more

How to Bypass ADT Alarm (Guide)

adt bypass zone setting panel

Your ADT system is built to collaborate with various other devices throughout your house to provide you with a comprehensive safety net. Even though this level of protection is great, sometimes it becomes necessary to BYPASS one of these devices for multiple reasons. Depending on your device, ADT provides you with various ways to help … Read more

How to Put ADT in Test Mode?

ADT control panel setting

It’s essential to test your ADT system to guarantee that everything is operating correctly. Testing enables you to have faith in the ADT security system. In addition to this, it enables you to learn more about your ADT security panel without getting in touch with the ADT service center. For those asking, “How do I … Read more

Can I record with my Arlo Camera without a Subscription?

arlo security camera mounted at the outdoor wall

The Arlo camera’s most important feature is its cloud storage capabilities. All Arlo cameras are intended to work on the cloud computing service, which stores all captured footage. Arlo is a subscription-based security system, which means you must pay for it every month. However, if you’re curious whether you may use your Arlo security devices … Read more

How to Fix Door Lock on Car (Problems & Fixes)

a man opening the car door

Are you having trouble with your car door lock? Most often, power locks can cause some issues. It could be a broken key FOB issue or a malfunctioning door lock. Sometimes, the lock might be jammed, and proper lubrication will fix the issue. Whatever the problem, you might encounter a broken or malfunctioning car door … Read more

How to Turn off Arlo Camera without the App (Guide)

arlo sitting at the brick floor

I have noticed that most users are not familiar with the various features of their Arlo cameras. They think to turn off their Arlo security cameras, it is mandatory to have the Arlo Apps. Well, you can easily turn off your Arlo camera manually, or via the web interface. I will showcase a detailed procedure … Read more