5 (Effective) Ways for How to Disguise a Security Camera

Disguise a Security Camera

Security camera usage in residences is a growing market. According to Strategy Analytics, the prediction is that consumers will spend over $9.7 billion before 2023. These same statistics indicate that unit sales will double throughout that period from 54 million (2018) to 120 million (2023). These security devices include security cameras, smart doorbells, and professional … Read more

How To Install Security Cameras – Guide

A City that has many security camera installed

Have you made the executive decision of wiring your home with security cameras? It’s a great idea for the protection and safety of you and your family. However, you should know going in that set-up is a bit of an involved process. Don’t worry – we have the resources you need. We will walk you … Read more

9 Important Benefits of Security Cameras (CCTV Cameras)

One of the most significant and obvious benefits of security cameras is that they act as a powerful crime deterrent

Whether it is for your home or your business, installing security cameras can be a smart investment and provide you with many significant advantages. Whether it is dealing with theft, criminal behavior, disputes, or productivity, security cameras can provide you with the solutions. In this article, we run you through the 9 of the most … Read more

15 Ways To Protect Your Business: Assets and Profitability

Protect your Business from Threats and Competitors

In today’s cutthroat business environment, bad things can happen to good businesses. You don’t have to be negligent, careless, or irresponsible to get a lawsuit filed against you. Today, the best offense is a good defense for your business. To protect your business, it is essential that you take some crucial defensive measures before someone … Read more

(The Ugly Truth) Dummy Security Camera: Should You Buy One?

Dummy Security Cameras

There were 108,541 burglaries in the United States in 2018, according to Statista. A surveillance camera can provide homeowners and businesses with valuable information regarding the crime. Some security cameras may also deter criminals from entering a property. Because of these reasons, some homes and businesses opt to install dummy security cameras to fool criminals. In … Read more

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Be Safe)

Taking the CPTED approach to ensure business security e1610943980872

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach to ensuring building security is self-explanatory. It is a set of design principles used to reduce the incidence and fear of crime by manipulating the built environment in a way that creates a safer space. Whether it is residential units, corporate structures, community settings, or commercial places like … Read more

(Good Security Practices) When Setting Up a Home Office

Safe home office

Thanks to the power of the internet, setting up a home office and working from home are becoming more and more commonplace. But that doesn’t mean that the concept of a home office started with the internet. Lawyers, consultants, contractors, and many more professionals used to have home offices way before the internet. But thanks … Read more

Building Security – 5 (Powerful ) Methods To Keep Safe

Building Security e1610944010881

The safety of the premises you live or work in should be one of your prime concerns, especially if you are the person in charge. Building security is an important, multifaceted job that extends way beyond hiring burly security guards and setting them by the main entrance (although that is also an essential element). Building … Read more