Brinks vs ADT (What You Need To Know – 2022)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Brinks and ADT’s sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.


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  • 45mm Lk Bluetooth
  • TSA accepted luggage locks
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ADT 6 Piece Wireless Home Security System - DIY Installation - Optional...

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  • DIY Installation
  • Syncs with GA & Alexa
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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


Brinks and ADT are very well-known names in security. Both companies provide a specific solution for home security, one that is installed professionally and the other that is DIY.

Both products have many common differences and similarities. We examined and tested both Brinks and ADT and measured their features and usability as well as their design in our in-depth comparison. We spent hours of testing and tried to bring you as much information as possible to give you the most inclusive comparison around.

Quick Summary

Choose Brinks if:

  • You need a better emergency connection
  • You want smart home integration
  • Better Battery Power (You may want to check the best battery powered security camera guide, if you want to look into other options.)

Choose ADT if:

  • You want better equipment quality
  • You need better camera resolution
  • Great battery backups


Brinks Home Security


Brinks was rebranded as Broadview Security in 2009 with a huge and controversial marketing campaign. Broadview Security was combined into ADT in 2010, which became a separate company in 2011.

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Brink’s home security systems have a long history in the security industry under numerous appearances. However, now it is rising speedily, and it has more than 90,000 customers through reputation and the acquisition of smaller companies. They mainly use Wi-Fi and have a 4G LTE cellular radio, Bluetooth, battery backup, a built-in camera, and a Z-wave radio to connect with smart home products such as door locks and regulators. As per the expert’s review, Brinks Home provides decent apparatus and superior phone support for individuals who want to install the system themselves.

ADT 6 Piece Wireless Home Security System


ADT security service is an American organization that gives small, large, and residential electronic security and other alarm monitoring services throughout the United States.


An ADT system integrates sensors and motion (here’s how it works) indicators that trigger if windows or doors are opened. The monitoring system of ADT operates 24/7. Additionally, with the support of a control panel, ADT app on your phone, or key chain remote, you can control your system. Moreover, ADT works with you to build a package that fits your budget and home requirements. There are various security packages to select from. Still, the main systems have a backup battery, control panel, motion sensors for your system, and a sensor and key chain remote that sense if a window or door are opened.

Brinks vs ADT: Pros and cons


  • Pros
  • Cellular backups include professional monitoring
  • Alexa integration and Google Assistant
  • DIY installation over free professional installation
  • Equipment Financing with 0% APR
  • 30-day trial period
  • Fully wireless system
  • Home Automation
  • Cons
  • Video monitoring is not assessable in all packages
  • Limited features compared to ADT
  • 30-day return policy
  • Expensive monitoring
  • Long term contracts


  • Pros
  • User-friendly app
  • Smart home integration
  • Well-integrated and high-quality product
  • Six-month money-back guarantee
  • Many homes automation options
  • Comprehensive monitoring network
  • It has free in-home consultation
  • Smart home features with ADT control
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Cons
  • Expensive cancellation fees
  • High monthly fees
  • Charge extra for cellular-based and wireless systems
  • Long term contract

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Brinks vs ADT: Features

Monitoring Options

But you’re here to find a winner. Next, we’ll outline the distinct—and possibly deal-breaking—differences between the brands.​

The monitoring plans for Brinks start at $29/month and rise to $39/month for Brinks home complete. These are standard prices, and Brinks has an agreement with Live watch for professional monitoring. Their clients enjoy around-the-clock monitoring by true experts.

Moreover, if a security breach or break-in happens, the monitoring center would defend your possessions and keep your family safe.

On the other hand, ADT provides four different monitoring plans. For landline-based home security, they begin at $27.99/month. However, the premium packages range up to $58/month, but it contains other features like home automation, cellular connectivity, and video. (1)


The features of both products are quite close. While Brinks monitoring is more affordable than ADT, ADT provides numerous packages and options when it comes to securing your home.

Emergency Connection

As mentioned above, both companies have great monitoring systems because they both provide 24/7 monitoring centers. However, they communicate much differently,

ADT defaults to wired connections and powers the system it uses on your landline. You have the option of Wi-Fi or cellular connections, but you will have to advance, and it will charge you more.

Comparatively, Brinks skips landlines overall as an alternative of projecting firmly to Wi-Fi or cellular connections for its home security. Cellular-based systems have faster connections and overall better consistency. All of Brink’s networks are wireless.


Brinks is the winner. ADT would have to provide cellular connectivity at $30/month to compete with Brinks in this category. Moreover, when it comes to emergency connection, Brinks takes the minor lead.

Smart Home Integration

The Brink’s security system can act as a hub for smart home devices. It can be easily controlled using Google Home, Alexa, Amazon App, and many other smart home supervisors. The smart home integration with Brinks is some of the most striking we have seen. Also, integration is included with both packages of Brink starting at $29/month, installing it is extremely easy.

On the other hand, ADT is decent with smart home integration, but their Z-wave similarity is limited to ADT-approved devices. Moreover, ADT home integration is much more expensive than Brinks.


Brinks is the winner, and it is a far better choice if you need a security system that would incorporate well with the rest of your home. You can upgrade your home for $29/month and with a few upgrades.


Brinks and ADT are both modest about pricing. ADT has monitoring plans initiating at $36.99 per month, while this plan uses landlines only as a communication resource. The monthly plan of ADT ranges from $29 to $53. Nevertheless, you have to pay an activation and installation fee before use, ranging from $99 to $199.

Brinks has a two-tiered pricing structure, beginning at $29 per month. Video monitoring features that are more expensive go up to $39 per month. This is the accurate line with the industry average. Also, keep in mind that although Brinks’s monthly rate is lower, the equipment fee is not yet covered.


Here the winner is ADT. With ADT, the monthly fee already covers payment for a starter kit.


Another main difference between the two-alarm companies is how their system is installed and the cost of installation. This is where brinks shine. With lots of wireless systems, Brinks offer DIY installation. You have to play and plug setup that only takes 15-30 minutes. Brinks also provides professional installation for an extra fee if you do not like DIY.

Alternatively, ADT needs specialized installation across the board, even with their cellular plans. This can be an issue for busy people who cannot certainly be assessable for installation appointments. Moreover, the base plan of ADT is motorized through a landline. This means there would be penetrating walls, merging electrical structures, and other aggressive methods for installation. However, the specialized installation presents that setup is complete right the first time around.


The winner is Brinks. Brinks exploits one of the greatest weaknesses of ADT that is installed. With automation and home security, Brinks makes it easy to get up and run. With Brinks, there is no expertise required and no installation appointments to keep. ADT should take note and provide a DIY home security package.

Equipment Quality

Brinks is widely known for high-quality equipment. Despite everything, the company has a fleet of reinforced trucks that can easily resist theft. From their control sensors and boards to smoke cameras and indicators, the superiority of Brinks products is top-notch.

Whereas ADT provides some of the best equipment in the business. Companies like Honeywell and GE manufacture all the equipment for ADT. The quality of its equipment is the pride for ADT, and it is an advantage that people have come to expect.


Another close one, but ADT takes a slight advantage when it comes to equipment quality. Moreover, with the technological competencies and minds of Honeywell and GE, ADT provides better equipment than Brink’s security.

Brinks vs ADT: Standout Features


In the field of cameras, these competitors cover all areas. They both offer outdoor indoor cameras and video doorbells. Brinks and ADT also both reserve features of the camera and video monitoring for their high-level plan users. Furthermore, with a camera and one of two ADT video security plans plus command, you can enjoy remote viewing 24/7 professional video monitoring.

With Brinks, the plan with video features has a rate of $39 per month, while ADT’s high-end plan costs $52.99 per month. It also offers an indoor and outdoor camera and a touch control panel. (2)

Winner: ADT

Battery Backup

When your power goes down, make sure your security does not go down with it. To maintain your sensors running, as usual, Brinks and ADT systems are both prepared with a battery backup that would kick in in the event of an outage. The battery backup lasts for 12 hours, which should be more than enough time for your utility company to get things back up successively in most circumstances. (3)

Brinks does not give any information as to the battery life of their backup.

Winner: ADT


Both Brinks and ADT offer choices like Window or Door, Temperature, Flood, and Glass Break sensors that should meet the requirements of most property holders. As for the aspects that set these two products at a distance, ADT provides extra coverage for Entryways while Brinks supports Garage Doors, Image sensors, and inclines.

We believe that the sensor setup between the two brands is quite comparable, while we have to confess that the Brinks collection is a little more exclusive.

Winner: ADT

Two-Way Audio on a Hub

Two-Way Audio through the hub is quite an exclusive feature as far as smart home security systems go, and ADT and Brinks are some of the only products that provide this feature. This feature enables you to immediately get in touch with an ADT or Brinks professional when the sensor is activated. Being capable of directly connecting with the monitoring service through the panel makes it easier to recognize wrong alarms and send accurate assistance when you find yourself in any situation.

Winner: Tie

Wrapping Up

Both Brinks and ADT are leading products but

Use Brinks because:

  • It has a cellular backup and contains professional monitoring
  • It integrates with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • It has equipment financing with 0% APR
  • It is a completely wireless system
  • It provides home automation

Use ADT because:

  • The monitoring system of ADT works 24/7.
  • It is also user-friendly
  • It is a high-quality product and also well incorporated
  • It has an exclusive monitoring network
  • It includes smart home features with ADT control

All being said, you should be able to make a sensible decision after reading this comparison. If you seek simple DIY installation on a 100% wireless cellular home security system, you can choose Brinks. On the other hand, if you seek a well-integrated and high-quality product and 24/7 monitoring, choose ADT. It is slightly more expensive and offers many high-tech features and reliable, professional monitoring. 

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