Can a CellPhone detect a Hidden Camera?

Spy cameras are usually implanted in all kinds of common items. People can use some tools to detect a camera.

One way to do this is to use a cell phone and a specific application to detect a hidden camera. The most beneficial methods are the following.

  • Using an app dedicated to detecting hidden cameras
  • Make a phone call near the camera
  • Search for the camera’s wireless network
  • Take a photo with flash to detect the camera lens.

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Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

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Using a cell phone to detect a camera’s location is a relatively simple task. It requires an iPhone or a cell phone with the Android operating system. Either of these options will be more than enough to rely on one of the applications used to detect any camera. (1)

Detecting a hidden camera

This type of application is used by simply pressing a button. When this application starts to operate, infrared is triggered.

This operation is performed explicitly to detect the place where this infrared bounces. It occurs in cases where there are no hidden cameras anywhere. Implemented cameras invisible to the human eye can be seen regardless of the hidden camera lens size.

What to do with a detected camera?

cellphone with mobile app runningMany people want to make a phone call because of the electromagnetic field often generated by electronic devices. 

It means that making a call close to where the hidden camera is located can provide a signal. During the week, some interference from the remote object should be heard.

The person needs to repeatedly move closer and further away from the object to clearly and accurately detect this interference. 

There is no built-in LED light to indicate whether the camera is working or not. It will be instrumental in putting something in the middle of the camera to avoid video or photo recording. (2)

Other ways to detect a camera with a cell phone

cellphone detecting a cameraSome cameras have a wireless operation and need some wireless network.

Use your cell phone to detect all wireless networks available in the same area. The wireless network used by the camera will be seen immediately. It could indicate that the camera is hidden in a room or elsewhere.

People can also take a picture of the place where they think there is a hidden camera working. The camera flash should be on, and the photo should be taken close up at the hidden camera’s possible location. It can provide a clear picture to see a camera lens somewhere through the reflection.

Final words

Using a cell phone camera and acquiring a hidden camera detection application, people can have everything they need to detect any hidden camera. 

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