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Having a home security camera system is a great way to protect your home when you are away. What is even better is to be able to see for yourself what is, or is not, happening at your home. With a cellular security cameras, you can tune in to your cameras at any time from any place with your phone. 

What sets a cellular security cameras with cellular service providers(cell service) apart is that it runs on a cellular system, and not directly on the Internet (internet service). This means you can access your cameras from anywhere on your smartphone, even when you do not have internet connection(internet access). There is also a solar powered cellular security cameras that saves you even more money on electricity.

A wireless cellular security cameras (cellular cameras) gives you peace of mind when you are away from home. It is also a good thing when you are traveling or on vacation home for an extended amount of time. You may choose between a battery-operated camera and a solar cellular security cameras.

Here are some cellular security camera reviews, which describe the ones we like best, and here you will find the best buy cellular security cameras.

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Best Choice

3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Security Camera Wirefree Battery Camera System, 1080p HD Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, PIR Motion Sensor, SD Socket and Cloud Reolink Go+Solar Panel

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1. Reolink Go+Solar Panel

This system from Reolink offers so many options you will be able to do anything you want to do. It runs on 3G(3g networks) or 4g lte technology (4g cellular network), 5g network, and is a solar-powered wireless battery security cameras. It offers a great motion pir sensor (motion sensors), and you can store your video and image quality (image size) in the storage (storage case).

There are no wires, so this system (pole system) would be very hard to crack. it is easy to install(wiring hassles), so if you need to move your cellular security cameras for any reason, you can do so in minutes. 

It is weatherproof (weather conditions) as well so no worries about rain or shine, wind, or snow. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and again, moving one to the other is easy. It has a wide-angle view, grid view, and with the latest optics, you will be able to see well at night too.  It records a stunning 1080 quality video(video resolution) for up to 33 feet. This one is light enough that you could take it anywhere. You could take it camping and keep an eye (eye trax) on your campsite while you are away. 

It automatically records on the sd card slot and to the cloud storage(cloud services) whenever pir motion is detected. it sends you a push notifications on your phone(phone number), so you are one click from seeing it all at any time. You may also view your recorded video clips in the storage for seven days free. If you have it on your memory card, it is yours forever.

We really like how easy it is to set up. Simply mount the security cameras, insert the battery, sim card, and scan the QR code with your mobile phone app, and you have a sharp home security systems in place. It gets even better.  Two-way audio allows you to talk to anyone who is in the field of view (grid view). This can be handy (security needs) if it is a family member or a delivery person, and it can be used to tell burglars they are on security cameras (camera connector). You may also share the connection with up to 10 people and they can all watch what is happening in real-time.

  • Easy to install and no wires
  • A sophisticated system that is very easy to use
  • Cellular is great, but it does not work on all carriers
  • Night vision capabilities are limited
  • You have to buy a sim card and data plan separately
Arlo Go - Mobile HD Security Camera with Data Plan | LTE Connectivity, Night Vision, Local Storage...

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2. Arlo Go

This security camera is completely untethered mobile security that will run on 3G and 4g lte systems (4g cellular network). It comes with a data plans(data consumption) and does not run on all networks. It does not run on Verison or AT&T, but those companies have compatible models that will work.  It will work with amazon alexa, which is a nice bonus.

It operates with a 3660mAh rechargeable battery. These batteries are known to be long-lasting, so with a good charge, you will be powered (power source) for a long time. You can use this camera indoors or outdoors and can be used while camping, or even on your car if you have the need. It has good starlight night vision up to 25 feet with 850nm LED lighting.  You may store your video history (video management software) in the cloud, but it also has a built-in SD slot so you can record it on that if you wish. Its outfits can also be used as mobile cctv security cameras as you can use them with solar power.

This cellular security camera (security solutions) features a good audio is part of the program, and live streaming is always available on your smartphone or another similar device. The system starts recording when motion (motion detection) is detected and you will get a push notifications on your mobile phone app immediately. 

You can set it for different quality and for different recording times, depending on your needs. This can save recording space and on your data usage(data consumption) as well. Go for quality when you need it, and use lower quality when it is not as important. It is small enough to be a mobile security camera systems but still produces like a larger unit. 

  • Comes with a data plans
  • Works with Alexa, instant notifications.
  • Excellent optics give high-quality video
  • Cost is higher than many similar systems
  • Has a data plan, but that can also be a limitation
  • Some say the motion sensor is too sensitive, you may record things you don’t need.
ROMIX 2.0 MP1080P 4G LTE SIM Card Supported Outdoor Wireless Solar Battery Powered Bullet Security...

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3. ROMIX 2.0

This “bullet camera” from Romix is small but packs a powerful punch when it comes to wireless security. It can be mounted anywhere. It markets itself as useful on the farm or out of the way places and construction site, which is a very good selling point. 

Having a camera on your campsite while you are away is a great idea. It runs on 4G LTE Sim Card technology (4g cellular network). It is battery powered (power source) so no wires (camera connector) are needed.  It uses pir motion sensor and the rechargeable battery is included. The nice thing about this is, you will not have to worry about getting batteries.

You can literally put this camera anywhere. Even in a field, or by a fence in the middle of nowhere. This battery powered cellular security camera (cellular cameras) has a built-in microphone, speakers, and can be monitored with your smartphone’s app.  

Real-time video is at your fingertips, and two-way communication can happen at the same time. The monitor will wake up your camera when motion events is detected and will automatically alert you. You may record a seven-day loop. 

Either store the video in the cloud or use multiple SIM cards. You may also set it to automatically record over the oldest files. The company offers you some free cloud space as well, so that is an added bonus.

Another plus that makes this a contender for the best cellular security cameras(surveillance cameras) is its low power usage. It uses only 2mb of data per day while the camera is asleep. It will use 150 mb per hour while you watch the video. It will use less than that if it is recording and you are not watching at the time.

It is small, at 7.1 inches long and about three inches in diameter. It weighs a scant 1.1 pounds, so putting it anywhere and keeping it out of sight at the same time will be easy.

  • Low data usage
  • Built-in battery that is rechargeable
  • Small size
  • Usable anywhere
  • The SD card is not included
  • May not be big enough for home security, but good for small areas
  • Light weight has advantages, but that can be a disadvantage as well
4G LTE Home Security Camera, Lncoon Indoor Wireless WiFi IP Camera Surveillance Security System...

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4. Lncoon 4G LTE

This 4g security camera from Lncoon is an indoor wireless camera that will get sound and video day or night inside your property.  It is small so it is easy to move, making it good for security camera monitoring pets or children. It can also be used as a baby-cam(baby care home). This is a good travel ip cameras (camera models) as well. You could use it in your hotel room, or car, for instance. You can get real-time video signals and sound with this wireless system that runs on WiFi.

This runs on 3G and 4g lte networks (4g cellular network) and works with 2.4gh networks. It is designed for AT&T and T-Mobile, and does not run on Verizon or Sprint. It has a 120-degree wide-angle, so you can see most of any room.

You may watch live video, or check out any previously recorded video. When motion events is detected it sends a notification to your mobile phone app. You may set it to record automatically, or use your phone to control (control panel) what happens to the video footage. 

Free storage is offered (storage case), and you can record on your own memory card. The system will keep 30 days worth of recordings, and can be set to override the oldest recordings with a new video. It has enhanced night vision (starlight night vision) so you can see in the dark. This company also offers email tech support (customer care) and will respond in 24 hours.

Another nice feature is multiple alarm methods and sounds. You may set your alerts(email alerts) for different sounds when different events happen. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that will run 24 hours on a single charge. 

  • Very good indoor camera, easy to move around
  • Multiple alarm methods is a nice touch
  • Notifications and two-way audio are nice to have
  • Does not come with a SIM card
  • Some say the motion  detector is too sensitive, and this cannot be adjusted
  • Does not work on all networks


Wireless technology will allow you to put up a us cellular surveillance system(surveillance devices) almost anywhere (cell service provider). This type of system gives you a lot of flexibility. You can set up a security camera (surveillance systems) like this inside your home, or outside. 

You can use it to monitor pets or children. It also has a lot of outdoor uses. It can be used in remote areas where there is no Internet signal (internet service) strength by using your phone signal strength. Remote areas like construction site, fields, fences, or even campsites or your car, are great places to use such a cellular security cameras. You can have great outdoor security no matter where you are.

This could be your go to cellular security cameras or cellular camera while traveling. If you need security monitoring, but don’t want wires (camera connector), you can use on of these and have maximum flexibility.


Is there a security camera that works without WiFi?

Yes, several of the cameras on our list will work without WiFi, even though the use of (wi fi) is what makes them special. CCTV, or closed-circuit TV., is essentially video surveillance without WiFi. Cameras that have an SD card can record video without the use of the Internet or WiFi. The downside is you will not be able to monitor it live from a remote location, but you will get anything that moves recorded onto your SD card.

What is a cellular security system?

A cellular security system is a surveillance system that uses cell phone technology to record and show video. It is wireless and relies on a phone signal instead of the Internet. The system is wireless and often easy to install, and easy to move around as needed. It is powered either by a battery or with solar energy. The key is that it records video with cellular technology. Some operate on specific networks, so it is important to know which network before you buy a system.

How much cellular data does Arlo use per month?

Arlo is one of several security systems to use cellular technology. This one is popular in Canada. The company estimates the system will use 855 mb of data per month. The camera turns on when motion is detected. If it records five minutes per day, which is about average, and if the camera is set to "best battery life" that should be an accurate estimate of usage.

To get the best usage of data set up your camera where there is a strong signal and set your system on the best battery life. Another trick is to set your camera to record 30 seconds when it is activated by motion. You will get a notification and can then set it to record longer if needed. Be mindful of how much you want streaming from your camera.

Can you use a hotspot for security cameras?

A regular hotspot may not work, but you can make your phone into a hotspot, and that will work. Set your smartphone to a hotspot, and it will use your data from there. From this type of hotspot you may use your connection to monitor your wireless surveillance video camera.