Do Diversion Safes Work? A Security Expert Gives His Opinion

Do diversion safes work? In the general diversion, safes are very effective at hiding your belongings and valuables from thieves or prying eyes. They will look like ordinary objects sitting in your house and in this manner fool anyone trying to steal from you.

Diversion safes are disguised as common household objects. That is what makes them effective against burglars or family members that take your money without asking for permission.

Today, we will cover if diversion safes do work, or are just plain worthless. But, before that, you may want to see the best diversion safe here.

Do Diversion Safes Work?

diversion safes

In general, diversion safes are effective in hiding your valuables, assets, money, and more. No one will suspect that standard household items hold such value in them. But they do become obvious sometimes and that comes in various factors, which we will discuss later.

Today, homeowners are vigilant in keeping their things safe. That is because you never know the extent of what a criminal can do. So that is why apart from valuables, you may sneak in tiny revolver guns in diversion safes to protect your family.

And in reality, diversion safes work so well in hiding contraband during a search warrant that we commonly see criminals use diversion safes to hide their belongings.

When Do Diversion Safes Work?

diversion safeTypically, when they are hidden in plain sight and appear as an everyday item that could be on the countertop, pot plants, etc. That is when a diversion safe is most effective.

Usually, a burglar will only check for hidden money and jewels in the usual area; cabinet, drawer, safe vault, and under the bed/mattress.

To increase the effectiveness of diversion safes, be sure that they are dull objects in the house.

Is There a Chance That Diversion Safes Will Not Work?

Yes, there are various times where diversion safes are very easy to spot for burglars, and police. Diversion safes are easy to point out if they are made of regularly used objects.

To answer this question completely, you have to look at the history of diversion safes. In the past few years, there has been an increase in diversion safe-related thefts which means that they are not as secure as they used to be. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that people are starting to find out how these safes work. Another reason is that many safes don’t have any kind of surveillance which makes them easy targets.

However, there is still a chance that these safes will continue to work because there are many security features available on some models of diversion safes today, and thieves who know what they’re looking for might not know about these new features.

Examples of objects with no value:

bottle diversion safeA diversion safe can be anything from a real object, such as a book, jewelry box, or lamp, to an object that may not look like it can hold an item, such as a painting on the wall or even a piece of furniture. The idea is that thieves will not notice the true nature of the safe because they believe it is just another item in your home or office.

  • Rock – create a fake rock with a secret door to put something inside.
  • An old book or Bible – these days books are rarely used or read from because of the move to all digitalized content. This makes hollowing out an old book a perfect place to hide something.

For more ideas and easy steps on how to make a diversion safe, be sure to check our post here.

Are disguised diversion safes effective? Yes, they are a great way to hide assets, secret codes, confidential documents, and more.

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