Ultimate Fake Security Camera Guide of 2022 – Top 5 Reviewed

Best Compact Design

  • LED Lights
  • Easy Install
  • Stimulation Lens
Armo Fake Video Surveillance Dome Camera

Best Waterproof Model

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Waterproof
  • Solar Powered
Solar Powered Waterproof Fake Camera

Best Overall

  • Realistic Lens
  • 2 AAA Batteries Needed
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use

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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience

People need to feel safe in their homes, some put up walls or hire private security companies to install a fancy security system with a lot of cameras and sensors, but not everyone has the money it takes to do that. Today, we will try to introduce you to a similar, yet inexpensive alternative, which is a fake security camera.

We will go through what you should be looking out for when searching for one and also what you should be avoiding. There are good and bad elements to any product, so we will make sure to tell you about any potential red flags before making your purchase. Throughout our testing period, we found that there are many benefits yet some flaws in using fake security cameras. 

If we caught your attention and you are in the market for a fake security camera, then below we will list off some of the best fake security cameras and talk about each of them in more detail to try and help you choose one for your home, business, office, or store. Our top pick is Lin Tian Cheng Fake CCTV Solar Powered Camera.

Best Overall


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1. Lin Tian Cheng Fake CCTV Solar Powered Camera

We are starting this list off with one of the best and most popular fake security cameras out there at the moment. It is highly realistic, so it will most definitely deter any intruders that have their eye on your home, store, warehouse, etc.

This dummy CCTV camera is relatively cheap and is very easy to install. Along with its great design, it has a built-in flashing red LED light to further the illusion of a working security camera. It comes with an authentic video cable and a fully adjustable mounting bracket. However, there are no batteries included in the packaging, so you will need to get those separately as this camera needs 2 AAA batteries to function properly.

But still, as it says in the title, this camera has been fitted with a solar panel, so it charges itself every day, which also makes it perfect to be placed somewhere outdoors. While testing it, we found this feature very useful because we don’t need to go out every time the camera needs to get charged. You could not go wrong with this one.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Not specified
  • Energy Display: Built-in flashing LED
  • Energy Source: 2 AAA batteries and solar energy

What We Liked:

  • Realistic dummy lens 
  • Works on 2 AAA batteries and solar energy
  • You can adjust the camera and lens angles
  • It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Instructions could have been better


A truly realistic dummy camera, this is an actual surveillance camera that has been modified into a fake one, with a constant flashing red light. It comes with an authentic video cable and one mount and is sure to ward off any trespassers. 

Best Waterproof Model


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2. Solar Powered Waterproof Fake Camera

Next up on the list, we have this one, the model YZ-3302. With its excellent design, this security camera looks just like the real thing. In fact, this is an actual CCTV surveillance camera that has been modified into a “dummy” or a fake security camera.

Just like the one before, the camera comes with an additional video cable and an adjustable mounting bracket that lets you easily complete the installation of your security camera. That mounting bracket is fully adjustable and can be tilted up or down at an angle of 90 degrees, or rotated left or right in a 360-degree angle, so you will have no trouble placing it anywhere you want facing your desired direction.

It is intended for both indoor/and outdoor use and is even designed to be waterproof so it can withstand the rain. We installed this camera during heavy rains to check its durability and the results outperformed our expectations. The camera also has a solar panel on top, which helps charge it up. That along with the continuously blinking red LED light makes for a perfect illusion to the eyes of any unwanted trespassers.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 186 × 125 × 175mm 
  • Energy Display: Flashing red LED light (blink interval 5seconds)
  • Energy Source: Solar energy

What We Liked:

  • It has a 20mm camera lens
  • Fully adjustable and supports up to 360 degrees of rotation
  • Sustainable camera performance
  • Waterproof and rainproof durable shield

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There are traces of plastic usage


With this camera, the manufacturers assure you that even the most sophisticated criminals would be wary of trying to go near your house and would instead search for another, easier target. The flashing LED light, video cables, and fully adjustable mounting bracket only add to create the perfect illusion. 

Best Compact Design


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3. Armo Fake Video Surveillance Dome Camera

The people at ARMO produce a lot of fake security cameras, and this dome one is one of their most sold ones. It comes at a cheap price and is perfect if you are looking for a more budget-friendly way of watching over your home or business offices, maybe even your employees.

This fake camera is small, sleek, and light, designed to fool anyone and scare off potential burglars to switch to an easier target. The LED light has a bright glow, illuminates around the area, and we found this through our tests. It is very easy to install, it takes a matter of minutes, doesn’t come with any extra components or wires. The only thing it will require is the 2 AA batteries it needs to power up the red LED light that gives this fake security camera its realistic appearance.

You could not go wrong with this one if you are in the market for a dome-shaped security camera. It is perfect for anyone’s home security needs, or if you are looking for a cheap alternative to protect your store and employees.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 11.60 × 7.00cm
  • Energy Display: Activation light
  • Energy Source: 2 AA 1.5V batteries

What We Liked:

  • Includes stimulation lens 
  • It comes with flashing red LED lights
  • Sleek and a compact black design 
  • Hassle-free installation and no need for wiring

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You need to buy batteries separately


The people at Arno have made this dummy dome camera to ensure your family’s, your home’s, or your business’s safety. It is very small, sleek, and realistic looking so that everyone will mistake it for the real thing. 

Easy Installation

BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera, with One Red LED Light at Night, for Home...

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4. BNT Dummy Security Camera

Next up in the world of fake security cameras, we have the highest-rated fake camera on amazon.com. With its realistic design, size and weight, it does its job of reducing the possibility of crime and at a much cheaper price than the other security cameras.

Just like the others, this camera too is very easy to install. It doesn’t need any extra attachments or wires, it only needs a couple of screws which will be included in the box along with the fake bullet cameras. The overall time our team took to install and check the angle of this camera is under five minutes. Thanks to its design, it can be rotated at the axis in a variety of angles. Meaning you can place the camera anywhere you want and cover any angle you wish to.

The only extra thing you will need when placing your camera will be 2 AA batteries to power up the single LED light, which is only illuminated at night. It has an IP65 design, meaning it is water-resistant and intended for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Size: 7.4 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Energy Display: Single LED red light
  • Energy Source: 2 AA batteries

What We Liked:

  • It comes with the built-in photoelectric sensor in the LED light
  • Easy installation and no wires needed
  • Compatible with 3 axis rotation (360, 90, and 360 degrees) 
  • 23pcs dummy lamp beads 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The red light flashes only at night


The highest-rated option, this fake security camera looks just like the real thing. With simple installation, design, and flashing light, it reduces the chances of any crime being committed. 

Best with Smart Hub

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera Indoor...

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5. WALI Bullet Dummy Security Camera

And finally, the last camera we will cover here today is the WALI Bullet CCTV Fake Security Camera. With is elegant and contemporary design and body made of high quality and durable material, we can see why this camera is one of the more popular cheap options.

This camera is suitable for indoor/outdoor use, is very easily installed, and comes with everything you need in the box. Well, everything apart from the 2 AA batteries it requires to operate. Its design enables it to be rotated and adjusted fully to your needs and can be placed on any surface.

It has one blinking red LED on the front and also has a fake wire on the back to give it that realistic look of any working security cameras. We intertwined another cable with the original one to make it look more real. The package will also include a couple of stickers that can be placed outdoor, as a sign, in order to further the illusion of having a working CCTV security system in place.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 14.6 x 7.8 x 6.2 inches
  • Energy Display: One flashing red LED light 
  • Energy Source: 2 AA batteries

What We Liked:

  • The attached cable looks real and there is a hiding wire hole 
  • Includes metal mounting bracket
  • The weather-resistant shield can slide towards the front
  • It comes with a security sticker

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Battery life could have been better  


While they produce a wide range of fake security cameras, this is WALI’s top-rated and affordable one. It is small, elegant, and made of high-quality and durable material. Even if it is fake, they assure that most will look at it and see a real, normal, working security camera. 

Things To Consider To Get The Best Fake Security Camera

Again, if your safety is your number one priority right now, you should think about this and not go for the first thing that comes up. In these times it is very easy to get your hands on a device like this. But not every company is producing good and realistic dummy security cameras, so you should be careful what you invest in. That is why in this next section we will cover what you should be looking at when purchasing your first fake security camera, what to avoid and where to begin

Do Fake Security Cameras Really Work?

If you fear for safety at your place of residence, or your place of employment, or want to protect your business, then fear not. All of the dummy surveillance cameras we have covered here are usually more than enough to make you feel safer.

They are designed in order to look just like real ones and will make even some of the more seasoned burglars or trespassers think twice before entering your property. A lot of these criminals tend to scout out their target first before moving in to strike. So, the mere possibility of you having a security system installed will be enough to make them turn back, even if in fact you only have a couple of fake security cameras set up around the premises.

Though no one can really guarantee it, if you do not have the budget to afford some of the fancier security systems, this is still a viable solution, or maybe the next best thing.

Are They Illegal?

Depending on your place of residence and the laws that you need to abide by, you will have to check for yourself. They are not really illegal, but could still sometimes lead to unwanted legal action. This is particularly true if a business posts a public sign that says the premises are being recorded. If someone falls victim to a theft at the company, they could sue, stating that they believed the area was protected by a security camera system. So, you still should be wary when placing them.

How to Choose the Best Fake Security Camera for Your Needs?

There are a lot of different options on the fake security cameras market, believe me, but you should be looking for one that looks authentic. Some of these fake cameras tend to be extremely cheap and very poorly made, which is why you should be careful about your choice.  A lot of the more seasoned criminals will easily spot if the security camera you have is a fake or a real one.

You should also be looking out for any text, stickers, or logos that stand out on the security camera you are looking at. That might be the thing that tips someone that the camera, is in fact, a fake. 

Next, what could be crucial in your choice is the placement of the camera. If you plan on placing them outdoor, you should be looking at models that are water-resistant, just like some of the ones we listed off in this guide. If you plan on placing it indoors though, maybe you would be better off choosing a dome or bullet fake security camera.

And while we are talking about the camera’s placement, you should carefully think about where you will place it. It should only be pointed like it is overlooking your own property and not someone else’s. It should also be well placed so that it looks as if it’s real. Like it was installed by someone there, say a surveillance company, and not like it was randomly placed there by you.

Another thing that might be worth mentioning is that this flashing red light can sometimes be bad for you. Because some of the fake security cameras fall on the cheaper side, yes, they do have signaling LED light, but it might be too much. Because of its constant blinking, or maybe the frequency of the blinking, a burglar could catch on and spot that it might be a fake. (1)

So, even if you are on a budget, do not go for the cheapest option available. Instead, go through a couple of these fake security cameras and see what stands out. Because, you still are thinking of your safety, so you should get the best possible thing.

Are You Able to Invest More Into This?

If you are, then also think about making some compromises. Even most of these fake security camera models warn you when purchasing their products. A lot of them believe that for your own safety you should use a mix of real and fake security cameras to ensure your security. That won’t come cheap though, but it might assure you a lot more than only having these fake ones.

Even though, with some criminals, this might not change much because they might spot the real ones from the fake. And that means they will still try their best to avoid the ones they know for sure are real.

But still, for your own peace of mind, you should also consider this a viable option as well. Naturally, if you have extra funds to spare in this department.


To end things off, I would like you to reflect and think about all that we talked about in this article before going further. As we said, there are good and bad sides to these fake security cameras, so you should make your choice after some careful consideration. It is your and your family’s, or your business’s safety, security, and privacy at stake here. So this is not a decision that should be made hastily and impulsively. There are also other guides about security cameras out there, so you should be sure to explore some more options as well.

But, I do believe that we have some of the best covered here, but our top pick has to be Lin Tian Cheng Fake CCTV Solar Powered Camera. Though we tested all five fake security cameras with every possible criterion, this camera surpassed every factor in all tests. 

After all, security is not a thing you should be taken lightly, which is why this article even exists. Take our words into consideration and figure out for yourself which of the many fake security cameras out there is the best for your current needs.

And since you have the choice for the best fake security camera, you may want to know how to spot a fake security camera here!


(1) LED light – https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/save-electricity-and-fuel/lighting-choices-save-you-money/led-lighting

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