Foscam vs Amcrest (Reviewed 2022)

At this very moment, around 25 million security cameras are used worldwide. The best-known manufacturers of quality security systems are Foscam and Amcrest. Both Amcrest and Foscam provide a wide range of outstanding cameras, we have done diligent research and worked on a comparison to figure out which brand offers better products. In the following guide, you’ll read and learn about:

  • Foscam vs Amcrest: Features, Specifications, Overall Ratings
  • Foscam vs Amcrest: Comparison of Unique Features
  • Foscam vs Amcrest: Home Security System
  • Foscam vs Amcrest: Best For

Foscam Security Camera WiFi IP Home Camera,R2C 1080P HD Baby Monitor...


Size: 1 camera 
Footage Quality: HD 1080p
Alert Type: Audio and Motion
Number of Channels: 1

This smart Foscam home security camera instantly caught our attention. There’s no doubt that most Foscam camera models are superb, but the smart technology included in this one makes it stand out. Thanks to the intelligent human detection feature, this camera can identify human presence and movement. With that being said, Foscam did a great job on motion detection with this product. The camera is compatible with most Google assistants and supports voice control.

It is a full HD camera, with 25 frames per second. Even though it has a lower frame rate than the Amcrest bestseller, this camera offers 4x digital zoom. This IP camera can also hide the lens completely. When it comes to storage, you can use the Foscam 7-day Cloud Service or a Micro SD card in the card slot. What we liked most about it is the auto-cruise mode and the 350 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical rotation, for complete home security. 


  • Night vision up to 26 feet 
  • Latest AI human detection with motion and sound detection
  • The home security camera records the video at 1080p resolution 
  • It includes pan, tilt, and digital zoom options 


  • Tech support could be better 
  • The quality of the metal screws is a bit low 

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security...


Size: 1 camera
Footage Quality: Full-HD
Alert Type: Motion only
Number of Channels: 1

Here comes one of Amcrest’s best sellers. The Amcrest IP2M offers full HD1080P video at 30 frames per second. The Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor will offer enhanced low light capability so that you can monitor your property with superb night vision even in the dark. Besides this, the 90 degrees viewing angle and the digital zoom will allow you to cover more ground. We installed this camera in our storeroom to get the whole narrow area recording.

Besides high video quality, the Amcrest IP2M offers smart security. You can choose to receive motion alert notifications, review suspicious footage, and interact with visitors through two-way audio. If you want to use a PC to review videos, you can choose the Amcrest Surveillance Pro for Windows and MAC. In terms of storage – you can use the Amcrest cloud remote video storage, which allows you to automatically store any video off-site in a secured third-party location. (1)


  • It is equipped with 12 IR LEDs 
  • 1-year Warranty and lifetime support from Amcrest
  • Offers live-stream options from your phone 
  • It includes night vision up to 32 feet 


  1. The sound quality could have been better 
  2. The mobile app could have been easier to use (2)

Foscam vs Amcrest: Common Features and Specifications  

1. Camera Models 

Foscam is available in a few models. Be it IP surveillance cameras, wireless (wifi) cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras – you can get them in the Foscam brand. 

Amcrest offers a wide range of different types of security cameras. Whether you’re looking for IP cameras (Wireless & POE), outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, doorbells, or bullet cameras – Amcrest provides them all. With the availability of high-end models, the Amcrest has every model, you do not have to look elsewhere. 

WINNER: Amcrest

2. Video Resolution and Frame Rate: 

Like the other security camera systems, all the Foscam models record the view in 1080p, and a few offer HD video. But the Foscam camera models have a frame rate of only 25 frames or 20 frames per second. 

All Amcrest cameras record video in full HD1080P resolution. The majority of Amcrest models come with 30 frames per second and offer fantastic image quality. A few high-end Amcrest camera models capture the footage in ultra-high quality 4K (8 megapixels) resolution. It is the top-quality you can ever get in a security surveillance system. 

WINNER: Amcrest 

3. Night Vision 

Many Foscam cameras have the Sony Starvis sensor, which gives true colorful vision and better quality footage during low-light conditions. The Foscam models have the highest night vision range of up to 196 ft and come with 6pcs high-performance infrared array LED lights.

As for Amcrest, these models include a Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor and offer the enhanced low light capability to record excellent night footage. The Amcrest IP2M camera is equipped with 12 IR LEDs. It has a night vision range of only up to 32 feet. 

WINNER: Foscam (for range); Amcrest (for quality) 

4. Installation

The Amcrest wireless IP HD camera includes a QR code on the bottom. You can use your smartphone to scan the QR code through the free Amcrest View app. All you need to set up is your wifi connection and your mobile device. 

For the wireless Foscam camera models, the installation process is a bit simple. But for the wired camera models, you have to mount them with screws on wall surfaces, ceilings, or trees. Overall, the Amcrest models have easy installation.  

WINNER: Amcrest 

5. Field of View

The Foscam G2 bullet camera has 110 degrees viewing angle. Many Foscam models have 89 degrees horizontal and 105 degrees vertical viewing angles. 

If given a chance, the Amcrest doorbell cameras can record your entire corridor with its 140 degrees vertical viewing angle. Other models have 108 degrees horizontal and 58 degrees vertical field of view. The Amcrest models have a wide field of view and cover more distance. 

WINNER: Amcrest 

5. Weather-Resistant Rating and Design

You can get the Foscam models in IP66 and IP65 weatherproof ratings. They are good enough to use as outdoor models. 

The Amcrest POE camera comes with a highly durable and heavy-duty metal IP67 weatherproof design, making it best for outdoor use. The Amcrest outdoor models can resist harsh weather conditions. 

WINNER: Amcrest 

6. Two-way Talk

Both the Amcrest and Foscam have a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows for a two-way audio function. Making it easy for you to talk with wanted or unwanted visitors more easily. 

However, a few Foscam models need an extra mic and speaker as they do not have the two-way audio function. Many Amcrest models have excellent sound quality that is similar to HD call. 

WINNER: Amcrest 

7. Local And Cloud Storage

Amcrest Cloud gives the customers optional cloud recording with four hours of free video storage. It is available from any device, such as iOS and Android. You can also use an internal micro SD card to save the recordings. (3)

Foscam offers free cloud storage options for seven days. If you want to obtain cloud storage even after the free trial, there are many subscription plans for you. You can also save videos on the micro SD card, NVR, FTP, and NAS. Foscam outperforms Amcrest in this category with seven days of free cloud storage and many local storage options. 

WINNER: Foscam

8. Mobile Application

Foscam offers 24/7 access to the app and gives you push alerts any time if it detects will motion. The cameras will send the human motion detection alerts to you through the app. 

Amcrest camera models let you watch the live feed through the mobile app using your desktop, tablet, or mobile from anywhere. The Amcrest Smart Home app allows you to playback the video files and sends smart motion alerts. You can control the angle and add many cameras to the app. 

WINNER: Amcrest 

Foscam vs Amcrest: Comparison Of Unique Features 

Stand Out Features Of Foscam: 

  • Auto-cruise Mode: Some Foscam cameras come with 350 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical rotation making it easy for you to see more areas. Auto-Cruise Mode will scan the location horizontally, or you can choose up to 8 places to roam through. Tap the button to come back to any spot.
  • Human Detection: The Foscam models come with AI human detection functions. It is one feature that outperforms all the Amcrest cameras. With human detection, you would not get false alerts every time an animal passes by or a tree branch moves. 
  • Many Storage Options: Other than Foscam Cloud, the Foscam cameras allow you to store the footage in the micro SD card, NVR, FTP, and NAS.  
  • Customer And Tech Support: Foscam provides customer support through many methods. Whether you need a knowledge base, tutorials, installation videos, emails, messages – Foscam gives you all.

Stand Out Features Of Amcrest: 

  • DORI Distance: Some Amcrest camera models come with the DORI distance feature. These models can detect the motion that is happening up to 280.5 feet and observe the scene up to 112.2 feet. It also recognizes the event up to 56.1 feet and identifies the object or human up to 28.2 feet. 
  • RTSP Stream Compatible: The Amcrest video doorbell camera shows compatibility with the RTSP stream. It is a feature which no other camera in the present market has. 
  • 4K Resolution: Besides the 1080p video quality of many cameras, the Amcrest POE camera records the footage in 4K ultra-high resolution. You will get to see the crystal clear recording of the view. 
  • Auto Tracking: The Amcrest wifi IP security camera has an auto-tracking feature. If you enable this feature, the camera will automatically start to follow the moving object or person with the help of its built-in pan and tilt function. 

Foscam vs Amcrest: Home Security Cameras  

Comparing the features of the two most reliable brands in the field of security cameras was hard. Before we dive into a detailed comparison of their products, let’s talk about the history of Foscam and Amcrest cameras. 

Founded by the same people that created Foscam Digital Technologies, Amcrest is a top-rated home security camera manufacturer. Foscam is a professional high-tech company that specializes in security camera systems.  

Other Products: Foscam & Amcrest

FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera - Pan...
  • Incredible Image Quality. 1080p at 25fps brings real 1080p smooth video experience thanks to powerful Ambarella chipset. 355° horizontal & 85° vertical rotation range cover a much bigger vision range. True 4x optical zoom captures more details of your viewing objects. Intelligent WDR corrects dark faces under heavy light to ensure a clear image in every lighting environment. Image Distortion Correction tech will fix common image distortion flaws.
  • Superb Outdoor/Night Use. IP66 level weatherproof design leaves you free of worrying about rain or dust in outdoor condition. This model uses a Sony Starvis sensor and deliver true colorful vision image during low-light condition while most of cameras can just show black/white image then. Night vision range up to 196 ft with the 6pcs high performance infrared array LED lights.
FOSCAM G2 1080P 25FPS WiFi Security Camera, Alexa Compatible, AI Human &...
  • 1080P full hd at 25fps allows smooth video transmissions,offers high-quality, real-time streaming video
  • AI Human Detection/Motion Detection:Foscam G2 supports intelligent human detection.You can choose model of human-only detection on Foscam APP,when somebody comes,it will intelligently identify human activities,and decrease the false alarms like flying birds,fallen leaves or other objects,and then push human-detect alerts to your APP/Email/Cloud when compared with motion detection.Please upgrade your APP to the lastest version.
Amcrest 4K AI POE Camera 30fps UltraHD 8MP Bullet POE IP Camera, Security...
  • AI Bullet PoE Camera with human detection and vehicle detection event filtering. IVS features (tripwire and intrusion) for perimeter protection. Face detection is available and works independently with this camera. However, facial recognition (recognize, search, authenticate) is only available through an Amcrest AI NVR (ASIN B08CJMRQPY). Offers 4K @30fps video with a super-wide 108° viewing angle. A PoE injector or switch is required; not included.
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and view your camera via your smartphone with the Amcrest View app. Monitor your camera on a PC using the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software or Blue Iris Professional. Works with Amcrest Cloud remote video storage, Amcrest NVRs, MicroSD (up to 256GB), and QNAP NAS, FTP, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, Microsoft Edge. DORI Distance: Detect: 280.5ft, Observe: 112.2ft, Recognize: 56.1ft, Identify: 28.2ft
Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz WiFi...
  • The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera requires wired power and may utilize your existing doorbell wiring (16V-24V). If you do not have existing doorbell wiring, a seperate power supply must be purchased and is available on Amazon by searching ASIN: B08BZX29LG. Doorbell is compatible with existing traditional mechanical and electronic digital chimes to provide surveillance of all front door activity in high definition 1920x1080p resolution. This doorbell is not battery powered.
  • Built in microphone and speaker allows for two-way audio and makes it easier to talk to visitors without having to get up and answer the door. Includes two interchangeable faceplates, choose from a black or silver faceplate. The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera is RTSP stream compatible. This home security camera features an extra-wide 140° viewing angle allowing you to cover every angle.

The Bottom Line

It is better to go with the Foscam cameras if: 

  • You want cameras with horizontal and vertical rotation options 
  • You like to have a camera that supports  wifi and Ethernet connections 
  • You plan to have the more night vision distance 
  • You want a camera with AI motion, human, or sound detection features 

You should choose the Amcrest model cameras if: 

  • You want a camera that is easy to use and install 
  • You prioritize low price models with basic features
  • You need a camera with a wide viewing angle  
  • You want a water-resistant or weatherproof camera 


(1) Windows and MAC –
(2) mobile app –
(3) iOS and Android –