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A driveway alarm allows you to monitor who is entering or exiting your driveway. If you pair this alarm with outdoor security equipment, you can make your property much more secure. 

By purchasing the Guardline driveway alarm, you become the owner of one of the top-rated and highest-quality driveway alarms in the marketplace. It guarantees good installation instructions and immediate delivery. Also, it will give great customer service if required with fantastic sensor performance. 

But what is Guardline? The Guardline is the top brand you will find in the driveway alarm niche. Based in Washington, USA, the Guardline works to produce high-end alarm systems and driveway alarms. Since 2001, more than 250,000+ customers have been using this alarm sensor system. 

Before we go into details, here’s the best driveway alarm in the market this year!

Things We Liked​

  • The sensor uses high-end passive infrared technology   
  • There are more than 30+ different melodies you can choose from   
  • It is a reliable sensor with little to zero false alarms 
  • The transmitter will mount to everything with ease 
  • There is a detachable cover at the top of the sensor for extra safety 

Things We Didn’t Like​

  • The sensor does not have a durable PVC enclosure   
  • While unscrewing the sensor, the screws will fall off without your notice   
  • Sometimes you might face issues with the water protection seal on the sensor   

Things to Consider Before Buying a Driveway Alarm 

Many people like to purchase driveway alarms due to the extensive security they provide. When there are vehicles nearby, it will alert you. If something or someone passes through the device, you will get notifications. It can sense the heat from large animals, humans, and vehicle engines. 

If you want an alarm system for large bungalows or houses with many carports, we recommend the Guardline Driveway Alarm. It stands out because it can fit plenty of sensors and zones. It is suitable for people who need a wide range of security systems for several different places. 

For tiny houses, it is better to get a short-range sensor, such as the Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System. It is a basic alarm system with enough customizable features at an affordable price. 

Here are the things you have to look at before buying a wireless driveway alarm: 

  • Power source 
  • Sensors types and receiver  
  • Ease of use and install  
  • Design and size  
  • Material quality and functionality 
  • Product and parts warranty 
  • Cost 

Features And Benefits

Plug-and-play and Easy DIY Installation

Since it is a wireless alarm system, you can install it anywhere you wish. Also, you do not need any professional technician to set up this system. It is a plug-and-play and DIY device, and the whole installation takes only a few minutes. There is a crystal-clear and easy-to-read user manual with step-to-by step instructions. 

I like this sensor because it comes with essential mounting hardware and a kit. It helps in saving my money as I do not have to spend money to buy extra equipment. In general, you will need a drilling machine other than the included tools. 


You can adjust the sensitivity distance of the outdoor motion sensor. For this, you should unscrew the four screws on the sensor box. If your driveway is only for a single vehicle, you can decrease the sensitivity level to 23′. When you receive the sensor, it will have a 39′ level. There are 13′, 23′, 26′, and 39′ adjustment level options. (1)

Depending on my experience, I can say that you should set up the sensor above three or four feet from the ground. This method avoids giving alerts when there are puppies, kittens, or chipmunks. Never keep it on a metal surface. 

Expandable System and Customizable Functions

If you have a large backyard and want to check almost every part, you can add extra sensors to the receiver. Though this model comes with only one sensor, you can add up to 16 sensors. This Guardline model is home to plenty of customizable functions. Also, it allows you to expand the sensors and receivers. 

Wireless Distance

The sensor and receiver can be installed at different places. When you have set up within the range of 500 ft. You can set up the compact receiver in several areas to monitor four different zones. This Guardline sensor can detect movement that’s happening up to 40 ft. 

Movement Detecting Function and False Alarm

The sensor uses the Passive Infrared Technology. It can sense the movement and heat of humans, animals, and vehicles. Also, there is less of a chance of getting false alarms from falling dead leaves. (2)

The Guardline sensors have adjustable sensitivity to make sure that there are no false alarms. If you want, you can keep the gadget in a mode where it can ignore brisk-moving items. There is an option that allows you to keep the sensor in the photosensor option instead of IR detection.

Weatherproof Shield

This sensor itself is weatherproof. All the extra sensors also can withstand weather. It comes with a gasket in the mounting plate. There is a water-wicking tape piece that helps in keeping the water out. You can see a protective weather shield on top of the sensor. This shield keeps the elements inside the sensor safe from rain, snow, sunlight, water, and more. 


The Guardline sensor and receiver use reliable outer materials. This model uses high-quality substances that help in resisting weather elements. It can work for years if installed with proper care and regular maintenance. Sometimes it tends to be less reliable during extreme weather conditions. 


There are more than 30 plus different alert melodies, and you are free to choose any tune from the list. To be precise, the ringer volumes are high decibel with louder volumes than other models. As the chimes are loud, it acts as a fabulous feature for any property. 

If you want to decrease or increase the alert sound, there are many adjustable audio levels. You can set a particular alarm chime for every sensor when you have many sensors on your property.


This Guardline model runs on AA batteries. For the sensor, you have to keep four alkaline batteries, and the description says that they can last for a year. Also, the batteries run for about eight months for my sensor, which is not bad. I like the fact that there are low battery level indicators so I can change the batteries as fast as possible. 

The receiver uses the power from the AC adaptor when you plug it in. Also, the receiver can run on four AAA batteries. You can keep the batteries as a backup when your property has a power shortage. 

Customer Service

They provide great customer support using various methods. You can check out their how-to video tutorials to get more detailed instructions. There is a PDF manual with images and FAQs for easier understanding. 

You can reach out to Guardline using phone, chat, or you can submit a ticket on their official website. The timing for live chat customer support is 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST from Monday to Friday. You can’t contact them on the weekend which is a bummer. 

Other Features

  • The receiver comes with a 12-volt relay. 
  • The transmitter is easy to install, and you can use a treated post mount. 
  • The Guardline sensor comes with a two-year warranty period. 
  • You can add outside wired signals, chimes, or buzzers. 
  • The sensor and receiver weighs over two pounds 
  • The receiver has RF (radio frequency) signals like the smartphone and walkie-talkies 

Benefits of the Guardline Driveway Alarm


Setting up a driveway alarm is a great way to monitor your property while staying at your house. If someone is entering your driveway, you will get alerts. If it detects any suspicious movement or vehicles near your house, you will get instant alerts. It is better to pair it up with other security and surveillance systems to get the most out of this model. 

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm - 1 Motion Detector Alarm Sensor & 1...

No Monthly Contracts

For many high-end sensor models, you need to pay monthly fees, and they are expensive. Despite being one of the highest-end and superior-quality sensors, the Guardline does not ask you to pay monthly fees. Also, there are no monthly or yearly contracts. 

Extra Add-Ons

The package includes a small Phillips screwdriver which you can use to open the remote. It comes with the necessary mounting hardware and other tools. You do not have to shop for additional equipment. (3)

Peace of Mind

When you have pet animals or children in your house, it is natural for you to worry about them if they are outside. This alert system sends alerts once they are not in the distance so that you can come out to check on them. Aside from this, there is an alarm system which you can link to your mobile. Even if you are out of town, you can know if something is happening near your property. 

Packages, Couriers, and Deliveries

This sensor sends alerts to you when it detects the delivery person. Even if the courier is at your house gate, you will know the exact time. Thus, you can avoid the situations such as keeping the parcel at the front door for hours. 


With this Guardline sensor, you will not get stuck with sudden and unplanned guests. The chime in your house will send alerts when there are surprise visitors so that you will be ready for them. 

Social Proof

There are a few negative reviews about this driveway alarm. Some people find it expensive. A few others complain about the lack of durable coating around the sensor. Despite these, there are plenty of positive comments on the Guardline wireless driveway alarm. It does not give false alerts, always sends motion sensor alerts, and has decent battery life.

Up to 4

Motion Detector

Up to 16

Alarm Sensor

500 ft




Video Walkthrough

Alternative Models To The Guardline Driveway Alarm 

Chamberlain Group CWA2000 Chamberlain Driveway Alert, Black
  • Set includes one base receiver and one sensor (ability to additional CWPIR sensors sold separately)
  • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor is weatherproof and detects motion up to 30 feet away and features adjustable sensitivity
Driveway Alarm, 1byone Home Security Alert System with 36 Melodies, 1...
  • ✔ Wide Range of Uses - Motion detection is an essential part of any home security solution. The waterproof sensors in this system use Passive Infrared to detect heat and movement so you can quickly be alerted to movement on your driveway, front porch, gate, shed, walkway, or even swimming pool (for when kids get too close). Great for homes, businesses, and offices.
  • ✔ Long Distance Wireless - Communication range up to 1000ft/300M from each sensor to the receiver. Cars, people and animals can be detected within 24ft/8M of each sensor’s angled eye. Think of this system as your long-range doorbell.
Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm - 1 Motion Detector Alarm Sensor & 1...
  • Security - Feel a sense of safety around your home with our weatherproof perimeter alarm set. It's sensitive to heat and motion during the day and at night, making it an alert system you can count on.
  • Easy to Install - No need to call in an expensive technician for this home security system. Our outdoor motion sensor alarm is a plug-and-play device that installs in minutes.

Final Thoughts

We tested and spent plenty of time searching for detailed information. It is not easy to keep an eye on your property while you are sleeping or if you are not present at your house. The Guardline Driveway Alarm detects every kind of movement and will send you alerts. It is easy to install, and you use it outdoors as it has a weatherproof shield design. With this driveway alarm, you can feel safe and secure.


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