Ultimate Hidden Camera Clock Guide of 2021 – Top 4 Reviewed

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When you want to keep an eye on your children, nanny, caregivers, office staff, and more, you need a mini spy surveillance system. If you need a hidden spy camera, we recommend that you choose the best spy camera specific to clocks. As the mini spy cameras are small, it is difficult to find them, and they are less suspicious, but you still need to find the perfect place to put them, this is where a clock-mounted one is perfect. They are available in many models like wall clocks, digital clocks, clock alarms. You can use them in your home or business. For those short on time our top pick this year has to be the GooSpy Hidden Camera.

Here is a detailed sneak peek of the things that you will come across in this post: 

  • Quick links and great specifications of the best mini clock spy cameras 
  • In-depth reviews and explanation of each hidden camera 
  • Buying guide and practical FAQs on the best spy camera clocks 

Best Overall

Hidden Camera Clock HD True 1080P Wireless Spy Camera WiFi Nanny Cam for...

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1. GooSpy Hidden Camera 

This is a wireless mini camera that supports 2.4G wifi networks. For better signals, you can place the clock near your wifi router. When the camera connects to the wifi network, it automatically starts syncing with your mobile time. 

The camera supports up to 128GB micro sd cards and allows you to download videos from it. For constant or 24/7 monitoring, connect the clock camera to a USB cable or other power bank. 

If you add the camera to your wifi network, no one will have access to your spy camera. You can invite other people to watch the recordings through the application. Before sending motion alerts to your phone, it records ten to sixty-second clips and saves them on the SD card. 

You can playback the video recordings from the mobile application. The camera is compatible with device models like android phones, iOS mobiles, tablets, and iPads. There is a USB cable, with which you can charge the camera, and the package includes an instruction manual. 

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes 
  • Power: Lithium polymer batteries
  • Product Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • It allows for remote viewing through the application 
  • Full one year warranty 
  • It is a wireless spy camera clock 
  • Includes built-in six invisible infrared light
  • The app can not support computer or desktop device  

It is the best-rated spy camera clock that captures HD videos and has great image quality. It has a unique structure and features various ports, switches, and light indications on the backside.   

Best Wall Clock Design

Spy Camera, WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera, HD 1080P Nanny Cam DVR with...

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2. NANIBO Hidden Camera 

This spy camera can capture videos at 1920x1080P Full HD resolution. Depending on the situation, you can adjust the resolution. Besides, it can capture in both 1080p and 720 P. The field of view or the viewing angle is around 90 degrees. 

As for the storage, it can support up to 64 GB TF or micro SD cards. When the SD card reaches its limit, the cam starts overwriting the old and lengthy recordings. This wall clock camera comes with a sensitive motion detection feature. 

It includes a built-in rechargeable battery whose capacity is 2200mAh. When the camera is capturing the video constantly, it can run for about four to five hours. You can utilize a USB cable to charge the camera while it is recording the footage. 

It can detect the activity that is happening up to a straight line of six meters and sends warnings. This camera can work and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPad, tablet, Windows, Mac OS X, and other device models. 

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Night Vision: No
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Power: Lithium ion batteries 
  • Product Weight: 1.55 pounds
  • It includes a detachable cover/stand 
  • Six meters straight-line motion detection distance 
  • You can have 24/7 monitoring
  • It comes with a USB cable and hook
  • The spy camera has no night vision technology 

This wall clock spy camera comes with HD 1080P resolution and has a round design. You can attach it to the wall either in your home or office. It is a battery-powered wall spy camera that includes an adjustable camera lens. 

Best Digital Zoom Option

Pavlysh wi-fii camera alarm clock with night vision - motion detection...

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3. Pavlysh wifi camera alarm clock  

With 140 degrees field of view and 1920 × 1080p HD resolution, you can have good enough quality recordings with more coverage area. It has an impressive loop recording feature that overwrites the old videos when the storage reaches the limit. 

The camera includes a digital zoom full screen and allows you to have the wifi remote real-time viewing through the smartphone application. You can have the nighttime footage of your house or business as the camera supports the night vision feature. 

If you want, you can turn on the motion-activated sensor, and when it detects any activity, the camera will send push notifications and saves the recording in the application. The cam starts recording when you insert a micro SD card, and it can support up to 128 GB. 

This camera can record the video even when it is in the charging mode. The 2400mAh batteries add an extra five-hour run time to the spy camera. It can support Android device models, iOS smartphones and allows you to add many users. 

  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Power: AA batteries and electric charge 
  • Product Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • No extra subscription fee
  • 150 degrees wide-angle lens 
  • It is a small camera and easy to set up 
  • One year limited warranty
  • It can not record audio 

With the digital zoom option, you can watch even far-away or tiny objects with clarity. It has a motion detection feature, adjustable motion detection sensitivity, and sends real-time alerts in case of any activity. 

Best Mini 4K HD

LIVCRT Multi Function Alarm Clock Colorful Night Light with HD 4K Hidden...

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4. LIVCRT Hidden Spy Camera

The alarm spy camera is the only one that can record videos in 4K HD resolution. It uses built-in IR-CUT technology, which ensures HD footage quality. This cam allows for real-time communication through the application. 

The motion-activated sensors will send you motion alerts when there is an activity, and simultaneously it takes a photo of the view. When you set an alarm record, the camera captures a short video and saves it on the micro SD card.

When it connects to the mobile app, the camera will display the local time. The installing and settings of the camera are the same as the smartphone alarm clock. Besides, the smart application customizes the starting and stopping period. 

The cam has bright color-changing GE LED night light, and hence you can utilize it as home decor. You will get a USB charging cable and charger, and by using them, you can increase the running duration of the cam. You will get add-ons such as a TF card reader, a user manual, and a card pin.

  • Resolution: 4K ultra HD
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Power: Electric outlet charge
  • Product Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Available in many light colors 
  • The alarm camera lens is hidden and is not suspicious at all 
  • It can support a two-way talk feature
  • You will get instant motion alerts with sound
  • Free instructions are not clear 

With this camera, you can see the highest quality footage, as it can record in 4K resolution. This alarm cam is versatile and can be used as a brand new nanny camera, child monitoring camera, and much more. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Hidden Cameras Clock

1. Size and Design 

The size of the clock camera plays a crucial role. Large area timepiece cameras attract too much attention and will be a hindrance. Also, make sure not to buy cameras with suspicious designs. 

2. Video Quality 

For any recording camera, video quality is crucial. The mini camera needs to have HD resolution to capture the exact footage. We recommend that you choose the clock cameras which offer 1080p HD quality or more if possible. Meanwhile, 720p quality is good enough as well. (1)

3. Power Source 

One thing to make sure of before buying any camera is the type of power energy source. Some cameras run on batteries for days, and the others need a free electric charge. 

4. Essential Features 

Below are a few essential features that give more value to the mini spy camera. 

  •  Night Vision Technology: When you want to record even at night or in dark places, the clock camera must have night vision technology and infrared LED lights. 
  • Motion Detection Technology: The motion detection feature is helpful as it only starts recording when it detects any activity, which saves storage and battery or charging.  
  • Field of View: Having a wide field of view or viewing angle is a plus as it can cover more area. Hence, you can have broad footage of the room.  

5. Price  

You can get the mini clock spy cameras at a reasonable price. There are a few high-end models whose price is costly, as they come with plenty of additional features. Depending on your requirements, you are free to choose any spy camera. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this mini spy camera record audio?

Only a few spy cameras can record both audio and video. Due to the legal restrictions, many of them can only record the video. 

What is the running duration of these spy cameras?

The running duration of these spy cameras is different. The battery-powered cameras can last for about four to five hours, and a few can run for days. Some of them come with a charging cable and port, and these kinds of cameras can run 24/7. 

Can I use mini spy cameras at home?

Of course, these spy cameras are good enough for home use. You can place them near nightstands, tables, bedroom, living room, and more. They are also a better option for office or business use.

Is it possible to see the live feed? 

Yes, most of the great spy cameras come with a mobile phone app. You can log in to your account and get access to the live streaming. Besides, the application allows you to playback, audio, pause, and screenshot the video. (2)


After testing and reviewing various hidden cameras, we recommend the above five products as the best-hidden clock cameras as they have the best reviews. All these cameras offer necessary features like motion detection, night vision, storage space, and many more. Our top pick is the GooSpy Hidden Camera. It is durable, easy to use, affordable, and comes with unique and great functions. And most importantly, it is the buyer’s favorite clock hidden camera. 


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(2) mobile phone app – https://www.techopedia.com/definition/2953/mobile-application-mobile-app