Hikvision Vs Amcrest (What We Like and Don’t Like 2021)

Hikvision and Amcrest are two of the leading surveillance equipment manufacturers and extremely renowned names in security. Both the companies have an upstanding reputation in the industry, but which one is better?

To gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of each brand, we tested a few models of both the Hikvision and Amcrest cameras and compared each based on some common parameters.

If you’re looking for an amazing surveillance system for your house, by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to have a clearer idea of which brand is suitable for your needs, and then you can zero in on the perfect model for you.

Let’s get started.

Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I 4MP WDR Fixed HD Network IP Dome 2.8mm Lens


Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Form Factor: Dome

Hikvision is a video surveillance brand that was established in 2001. As of now, it is one of the most sought-after security camera brands out there. While the company specializes in military surveillance systems, it also manufactures top-of-the-line home security equipment that is bound to care for all your recording needs. They especially produce exceptional bullet, dome, and IP cameras. From the point of view of technicality and specification, Hikvision is easily one of the best surveillance companies right now. One of the most notable features of this camera brand is its advanced motion detection features. 

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera, 3840x2160,...


Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Form Factor: Dome, Turret

Amcrest is another technological giant that manufactures high-quality security cameras. From IP video security systems to baby monitors to WiFi video doorbells, the company has a wide selection of surveillance devices to choose from, which makes it a pretty versatile company for spying equipment. The bullet, dome, and IP cameras of this brand compete with the best of the best companies in the international market, including Hikvision. The foremost reason to buy Amcrest cameras is their exceptional range.

Hikvision vs. Amcrest: Feature Face-off

While both Hikvision and Amcrest have something unique to offer, both the security cameras also have some similarities in features and specifications, which we discovered when we used the cameras of both the brands. Read on to know how each brand performs when they go head-to-head in terms of some specific features. 


Resolution is a top comparison parameter for security cameras. As a rule of thumb, the higher the resolution, the better the camera. However, this isn’t an absolute, as there are other factors to consider too. Still, if we’re strictly speaking of the resolution, Amcrest cameras beat the Hikvision cameras. To illustrate this, let’s compare the Amcrest 4K POE Bullet Camera and the Hikvision 4MP Bullet Camera.

When we tested the models, we discovered that the former offers a resolution of 4K, which translates to 8 megapixels. Meanwhile, the latter model offers a resolution of 4 MP, which is half that of what the Amcrest 4K POE Bullet Camera has to offer. If we compare the Amcrest 4K Dome POE Camera and the Hikvision 4MP Dome Camera, then similar findings are discovered. The Amcrest model comes with an 8 MP resolution, as opposed to Hikvision’s 4 MP. This is quite telling. If you’re someone grossly concerned about the camera resolution, then Amcrest is your guy. 

Winner: Amcrest – Higher Resolution 

Night Vision

Whether you’re looking for a bullet camera, a dome camera, or any other kind of security camera for home surveillance, night vision has now become a prerequisite. It allows you to identify who knocked at your door at 3 am in the morning, or if someone has broken and entered your home, as well as the person’s identity. Both Amcrest and Hikvision cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities, but each brand’s range differs. For instance, during the testings, we realized that the Hikvision 4MP Dome Camera offers a range of 100 feet, while the Amcrest 4K Dome POE Camera falls slightly short of that mark having a night vision range of 98 Feet. The difference is minute but would make a lot of difference for certain buyers.

However, if we’re speaking of night vision in bullet cameras of each model, then the story is different. The Hikvision 4MP Bullet Camera offers a night vision range of 100 feet, while the Amcrest 4K POE Bullet Camera provides a whopping range of 164 feet. The tie-breaker here is the performance of the PTZ IP cameras manufactured by Hikvision and Amcrest. The Amcrest PTZ IP camera provides an unbelievable night vision range of 329 feet, which makes it a clear winner when the bigger picture is considered. You can also choose Amcrest color night vision cameras for better clarity. Amcrest color night vision provides both good resolution and improved quality of viewing.

Winner: Amcrest – Longer Night-Vision Range 

Motion Detection

Motion detection is another technology that is a MUST-HAVE in security cameras manufactured today. Thankfully, both Hikvision and Amcrest come with motion detection alerts, and both performed excellently during the tests. Amcrest products are equipped with image sensors and IR LEDs, while some Hikvision cameras are equipped with IR cut filters and IR LEDs. This not only allows the camera to issue a timely alert but also captures crisp and sharp images and videos, both in daylight, low light, and darkness. You can expect both brands to exceed your expectations in this regard.

However, it should be noted that if we’re talking about the Hikvision 4MP Bullet Camera, then you won’t be able to enjoy the provision of a separate IR LED. It comes with a progressive scan CMOS sensor for images, which can render utility in terms of detection. However, there is no denying that Hikvision has more advanced motion detection features, as it is equipped with the ability to detect intrusion, unattended baggage, and object removal. The Hikvision DS-2CD2085G1-I specifically comes with these three features, which makes the model more advanced than most of the models manufactured by Amcrest. So, this is a noteworthy difference between the Amcrest products and Hikvision products that you might find interesting.

Winner: Hikvision – More advanced motion detection capabilities


The Amcrest and Hikvision product line both use the NVR system with similar specifications. Both support videos of up to 4K resolution and offer a hard disk of up to 2 TB, which will allow you to record several videos. There is also room for expansion, so both can serve your storage needs pretty well.

Winner: Both 

Hikvision vs. Amcrest: What's Different

While you may find many similarities between Hikvision Amcrest products, some features set one brand apart from another. Here are some unique features of each brand that we discovered while using the models. These are worth knowing before you choose a security camera for home surveillance. 


Motion Detection Capabilities 

Hikvision Security cameras have more advanced motion detection capabilities than Amcrest cameras, as they also provide intrusion detection features, object removal, and unattended baggage detection. This became evident when we tested the detection efficacy of both manufacturers. There are hardly any Amcrest models that have these features, which easily gives Hikvision the award for incorporating advanced motion detection features.

Some of the other detection privileges offered by the Hikvision security camera, particularly the Hikvision DS-2CD2085G1-I, are scene change detection, face detection, and line crossing detection, none of which are available in the Amcrest camera IP8M-2496EB.  The Hikvision Outdoor PTZ Camera also comes with excellent detection capabilities, including facial recognition and smart tracking. The Hikvision camera easily sweeps the prize for advanced motion detection.


Warranty is a crucial factor that a lot of people overlook while buying electronic devices. While in some cases, it can be excused, if you’re buying a security camera, you should definitely consider the warranty period of the brand and model that you’re buying. Hikvision products come with a 3-year warranty; meanwhile, Amcrest only gives a warranty of 1 year. This makes Hikvision a better option to choose. Warranty can also hint towards the durability of the product, so that is another thing that you should consider before shortlisting the models. (1)


Artificial Intelligence

Amcrest camera models come with an array of AI features, which makes using the Amcrest color night vision cameras and other models much simpler. For one, the Amcrest color night vision camera comes with a smart plan that includes many features, including heat map, people counting, AI (IVS), and perimeter protection, none of which are offered by Hikvision products. This tilts the Amcrest Hikvision debate on Amcrest’s side. However, it ultimately boils down to what you are looking for from a security system. (2)


The one thing that Amcrest can be relied upon is an excellent shooting range, be it in terms of night vision or view sight. The Amcrest WiFi PTZ IP Camera for one captures exquisite photos and videos over a range of 328 feet. The Amcrest 4K POE Bullet Camera has a night vision range of 164, which again is higher than the Hikvision 4MP Bullet Camera. The bottom line, regardless of which range we’re speaking of, is that Amcrest is bound to give tough competition to some of the biggest security camera brands out there. It easily wins over Hikvision in the range category.  

The Verdict

There is no doubt that Hikvision and Amcrest are two of the leading security camera manufacturers in the world right now, having produced some of the most-sold home surveillance systems. However, while buying a security camera, you could only zero in on one brand. 

Having tested the models of both Hikvision and Amcrest and compared both based on some common and distinct features, we have selected Amcrest to be the winner. The reason is that Amcrest has better resolution, range, and night vision, which makes all the difference to us. Resolution is a key consideration factor, and a lot of Amcrest color night vision and other cameras provide 8 MP resolution, as opposed to security cameras Hikvision, which usually comes with a resolution of 4 MP. We have also discussed how the range of the Amcrest color night vision and other products is higher than that of security cameras in the Hikvision line, which again tilts the debate in favor of Amcrest. 

However, it ultimately boils down to your requirements and what you expect from your ideal security camera. The price can be a huge deciding factor too. Amcrest cameras are relatively less expensive than Hikvision ones. The best course of action is to list all your expectations from a surveillance system for your home and use this in-depth comparison guide to see which camera fits the bill. Extensive research into the subject would help you immensely in choosing the right product for you. 

Other Products: Hikvision vs. Amcrest

Hikvision 4MP DS-2CD2142FWD-I HD WDR IP Network Dome 2.8mm Lens
  • Features: Day Night, Waterproof, Plug and play, Remote Access, Dual Stream, PoE, Motion Detection
  • Maximum SD Card Support (GB) :128 . Sensor: CMOS;
Hikvision 4MP DS-2CD2042WD-I IR PoE Network Security Bullet Camera 4mm Lens
  • 4 megapixel high resolution, Full HD1080p video
  • Dual video streams,4mm fixed lens,Up to 30m IR range, IP66 weather-proof protection
Amcrest ProHD 4K Bullet Outdoor Security Camera, 4K (8-Megapixel), Analog...
  • The Amcrest 4K (8MP) UltraHD Bullet Security Camera is a high resolution 3840x2160P (2160TVL) camera that provides best in class video quality and clarity. Crystal clear night vision allows the camera exceptional video quality even in low light or night time conditions. The heavy duty metal outdoor IP67 Weatherproof can endure even the harshest climates.
  • Connect your Amcrest 4K camera to an Amcrest 4K DVR to view, record and playback video from anywhere in the world in superior 4K UltraHD resolution. Amcrest 4K Camera compatible with the following Amcrest DVRs; ASINs: B07R6TBM7Y, B07HPB7D9F, B07HPCYLQ5. Not compatible with 3rd Party DVRs.
Amcrest Floodlight Camera, Smart Home 1080P Security Outdoor Camera...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, PRO-HD - Experience magnificent full 1080p HD video resolution @30fps (1920x1080). This home security camera features an extra-wide 114° viewing angle allowing you to cover every angle. This floodlight camera features a built in microphone and speaker for two way audio allowing you to talk and listen to visitors.
  • ACTIVE DETERRENTS - This WiFi camera is equipped with active deterrents including a boisterous 110db security siren and an illuminating built-in floodlights that can be triggered manually, automatic or by motion detection to scare away would-be criminals. The outdoor floodlight camera can also switch between manual, automatic or motion detection mode using the Amcrest Smart Home app.

The Bottom Line

The Hikvision and Amcrest both manufacture excellent security cameras. However, the question of which one you should buy depends upon your needs. 

Choose Hikvision if you;

  • want a camera with advanced motion detection above everything else. 

Choose Amcrest if you;

  • want a camera with high resolution 
  • want a longer range of detection and view 
  • want a camera with better night vision capabilities  


(1) warranty – https://www.britannica.com/topic/warranty
(2) Artificial Intelligence – https://searchenterpriseai.techtarget.com/definition/AI-Artificial-Intelligence