How Much Space Does a 4k Security Camera Take?

There are a huge number of security cameras with different features. Many people look for 4k security cameras because they can provide the highest quality image resolution. It is necessary to have a large amount of memory because it is a resolution that includes a lot of details and is reflected in its massive size file outputs.

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security camera at home during night time

We should mention that a large amount of memory is required for each minute recorded in 4k quality. The final result may vary depending on the specifications of a particular security camera. The amount of storage required is very high.

318 gigabytes are required to obtain one hour of 4k recording. When 25 hours of recording are required then 7.76 TB are needed. This amount of storage memory is very high in general. (1)

It is also necessary to consider that the user might need to store some backup copies of the recorded videos. From the amount of storage memory for 25 hours we should multiply this number by 2 or 3.

Other options can be much more affordable. Other cameras with a smaller amount of details need 42 gigabytes for one hour of recording. When 25 hours of recording is required then the storage memory should be somewhere around 1TB.

It is also necessary to multiply this number by 2 or 3 when one or two backups are required. The storage will need to be very comprehensive although the results can be very convenient due to a large amount of detail in each minute of the 4k recording. 

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24 hours of video recording

The total amount of memory required for 24 hours of video recording depends on the number of details and the type of security camera. We can take as a reference the camera of some smartphones.

  • 720 pixels: When using this resolution a camera means a much lower level of detail than 4k resolution. We can consider 30 frames per second because it is the most common with this resolution. Anyone will need approximately 3460 GB. This is a large amount of storage memory that is not very easy to get these days.
  • 1080 pixels: The moment you choose this type of resolution with 60 frames per second the amount of storage memory increases significantly. It would be necessary to have 7776 GB.

This amount of storage memory can only be achieved on one computer. It is very difficult to have a single file of such a large size. People often choose to cut a video into different parts.

  • 4k and 60 FPS: What we are interested in here is to know how much memory storage is required for this resolution. The amount of memory required with 60 frames per second is always higher compared to only 30 frames per second. Some estimates calculate that 34560 GB must be available. This is a huge amount of memory. (2)

Features of a 4k security camera

security camerasA security camera with 4k resolution requires a large amount of storage. There are several advantages that users can take advantage of with this type of camera. We can mention some of these advantages to better understand the 4k security camera system.

  • Image clarity: It seems obvious but it is necessary to consider that the clarity of images that can be obtained with 4k resolution videos is exceptional. People, in general, prefer 4k resolution in a security camera or a simple movie. A much more realistic experience can be obtained with this image resolution.
  • Digital zoom: 4k security cameras can provide a digital zoom quality far superior to other types of cameras. It is possible to detect any detail within the field of view of a security camera. The most common use is in detecting the faces of criminals attempting to enter a home. There are many more uses.
  • Wide-angle viewing: A 4k security camera can provide great wide-angle viewing. The security camera can cover a larger area. That is why a 4k security camera can provide excellent results when installed in an outdoor environment.
  • Infrared night vision: Since the resolution of the security camera is higher then the infrared night vision quality will also be higher. This makes it much easier to detect all kinds of targets and strange behaviors at night.
  • Video analysis: As we have seen a large amount of memory is required to be able to store the videos from a 4k security camera. It is possible to obtain a large video analysis capacity. This is specifically because 4k resolution videos can offer a large amount of detail.
  • Simple installation: The fact that these are high-resolution security cameras does not mean that the installation is too complex. Today’s best options usually provide an installation that only takes a few seconds as it is plug-and-play. The user does not waste too much time on it.
  • Other features: Remote viewing on a 4k security camera is another key feature thanks to the high resolution it can offer but because of the larger size there may be some lag depending on your internet connection. A camera of this type can also include other basic features such as a vandal-resistant and weatherproof design.

Final Words

Having a 4k security camera requires a large budget for a lot of storage memory. The results that this type of security camera can provide are more than adequate.

In 4k resolution videos, it is possible to enjoy a great level of detail. When we are talking about a security camera the high level of detail is one of the most important aspects. The protection and security of a home or office will be more adequate. 


(1) TB –
(2) FPS –

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