5 (Effective) Ways for How to Disguise a Security Camera

Security camera usage in residences is a growing market. According to Strategy Analytics, the prediction is that consumers will spend over $9.7 billion before 2023. These same statistics indicate that unit sales will double throughout that period from 54 million (2018) to 120 million (2023). These security devices include security cameras, smart doorbells, and professional monitoring systems. But what if you want to conceal a security camera? Is that possible without being obvious? In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to disguise a security camera in five different ways.

Disguising a camera, no matter if you’re using the security camera in your home, involves creative thinking. First, think about why you want to conceal the camera and capture footage. Has there been a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood? Or, perhaps the delivery people for your business are stealing things. Do you have concerns about what’s happening on your residential or business property when you’re not present? If so, learning how to disguise a security camera is in your best interest.

Here are 5 Simple Ways On How to Disguise Your Surveillance Camera

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1: Use a Mini-Camera in a PVC Pipe

Cctv Inside Pvc Pipe
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Have you noticed trespassers are on your property when you’re not at home? You may see some of your mail is missing, or someone is picking fruits and vegetables from your garden. You might also have wondered if someone is trying to enter your home when you’re not there. Any of these situations warrant the use of a home monitoring system.

No matter if you’re learning how to disguise a security camera inside your home or outdoors, it’s beneficial to have a small or mini-camera. If there’s no wire, that makes it simpler to conceal the security camera. You can disguise a security camera in PVC pipes without any trouble. For example, if you’re using an irrigation system, security cameras hide very well in those PVC pipes.

Other forms of PVC pipe disguises include posts for solar lights or any other decorative element in your yard. Ideally, you want the security camera’s housing to match the color of the PVC piping you’re using. This option is an excellent one for businesses, as well, as they tend to have irrigation systems and solar lights throughout their properties. I suggest placing more than one camera in several different pipes to help you get multiple views of the property under surveillance.

2: Disguise the Security Camera in Decorative Elements

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Do you love hanging birdhouses throughout your property? If so, this is an excellent and easy opportunity for you to get creative when concealing your security camera. The trick is to have many birdhouses hanging in trees, on your porch, or on poles throughout your property. That way, it isn’t evident that one is a camera.

Use some of your birdhouses for their purpose and others for decorative purposes. That way, you’re concealing which birdhouse has the camera that much more. This method is another example of where having the best battery-powered security camera is optimal. If the security camera is small enough, you might be able to conceal it in a birdhouse that’s in use. Selecting this kind of camera is useful if you would prefer not to have a decoy birdhouse alongside others that are in use.

Using this method doesn’t only involve birdhouse, though. If the camera is small enough, you can mount it to a birdbath, garden statue or the top of a patio umbrella. Learning how to conceal a security camera in decorative outdoor items involves finding the smallest camera possible that delivers the best results. Make sure these cameras are mounted with a strong adhesive, clamps or a bendable tripod. That way, there’s less of a chance of them falling and damaging during high winds.

3: Hide Security Cameras in Plush Toys

Security Camera Hidden In Toys

If you have children, that means lots of toys and plush toys are around your home. You may have them up on shelves, in baskets or on tables. No matter where you’re putting these stuffed animals, this is an excellent option for hiding a security camera. Make sure you tell your children which toy is the camera, so they don’t accidentally break it while playing.

Consider putting this concealed camera out of reach alongside toys that you want to keep as souvenirs. For example, your child may be 5 and still have their first stuffed animals. If so, put them up on a shelf along with the toy containing the security camera. That way, it looks like you’re decorating with keepsakes, when, in reality, you’re concealing your monitoring system.

Hiding security cameras in mobiles hanging over cribs is also an excellent way of keeping an eye on things. Make sure it won’t move when the mobile is in use or if your baby grabs ahold of anything. Keeping this kind of security in your home helps alleviate any worries you have when you put your baby down in their crib to take a nap or at night. For example, you may worry that something could happen while they’re sleeping or that someone may enter their room when they’re sleeping at night.

4: Put Your Plants to Use


If you’re looking for a way to monitor your home or business, hiding security cameras in plants is an effective solution. You’ll need the best security camera for business or home when completing this task. Look for the best 4K security camera for the highest resolution, as well. You won’t regret these decisions, especially if you’re monitoring your business.

Having the highest resolution means you can pick up the most critical details like license plate numbers and facial features. It’s most useful when you mount the security camera in the plant’s foliage. That could be an ornamental tree or bush outside your home or business, or a plant with a lot of leaves in your home. Select a security camera with a tripod with legs that will wrap around sturdy stems in your houseplants or the branches of trees outside. When arranging the leaves, make sure the camera isn’t visible but is still capturing surveillance footage.

If you have concerns about placing a hidden camera in your houseplants because it might get water on it, you have alternatives. For example, you could hang it in a decorative potted tree in the corner of the room. If its placement is high in the leaves, then there’s no chance of water causing damage. Another alternative is to use a fake plant that looks realistic. Mix it in with the rest of your houseplants to help prevent it from looking like a visible decoy.

5: Use an Electrical Outlet

electrical outlet

Would you prefer not to conceal a security camera, but use a technological device instead? Using this method means you’re hiding the security camera in plain sight. The most beneficial way to achieve this objective is by using a miniature camera in an electrical outlet. Do you have concerns about a babysitter watching your children or pets? Are you wondering what your children are doing or how your pets are behaving when you’re not at home? These are just some instances in which surveying your home without it being obvious is beneficial.

Installing a security camera that looks like an outlet means you’ll use an outlet that’s a decoy. These security cameras look like functioning outlets when, in reality, they’re helping you monitor what’s happening in your home. Unless someone goes up to the outlet and inspects it, these tiny security cameras are difficult to detect. Select the best battery-powered security camera to ensure it lasts and will capture high-quality footage.

Make sure you install this security device in an area where you don’t need to plug anything into it — otherwise, you run the risk of your children finding it if they need to charge a device. Put it in an “inconvenient” area for plugging things in but that is still an optimal place for surveillance.

Final Thoughts

Before selecting a surveillance system, make sure it’s the 4K security camera. That way, you’re not experiencing frustration from looking at grainy or dark footage. Instead, you should see crystal-clear videos with the highest resolution. The purpose of learning how to disguise a security camera is to capture viewable footage. Therefore, if you’re using subpar equipment, that won’t happen. So, when selecting the security camera, make sure it’s small enough to conceal where you’re planning its installation. Taking these steps will help you in the long run regarding your hiding strategies and viewing footage later.

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