How to Hide a Mini Spy Camera

People who want to eliminate blind spots in a home often get a mini camera. The moment they start using this device, they begin to wonder, “How do I hide this  mini spy camera.”

You may want to ask, what is the smallest camera you can buy? and how can you extra hide them? To do an excellent job, you should consider various home areas where you can hide this particular device. 

But before we proceed, here’s the mini camera guide for you to check and compare later on, and a guide for you on how do mini cameras work!

What Will You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

hidden spy camera

It is possible to use a wide variety of everyday objects. The simpler things you use, the more secure and effective the hiding will be. It is essential to have a highly functional spy camera. It is best to have the following items.

  • Mini spy camera
  • Everyday objects such as tissue boxes, alarm clocks, books, and the like.
  • Indoor or outdoor plants

Not many items are required when it comes to the installation of a wireless mini spy camera. When it comes to a model that requires a constant power supply, you are likely to need a USB cable or similar accessory.


Before starting to hide a mini spy camera, the following sites should be taken into consideration:

  • Bushes or trees: The device should be weatherproof and have a good waterproofing level. 
  • Aviaries or doorbells: This is a set of natural hiding places that nobody pays attention to.
  • Windows: This site can be highly recommended due to the field of vision, although it decreases the night vision capacity at night.
  • Masked cameras: Some masks change their texture and colors to blend in with the environment.
  • Luminaires: Luminaires can be chosen as long as the camera is heat resistant.
  • Outdoor lights or PVC pipes: These sites are suitable if a camera is waterproof, although it is difficult to find a good field of view.
  • Plants or pots: Plants are pots that have the versatility to be placed anywhere in the home, both outside and inside a house.

We discuss some additional aspects to prevent a camera from being detected.

  • A color scheme can be incorporated into the camera structure to blend in with surrounding objects.
  • High-elevation sites are suitable for a wide field of view and low probability of detection. 
  • The camera should be hidden in a secure location to avoid detection and avoid shock. A camera that is not secured in a high-altitude area could fall and break. (1)

You need to consider the best ways to hide or install a camera. 

  • Use glue that is compatible with the camera material.
  • Use paint for the camera structure except for the lens.
  • Mount a camera near a power outlet for continuous remote surveillance.

1. Choosing the ideal place


mini camera on handChoosing the ideal location is one of the most challenging steps in the whole procedure. There is an excellent variety of places that people can choose. The right place should have ample visibility at all times.

That means choosing to keep an eye on a corner of the home is not the most appropriate. It would be best to consider who the people you want to monitor in a home are. That means you cannot get the same efficiency if you install a mini spy camera in a bathroom as in a living room.

The different locations chosen for installing this camera can provide very different results. Those people who do not consider this aspect must move the mini spy camera several times until they get to the appropriate place.

In the home, high places are appropriate since people do not tend to look up constantly. Having the top of a wall or a tall piece of furniture may be the most appropriate.


2. Install the camera


plug and cordOnce the location has been selected, installing the camera is easy. This procedure only consists of mounting the camera and turning it on, and that it can be used from that moment on. Cameras may need an external power source such as a power outlet.



3. Hiding the mini spy camera


a man's hand holding a mini cameraTo hide the mini spy camera, you can use some everyday items. A plant is usually the best option to place the camera in the leaves’ middle. The same can be done by placing the camera in a bookcase or a piece of furniture surrounded by everyday decorative objects. (2)

The most important aspect is to hide the camera and divert the attention of anyone.


4. Testing the camera


hidden mini cameraOnce the camera has been correctly installed, you should test its operation. You need to turn on the camera and check that the videos obtained are efficient.

It is good to call a third party who does not know that a camera has been installed in the home to try to find it. The primary user will check whether the camera can be detected at first sight or not.

Final words

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Performing this procedure can be very simple and helpful for hiding a mini spy camera. This device allows you to optimize a home’s protection by eliminating any blind spots.

If you have any questions, you can leave your comment below and share the article if you liked it. Choosing the most appropriate place in the home, hiding a mini spy camera, only requires ingenuity and creativity.


(1) high-altitude –
(2) furniture –

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