How to Hide a Spy Camera (10 Great Hidden Locations)

When you’re looking to put a spy camera in a room you want to make sure no one ever finds it. 

Maybe your assistant has been taking some of the petty cash homes or you’re suspicious of the babysitter. You may be confident that your instincts are right, but you have absolutely no concrete evidence to prove it. A spy camera can come in very handy in these situations. Just install the spy camera in the area that you want to monitor and get rid of all your doubts by recording in real-time.

We go through different locations and ideas to get you brainstorming.

How a Spy Camera Works

Recent advances in the past few years have enabled these spy cameras to not only record everything that is going on in front of them but also allows the users to see what’s happening in real-time. They are similar to webcams and users can use the spy cameras to see who is coming into their homes and also check on kids and pets. 

Finding the Right Angle and Visual

You should experiment to position the camera on the exact area you want to monitor. At times, just pointing the camera in a general direction may not give you the visual that you are looking for. It is a good idea to try a few different angles and positions to get the right visual and test by removing the sd and looking at the recording or if there is real-time viewing using it on your phone. 

Hiding the Spy Camera

After you have determined the exact position that the camera needs to be placed to get the right view, you have to look for places to hide the camera. Another point to consider while hiding the camera is the stability of the place. You want to ensure that the camera will not get knocked off by a slight breeze or will not get in the way of people. It is also better to get a small camera and one that is battery-operated so that there are no loose or hanging wires. 

Tips to hide the Camera 

Once you have the right location for your camera, you can make use of some of these tips to hide the camera. These include: 

  • It is a good idea to hide the spy camera inside something but be careful that you do not obstruct the view when placing the camera.
  • Make sure that the camera is in a secure place and is stable so that it does not get knocked down easily. 
  • You can either paint the camera or place it in a place with similar colors to camouflage the camera to make it inconspicuous. 
  • It is better to look for natural hiding places such as a roof or a shelf, where it will not be spotted easily. 

Great Hiding Places 

Once you have ensured that you have the right spy camera and know how to work it, you can look for discreet places to hide it. You need to make sure that you hide it in such a manner that it doesn’t make anyone suspicious. There are some great places that you can use that will be inconspicuous and will not attract people’s attention. Some of these places include: 

1. Trees or bushes


It is easy to attach the camera to a tree in your garden. However, you need to make sure that the camera is waterproof due to the possibility of rain. Also, you need to make sure that you hide the wiring because it can be easily seen a good way to hide it is using PVC piping that you dig underneath your lawn. There is also an option of using either a cellular battery-powered security camera or a solar-powered security camera both of these types of models do not require wiring.

2. Doorbell


Doorbell spy cameras are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to use the functionality of the doorbell while still being able to see the person on the other side. This is especially great for package thieves.

3. Window


A window is a good place to hide a spy camera if you are using it to see outdoors. The spy camera can be positioned in a window with a curtain or drapes hiding it through one of the cracks.

4. Household items

household items

Items such as smoke detectors, books, stuffed toys, and decoration pieces can make great hiding places for your spy camera. If any of these are in the area that you need to place the spy camera to get a good view, then these are the perfect places to hide the camera without alerting anyone’s suspicions. 

5. Smoke detector

smoke detector

This is an incredibly efficient place to have your spy camera because most people do not suspect smoke detectors. And they also double as a household implement so you get the double benefit of the detector with a camera inside.

6. Stuffed toy

stuffed toy

This is the most traditional place to hide a spy camera you may have seen it in movies or commonly used in homes. Usually, it’s easy to make this by simply putting a spy camera in the eye of a stuffed toy or purchasing a stuffed toy with it already inside.

7. Plants


Plants are a great and popular way to hide the camera there are a bunch of ways you can do this by either hiding it within the shrubbery or carving a whole within the design of the plots to be able to protrude out the camera.

8. Light fixture


You can purchase a lightbulb camera these work by using the power of the light to power the camera while achieving very good quality recordings.

9. Personal Accessories


Some spy cameras can even be hidden on one’s body. They can place a button, in a handbag or even a pen in the pocket. These are tiny spy cameras that can be used to record a confrontation.

10. Tissue box


This is commonplace to hide a spy camera all you have to do is carve a small hole within the box and cover it using the tissue box is designed then you can put a lot of things around the box to make sure that it’s not easily seen and drawn the attention away from.

What if the Camera is Discovered?

Usually, when a camera is discovered you may have some problems with the person that finds it. If it is a babysitter that finds your camera you may lose the trust that you had with the babysitter. Also, you need to be aware of any legal issues especially if you accidentally catch something that is explicit in nature this can cause a bunch of legal issues especially if you refuse to delete it. Recording laws vary greatly by state so make sure you check what your state law is. (1, 2)

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