How To Hide Security Camera Outside (8 Ingenious Ways)

Working in security I have found that more people are requesting their security cameras to be hidden because of increasing levels of vandalism and theft. Learning how to Hide a camera outside can be a challenging task, however, with the right planning, you will be able to have an undetected surveillance system for your home or business.

Hiding cameras are actually not commonly done for security cameras because thieves and burglars being able to see the security camera has been proven to be an effective deterrent, hence the rise of the fake security camera market. However, if your main concern is vandalism or theft or a potential burglar damaging the cameras then this is a great way to prevent these issues.

I list some of my favorite methods on how to hide outdoor security camera devices below.

1. Use a Doorbell Camera

doorbell camera

There are new doorbell models that have a camera built-in. These are perfect for recording anything that is in front of your house and is actually pretty well concealed since some come in incredibly small designs that most would not suspect of being able to record.

The one thing to keep in mind with these is that you have a very limited field of vision and if someone chooses to rob your house from the back obviously they will not be as effective.

2. Use Light Bulb Cameras

light bulb camera

This method involves a special spy camera purchase that is a security camera built into a light. These lights act as both lighting and recording devices. They are built to offer HD camera features while using power from the connection of the light fixture.

What’s interesting about these is they have a small lens within the light and are not very easy to spot on first look. They do offer some great features like wifi and remote viewing and are becoming more advanced every year.

3. Hide Security Cameras near Trees/Bushes

camera in trees or bushes

The presence of a lot of leaves and tree branches can help hide a security camera. How many times have you looked in a tree only to find you missed something like a bird or chipmunk. Trees are incredibly busy objects that may be visual overload and a perfect place to hide the camera.

The only thing to keep in mind if using a tree is that you should make sure that the camera is either a camouflage color like green or painted to conceal it.

The next issue becomes the wiring but this can be easily sorted by running the wires through the tree and ground and painting them the color of the trunk and grass. Obviously the closer the tree is the better for less cost of wires.

5. Paint / Camouflage Cameras or Use a Trail Camera

camouflage trail camera

This method is a little less effective but it does help. If for example your security camera is mounted on a brick wall it may be best for you to paint it the darker color red of the bricks. This can actually help camouflage the security camera to a certain extent. It will be camouflage when someone first looks at the camera or the wall but if someone is more observant they can easily spot this, that is why this solution offers minimal protection. This solution is great though for hiding wires and wires from a security camera should be painted whichever color of the wall they are put on as best practice since this can hide them and also make unsightly wires less intrusive.

When painting the camera the thing to keep in mind is that you put some painter’s tape over the lens before you start painting because any paint that gets on the lens can potentially damage it and scraping it off later can leave scrape marks that reduce image quality. After you take off the painter’s tape make sure to clean the lens with a small mixture of rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Likewise when painting the wires make sure there is no open connection that you accidentally paint.

6. Disguise Outdoor Cameras in Birdhouses


This one is a classic. It is simple and effective. You put your security camera within a birdhouse and run the wires out of the back. There is one thing to keep in mind and that is camera reflection.

A lot of times when a camera is walled in or too close to other items it begins to have a white reflection especially if it’s an IR night vision camera, so make sure it’s protruding enough not to cause issues but deep enough not to be seen. This can be a fine art and needs some testing to get the position perfectly right.

7. Put Security Cameras Behind Glass Windows

security camera behind glass

This is a great option. When you hide your camera behind a glass window the glare or reflection from the window can hide the camera perfectly and it can remove the person’s ability to tamper with the camera. Sometimes people will spraypaint cameras or destroy them before thefts and this is a great option to keep them secure as a second layer of protection.

One thing to keep in mind is if you have an IR night vision camera. The window will actually prevent the night vision from working as it will impede the LED from being able to properly bounce IR night vision frequency through its shutter. If your looking for effective night vision this may not be a good option.

8. Use PVC Pipes to Hide Wires

PVC pipes to hide wires

This solution is mainly for hiding wires but some creative people have hidden cameras in larger pipes. A PVC pipe is one of the most utilized items in home improvement and it’s almost impossible to know exactly what the house is using it for because of how common they are. For example, the pipe can be potential drainage for an air conditioning system or it could contain wiring from a cable system you just never know that’s why they are perfect for hiding your wires. (1)

There are many ways to use the pipe like mounting it over your house or if your camera is farther away like in a tree you can actually dig the pipe under your lawn to completely hide the wires and protect them from any insects or corrosion.

9. Hide a Camera Inside a Rock Or Gnome

hide camera in a rock or gnome

In regards to hiding your security camera within a rock, there are actually outdoor security cameras on sale that come disguised as a rock with a camera inside (you weren’t going to try to hollow out a rock were you?). For the garden gnome, you may have to do it yourself and put a camera expressly in the gnome while placing the camera inside and creating an opening within the gnome’s eyes to be able to accommodate the lens.

10. Hide a Camera Inside a Clay Pot

clay pot

For a clay pot camera to work you need to make sure that you don’t expose the camera to water or dirt which could neutralize its functionality. A good method to do this would be to hollow out a certain area of the plot and create a housing for the camera there where water or dirt will not be able to damage. Once you have hollowed out that certain area you can place the camera inside and create a small circular opening for the lens you can easily design or paint around us to make it look like the lens is actually part of the Pots design.


Why Should I Not Hide My Security Camera?

Studies have shown that security cameras that are obvious and can be easily seen actually act as a deterrent to crime in many instances. a lot of this involves the psychology of a robber and then being able to see the camera causing them to perhaps target another house or use more caution towards your house because of the added protection. Studies have even shown that something as simple as a small LED red light that shows that the cameras on can also deter robbers and cause these houses to be targeted 1% less than other houses. These benefits may be small but may add up over time so perhaps hiding your security camera may not be the best decision. (2)

Is it legal to hide security cameras or use a hidden security camera?

There are many questions in regards to whether it is legal to hide security cameras or use a hidden security camera. This includes if you need a permit, how long the hidden camera is allowed to be there for, etc.

The legality of this topic will depend on the state and country that you are living in. For example, in the United States in most states, it is legal to conceal a security camera as long as it doesn’t affect any health and safety laws or rights. However, some states may require an official permission letter from the owner of the property where the hidden camera is being placed, also video can be removed on request by citizens.

What about using fake/decoy security cameras?

Fake security cameras have many uses and benefits for different people. For instance, they can be used to deter crime in a business or private property. However, they should not be used as a replacement for real security cameras or one should always take precautionary measures when using them since you are not actually protecting your property but only taking advantage of deterrent effects.

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