How to Install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe?

Got a gun safe and a gun? Then you would know the importance and complexity of maintaining it. It helps in improving the product life. Now, what is the arch-nemesis of your precious firearm? 

You guessed it. Its Moisture. 

Keeping the guns in a special safe will keep them away from prying hands. But it is important that you use a dehumidifier to ensure that moisture does not get in and damage the contents. In this article, we will focus on various aspects you must focus on and the steps to install a dehumidifier in your gun safe. 

You may want to check this best gun safe dehumidifier guide before buying one, and before you even buy one you need to read this learning guide answer why put a dehumidifier in a gun safe?

What is a Dehumidifier?

Gun Safe Dehumidifier, Afloia Mini Dehumidifier Small Space Renewable 2+1 Combo

To start with, first, we will go through what dehumidifiers are. As the name clearly suggests, a dehumidifier is responsible for getting rid of all the moisture from the gun safe. It will bring you a truly dry and cool environment. 

Using these will also help you in increasing the weapon’s life and safeguard its quality. But, how can humidity have such a drastic effect on your guns? Keep reading to find out! 

How Moisture Affects Guns?

moistureMoisture is basically water droplets, condensed to form vapour, in the environment. We all know when metal is exposed to water, it starts to corrode and rust. Since guns and numerous other firearms are made from metal, being exposed to humid surroundings for prolonged periods can deteriorate them. 

Every time you open the safe to access something, moisture gets trapped in the safe. And slowly starts to damage firearms, affecting their performance in the process. 

Furthermore, some guns also have a wooden grip. When it comes in contact with humidity, mildew and mold will start to form on the surface. This means, regardless of the material, humidity is not safe for firearms. 

Do you really need it?

Dehumidifiers are perfect for people who keep their valuables locked in the safe for longer periods. It is also a great product for users who have their safe located in rooms that are less accessible on a daily basis. 

You will also need these even if you are living in a dry geographical location. On the contrary, if you open the safe regularly and access its contents, then installing a dehumidifier is not mandatory. 

Desiccant Vs. Electric Dehumidifiers

/Users/msxysarhea/Downloads/Acare Gun Safe DehumidifierNow that we are done discussing why one needs dehumidifiers and should they get it. It is time to check the best option for you and your guns. Always remember there are two main types of dehumidifiers- Desiccant and Electric. 

While both are effective, check out their application and use them to determine which one is ideal for you: 


Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Provided in a wide range of shapes and styles, Desiccant Dehumidifiers do not require any electrical components to operate. These are available in silica gel bead form, for easier use. The functioning of these beads is very similar to a sponge, it can efficiently absorb all the humidity inside the safe. 

If you are shopping on a budget, then these would be perfect for you. However, you must keep in mind that the absorbent properties of these dehumidifiers will decrease over time. Therefore, you might have to make frequent replacements. 

Electric Dehumidifiers 

Electric Dehumidifiers are comparatively better at performing moisture control inside the safe. Their inclusive features have made them a popular option among gun owners and collectors. These are also better dehumidifiers as they do not need frequent replacement. 

Available in multiple forms, they use a heating process to clear out all the excess moisture. Its unique functioning makes them a better option than Desiccant Dehumidifiers. You just have to plug these in. 

The gadget will take complete care of removing all moisture content from the container. Lastly, make sure you measure your vault or safe before purchasing a dehumidifier. This will help you get a better idea of how big the divide can be. 

While electric dehumidifiers are the popular choice for gun owners, a desiccant dehumidifier is better than not having one at all. Consider your budget, the contents of your gun vault, and the size of your vault to help you select which dehumidifier is right for you. You may want to check this learning guide that will answer your question such as what size dehumidifier do I need for my gun safe?

Importance of Location

There are different dehumidifier models and options available in the market. One has to think clearly before making a choice. Based on the type, the placement and use of the device differ as well. Here are few tips on placing it in the right spot: 

  • Silica Gel: You can place these anywhere inside the safe. Their performance and focus areas will not decrease because of their unconventional placement. (1)
  • Rod Style: If you are buying these, then make sure you always place these on the floor of your vault. This gives it the best chance to allow the heat to rise and remove all the moisture from the air. (2)

Furthermore, you must remember, Electric Dehumidifiers need to be plugged in to operate fluently. Most top-grade gun safes have a small hole near the bottom. You can use these to pass the cable through to switch on the dehumidifier. 

Installation Process

Here are 4 easy steps of installing the dehumidifier inside the safe: 

1. Making Arrangements

Rearrange the contents inside the vault to allow proper airflow between the items. 

2. Put the Dehumidifier in

Place your device inside the safe. If you have an Electric Dehumidifier, then detach the cord from the device and place the device inside the safe. Now pass the cable through the provided gap and connect it with the device. 

3. Check Placement

Recheck the placement of the dehumidifier and connection properly. 

4. Switch On

The last and final step would be to switch on the dehumidifier and test whether it’s working. 


Humidity is the biggest enemy of your firearms. Keeping the guns away from moisture is the only way to increase their life and retain performance. This is why gun safes are the best solution to this problem, especially when paired with the right Dehumidifier. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and get yourself a dehumidifier today. 


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