How to Make a Nightstand Gun Safe

While gun safes can be bought from a store some of us prefer to save some money. Don’t worry you’ve got plenty of cost-friendly options to hide your gun in a nightstand gun safe without spending too much. Read on to know how you can make a DIY nightstand gun safe! 

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Making a Nightstand Gun Safe

You could make a DIY gun nightstand gun safe and store your firearms without spending a fortune! The best part is, you won’t need fancy tools to build the gun safe, just a few that you could find in your garage would do. Before you begin the making process, it’s better that you gather all the things you will need to make the nightstand gun safe. We have discussed two methods of building a nightstand gun safe and their checklists! (1)

Method 1: Making a False Bottom Inside the Drawer

a man opening a table drawer
Things you need:
  • Foam Board: You can get a foam board from a local hobby store. 
  • False Bottom: False bottom is designed for deception. You cannot go wrong with it. Visit a local hardwood store and see you can find a wooden plank that matches the color and texture of your nightstand. You could make some alterations to the wood if there are slight differences. 
  • Hot-wire Foam Cutter: Once you’ve bought a false bottom, you would need something to cut it as well. This task would require precision as even a minor misstep would give your hiding spot away. Our main focus here is to deceive the person who opens an innocent-looking drawer. Thus, a hot-wire foam cutter is your one-stop solution to all the cutting needs. It is easy to use and reasonably inexpensive.
  • Black Marker: The outline of the firearms could be drawn on the foam using a black permanent marker or any pen that would be visible on the foam board. 
  • Measuring Tape: Use a measuring tape to compute the depth of the drawer. Then buy a foam board and a false bottom as per the measurements you took. You would be required to leave some depth inside the drawer intact to place other things. This would enhance the disguise you’re working towards. 
  • A Drawer: And of course, you would need a drawer to transform it into a hidden gun safe. You can transform the top-most drawer for quick accessibility. 
How to Make it?
Step 1: 

Draw the outline of the gun or whatever firearms you want to place in the safe on the foam board. Use a black permanent marker to outline the arms for better visibility. Ensure that the design is precisely the same as the firearms since you would fit your firearms inside the cavity of these same outlines. 

Step 2: 

Once you have drawn the outline perfectly, use the hot-wire foam cutter to carve the outline of the gun that you want to place inside. Give it some time and try not to make any mistakes. Progress gradually if this is the first time you’re using the foam cutter. Better be safe than sorry. 

Step 3: 

Remove the foam that you have cut from inside the outline. Put the board on the side for a while. You’d be working on the cushioning of the gun now. Cut the foam that you have just removed from the board, matching the inline of the gun. The neighboring area of the trigger should be given the most attention. Feel free to omit this step if you’re in a hurry.

Step 4: 

Place the gun inside the hollow space that you created with the foam cutter. Place the gun inside its clipped outline and fill the trigger region with the foam piece that you carved out. Shake the foam board to ensure that everything is in place. If you are planning to place other pieces of equipment such as handcuffs,a torch, or other guns, carve the outline of each and place them just like your pistol. 

Step 5: 

Place the entire board, with the guns fitted, inside the nightstand drawer. Now, put the false bottom on top of the foam board. If you have the time and the tools, fix the hinges on one side and a handle on the other for easy access. But you might need to cover those up with something, or the intruders would know that it’s a false bottom. If it’s too much work for you, you could leave the hinges and fix a concealed handle-like thing to open the false bottom and reveal the contents underneath. All done!


Method 2: Fixing a lock

a drawer lock
The thing you need:
  • A store-bought lock: You can buy tiny drawer locks from your local hardware store for a price as menial as $5. 
  • Tools: Tools like bolts, drivers should be gathered beforehand as well. These are the only two things, apart from the nightstand itself, you would be needing! 
How To Make It?

For this method, you could call a professional or do it on your own if you have handyman skills. Fix the store-bought lock on any of the drawers of your nightstand. Ensure that you’ve also bought the matching key to the lock. Place your guns inside the drawer and lock them from outside. You could fix the lock above the handle or at the top-right corner. But don’t make the mistake of placing the lock at far-right in the middle. That is where the drawer side would be located. You may be able to fix the lock there, but you won’t be able to insert the key. Be mindful of this awfully common mistake people make. Voila! You’re all done! 

 This method is largely used by people who want to conceal firearms from kids. If it’s intruders you’re also worried about, the method described before is more effective. In that method, all you need to make sure is that the false bottom you’ve bought matches the characteristics of your nightstand perfectly. If it stands out even a bit, there could be trouble. You can ask your local hardwood guy to do some blotting on an ordinary plank of the false bottom to match it with your nightstand if need be.

And if you’re still looking for more options on how to hide your gun especially when you’re asleep, you may click this learning guide on where to keep your gun when you sleep. Until next time!

(1) DIY –

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