How to Make Your Alexa Device Louder (4 Way Guide)

Need some tips to make your Alexa device louder? If so, today, we will give you four ways to make your Alexa device louder. There are plenty of things that can reduce the Amazon Echos sound. For instance, noisy housework, casual chatting, and listening to music can greatly reduce your Amazon Echo’s volume. 

The Alexa voice command(“Alexa set the volume to 10”) is the most popular method to make the Alexa device louder. Or, If you are using a smartphone, you can open the Alexa app. After that, make the changes using the Echo Device.

1. Use the Alexa Set Volume Voice Command to Increase the Volume

If you are looking for an easy and quick method to make your Amazon Echo device louder, giving a voice command is the best option.

Step 01: First, say Alexato your Amazon Echo.

Step 02: Now, ask Alexa to increase the volume. Say, “set volume to nine” or Alexa set the volume to 90%.

Step 03: After giving the proper command, Alexa will change your device’s volume.

Note: Remember to use the Alexa change volume feature exactly without additional words because Alexa won’t respond to the wrong voice commands.

2. Use Echo Speaker’s Built-In Controls

Controlling the Amazon Echo device’s volume depends on the model. If you own a 1st Generation Amazon Echo Dot or other similar devices, you can adjust the ring to change the volume. If you turn it in a clockwise rotation, the volume of your Echo Dot will be increased.(2)

On the other hand, if you own a 2nd+ Generation Amazon Echo Dot, you can control the volume using the + and – buttons. To increase the volume of your 2nd Gen Echo Dot, click +.


3. Increase the Volume Using the Alexa App

On your Android, iSO, or Fire OS, this method will work perfectly.  

Step 01: Download the Alexa app on your smartphone. Then launch the application.

Step 02: Go to the devices tab. Now select Echo and Alexa, and this option will show you all the Echo and Alexa devices that are connected to your phone.

settings screen

Step 03: After that, select the device you want to increase the volume. Then adjust the slider bar that represents the volume.

alexa app screen

4. Increase the Volume Using External Speakers

Even after using the above three methods, if you feel like the volume is not high enough, purchasing an external speaker set is the best option. It might help you to reach your desired sound levels. (1)

Wrapping Up

If you follow the Alexa change volume feature and the other three methods, you will be able to change the volume of your Alexa device. You can also change the voice actor if you have a particularly hard time understanding Alexa.



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