How to Mount a Nightstand Gun Safe

Gun safes are an excellent way to ensure that your firearms are kept safe, with easy access. The best part is that they now come in the form of the nightstand, which makes it simple to access it if you sense something sinister at the stroke of midnight. And if the nightstand gun safe is mountable, hallelujah! 

But if you’ve just bought yourself a mountable nightstand gun safe, you might find yourself in a pickle in installing it. Read on to know you can mount a nightstand gun safe!

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How to Mount your Nightstand Gun Safe?

a nightstand for gun safe

Knowing how to mount and lock your nightstand gun safe is vital. You want to keep it in plain sight where you can quickly access it in a time of dire need, yet, you don’t want your children to play around with such a gnarly object. Accidents could happen, and none of us want that. 

Not only does mounting the gun safe is important for quick reachability, but moving the safe would also be difficult. In case your house has been attacked by burglars, they won’t be able to shift the location of the safe, and you would be able to reach your gun any time you want. 

The “how-to” aspect of mounting a gun safe depends largely upon the safe you’ve bought. If the gun safe is one of the modern biometric safes, then it won’t be as straightforward as putting the safe on a stand. Mechanical safes have their own needs as well. However, all gun safes have some common requirements and protocols for mounting. Here is the easiest way you can mount your gun safe.

Step 1:

Once you have unboxed your nightstand safe, inspect the unit. Navigate to the anchor holes that might be located at the bottom. Whether it’s a biometric safe or a mechanical one, or practically any type, it will be furnished with anchor holes for installation. 

Step 2:

Ensure that the side table of your bed has the fitting physical properties to have it drilled. The interior needs to be hollow, or at least there should be a cavity at the spot where you plan to mount your gun safe. You’d also need something that is heavy and cannot be easily moved. It should be heavy enough for a single person to move; otherwise, it would negate the whole purpose of mounting your gun safe. You want to quickly reach the gun at the time of dire need in case your house is being attacked by burglars; the immobility to some level would help a lot in a scenario like this. (1)

Step 3: 

Draw an outline of the anchor hole you located on the safe, on the table. Invest some time into deciding just where you want your gun safe to sit. Since it’s a nightstand safe, you want the unit to be as close to you as possible. It should be closer enough that you could touch the lock right from your bed. You could outline with a black permanent marker for clear visibility. Be utterly careful while drawing the outline. One misstep and the whole project would go in tatters. 

Step 4:

Pull out the drilling machine from your toolkit and begin drilling through the outline you just made. This step would need your precise handyman skills. If you believe that you cannot drill the hole perfectly inside the outline, by all means, get professional help. Better safe than sorry. Once the anchor holes have been drilled, clear the area of the dust from over and under. You can use a clean damp towel to brush up the table as well before you begin mounting the gun safe. 

Step 5:

Check the box that the safe was delivered in and find some bolts. Place the bolts in the required location and begin fixing the gun safe on the anchor holes that you just drilled. You could take somebody’s help while carrying out this step for safety reasons. Use a wrench or a piece of similar equipment to tighten the bolts of the safe and fix it completely. Once you’re done, shake the safe a little to see if it is intact and doesn’t move during tremors. Lay on your bed and experiment if you can reach the safe from there. You could move the table itself for better reachability. 

Voila! You’re all done! Your nightstand gun safe is now perfectly sitting on your bedside, all ready to protect you in times of need. To secure your gun safe, you could consider investing in a lock-up as well. If you’re using biometric gun safes, then you won’t need to lock the device using external means; however, traditional safes should be fastened with a lock. 

You could buy yourself an iron chain and a sturdy lock. Wrap the chain around the safe and then engulf your bed inside its grasp. Lock both the ends of the chain with a strong lock and secure the safe beyond any damage. This would protect your firearms from thieves and burglars. Additionally, if you have children running around your home, the safe would be protected from their notorious hands as well. 

Word of Advice


Mounting a gun safe with caution may require a skilled hand. An inept hand could inadequately install the safe, vulnerable to collapse. And we certainly don’t want that with you lying beside it. Installing it sturdily is imperative. Thus, if you believe that your handyman skills are not stark enough to fix the safe in its place perfectly, you could hire a professional carpenter and get the task done in a jiffy. You could then rest easy knowing that the safe was installed by a professional. 


Mounting your nightstand gun safe is the best task you could do. If you’ve decided to keep firearms at home for security, you might want to keep those gnarly things protected from hazardous elements. This may include thieves, children, or guests. Once you’ve mounted the safe, ensure that sufficient measures to keep it locked have been taken. This step-by-step guide to mounting a nightstand gun safe is your one-stop solution to installing the safe perfectly!

And if you’re looking for a learning guide on hiding your gun, you may check here our learning guide on how to hide a small gun safe in a nightstand. Though, you may be thinking about hiding it under your pillow, but is it safe to sleep with a gun under your pillow? Check the link and find out more! Until next time!

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