How to Use a Bug Detector?

All electronic devices in the same area must be turned off to use a bug detector or can also be called an RF detector. But, what is an RF detector? It is a tool that can detect radio frequency signals. You must turn on the device and walk around the room, detecting those places where the frequency or signal is higher as denoted by a light or ringing noise.

Below we mentioned the necessary steps to use a bug detector in detail. But before that, you may want to check the best bug detector in the market this year!

bug detector device

Performing this procedure does not require many tools. People should have the following:

  • Bug detector
  • Camera attachment to detect hidden cameras
  • Electronic devices turned off

Step by step instructions

The following set of steps must be performed to use a bug detector properly.

  • Switch off wireless networks or electronic devices.
  • Switch on and prepare the bug detector 
  • Perform a walkthrough of the entire room
  • Attach the hidden camera attachment
  • Remove the spy device

1. Turn off wireless networks or electronic devices


wifi connectivityThese devices have the same characteristic in common: they are connected through a network over the air. It can be more than enough for interference, and that is why other devices such as conventional telephones are not included. You should turn off each of these devices when performing this procedure.


2. Switch on and prepare the bug detector 

Some devices may incorporate straightforward functionality that does not require any prior configuration. Sometimes a bug detector can be combined with a hidden camera accessory. This accessory should be included if the user wants to detect hidden cameras in a room.

switching on the bug detectorSome wireless networks or signals could interfere with a bug detector’s proper functioning. These not only interfere with this device but can also be the cause of false-positive alerts. Specifically included are the following devices:

  • Routers or devices with wi-fi.
  • Devices with Bluetooth turned on
  • Phone calls from cellular phones
  • Phone calls from cordless phones

This part should not be used when locating any other type of spy device. It could provide errors and inaccurate results. 

Most bug detectors incorporate an antenna that should be extended as far as possible. It is enough to press the power button and start displaying the LED lights that indicate the detected signal’s strength. (1)

3. Perform a tour of the entire room


Performing the walkthrough may require some patience at the beginning to avoid committing the same task twice. The bug detector works similarly to a metal detector. This device’s signal will become stronger as the user gets closer to the spy device they wish to detect. (2)

a man performing bug detector in a roomIt can provide an audible signal or a visual signal through some lights incorporated in its structure. The user should pay attention to this factor at all times. 

An excellent way to find the exact location is to move closer and further away from the possible places where the spy device is hidden. It would be best to consider some familiar places chosen to hide a spy device. Some of these places are as follows.

  • Plants or flower pots
  • Alarm clocks
  • Mirrors or glass
  • Windows
  • Everyday decorative objects
  • Books or libraries
  • A closet full of clothes
  • Top of a door
  • Pens
  • Portraits or decorative pictures

4. Attach the hidden camera accessory


When it comes to finding a hidden camera, it is necessary to use the accessory intended for this purpose. Not all bug detectors include this accessory. The LED lights incorporated should be pointed towards the user. It is the equivalent of the bug detector’s LED lights, which are used to indicate the signal.

hidden camera sensorThe red part for finding hidden cameras should be pointed towards the suspicious spaces. Since a hidden camera is a tiny object, every single area in a room must be considered. It should be aimed at light fixtures, ceiling corners, mirrors, everyday objects, pillows, and other familiar places.

When the user points to the right place, a very prominent red dot will be visible. It clearly and precisely indicates where the spy camera is located. This procedure requires some practice depending on the models and the ease of bug detectors.

5. Remove the spy device


To stop a spy camera, turn off the power supply. The power source can come from a power outlet or a battery.

removing spy devicesIt means that the user only needs to unplug the device when it is a spy watch or similar object. Removing the battery will also be enough to prevent the spy device from operating. It is unnecessary to destroy the device, as removing the power supply is sufficient.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? It is essential to use a bug detector in the right way to keep privacy protected. 

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or share the article if you liked it. No matter where you go, you can use a bug detector to keep your privacy secure.


(1) LED lights –
(2) metal detector –

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