Kevo Gen 1 vs Gen 2 (What You Need To Know – 2021?)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2 site, and reading 100+ customer reviews.

Kevo Gen 1

Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder Deadbolt...
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Starts at $59.02

  • Keyless Entry
  • For Exterior Doors
  • 10-99 Seconds Auto-Lock
  • Electronic Deadbolt


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Kevo Gen 2

Kwikset 99140-131 Signature Series 2nd Gen Round Smart Lock Featuring...
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  • Wireless Connection
  • Can work with Alexa
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • Wireless Encryption


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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


With the advent of the Kwikset Kevo smart lock in 2013, Kwikset greatly modernized and improved door locks. Now that the 2nd generation of the smart lock has arrived, a question has come to every past customer’s mind – which one is better, and is it really worth the upgrade?

Here in this Kevo 1st gen vs 2nd gen review, we’ll dive into our thorough analysis of both Kwikset Kevo smart locks to see which is best.

Kwikset Kevo Lock Gen 1 vs Gen 2

The Kwikset Kevo was the first Bluetooth-enabled smart lock on the market. You can skip the hassle of carrying keys with this lock; simply touch the outer part of the lock to secure or release the Kevo deadbolt. 

Before we dive deeper into this Kevo Gen 1 vs Gen 2 review, let’s look at what the Gen 1 and Gen 2 smart locks have in common.

Kwikset 92640 001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Gen1

Kevo Gen 1

The Gen 1 can be easily installed and has a keyless entry with a 1-touch locking motorized driven deadbolt. It also has an indicator for low battery status.


The original edition was released four years ago and is still available online. The Kevo’s Gen 1 features were so far ahead of their time that the lock still holds its own against the competition today.

Kwikset 99140 131 Signature Series 2nd Gen Round Smart Lock Gen2

Kevo Gen 2

The Gen 2 comes with Home Connect Technology that allows wireless communication to your automation system, including Amazon’s Alexa and the SmartThings Hub.


Kwikset has never stopped upgrading its products, and in August 2016, they released the Kevo Gen 2 with a more appealing design and enhanced security.

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Kevo Gen 1

Kevo Gen 2

Lock Grade

No Grade

2nd Grade




SmartKey Deadbolt

  • Yes
  • Yes

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Kevo Gen 1 vs Gen 2: Similar Features

Kevo Smart Lock

The Touch-To-Open feature is available on both the Kwikset Gen 1 and Gen 2 smart locks, allowing you to lock and unlock a door just by tapping it. The lock uses Bluetooth to link with your device, permitting it to identify when you arrive or depart.

Kevo locks are also capable of determining whether you and your device are inside or outside of your property. If you and your phone are both indoors, Kevo will not unlock if it is touched – unless the person attempting to open Kevo has an eKey.

You may share 25 eKeys with your family, acquaintances, and other guests. EKey recipients will need to download the Kevo app and set up an account to use their invitations. You’ll never miss a visitor with the Kevo app, which keeps track of who enters and exits.

The sole flaw in both the Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2 is that it’s unusable with Apple’s HomeKit. Now, suppose you installed a HomeKit for your home; I recommend looking into the Kwikset Premis or August Smart Lock Pro.

Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2: Variations

Smart Door Lock

While there is a lot to be discussed about their similar features, the Kwikset Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2 also have their differences. Let’s talk about these different features in detail below.


Kwikset has drastically reduced the interior of the Kevo Gen 2. Compared to the Kevo Gen 1 lock, the new one is smaller and sleeker.

  • Kevo Gen 1: 7.4 x 3.25 x 1.75 inches
  • Kevo Gen 2: 5.75 x 2.75 x 2 inches.

When it comes to size, the exterior components of the lock continue to remain the same.


Kevo Installation

The enhanced setup process is the first significant improvement to the Kevo Gen 2. The Kevo in-app user manual provides an interactive installation process by streamlining a step-by-step explanation. The Kevo Gen 2’s hardware is color-coded, so you’ll know which sections and bits to use. (1)

The Kevo Gen 2 also has auto-calibration, which means the lock recognizes where you put your phone and adapts its activation area to provide the best safe configuration.

On the other hand, the Kevo Gen 1 involves manual adjustment, which is time-consuming and complicated. You’ll need to push a calibration toggle on the inside of the Kevo lock, then verify the Touch-to-Open technology from various distances away from the lock.

The calibration is critical because it allows the Kevo lock to determine whether you are inside or outside your home before unlocking the door. If you’re concerned about illegal entry, you should make sure that you appropriately calibrate the Kevo Gen 1 smart lock. Contracting a locksmith to install it is another quick and easy setup alternative.


The Kevo Gen 1 includes a SmartKey Security deadbolt. This system protects from lock picking and lock bumping.

Of course, the latest Kevo Gen 2 also includes advanced SmartKey Security features, which provide safety against unique forced entry approaches.

The Kevo Gen 2 Smart Lock, on the other hand, has a UL 20 minute fire rating and is ANSI Grade 2 accredited, which is the second-highest grade a lock can get. 

The Kwikset Kevo Gen 1 lacks a BHMA rating or a fire rating.


The 1st Gen Kevo Smart Lock has plastic inside, but the 2nd Gen has an all-metal casing. When compared to plastic, the all-metal body of the Kevo Gen 2 looks more attractive. It also improves the Kevo Gen 2 Smart Lock’s lifespan.

Lock Feature

Additional features come with the new generation. Optional 30-second auto-locking is available on the Kevo Gen 2. Switch on dip switch number 4 to enable the clever auto-locking technology. However, keep a watch out for lockouts. When you leave your house, make sure you have your phone or a backup key with you.

Smartphone App

The 2nd Gen Kevo lock reacts to app commands quicker thanks to improved Bluetooth protocol design. However, both Gen 1 and Gen 2 have received a lot of negative feedback due to malfunctions. Time could fast approach till they release a new app version. (2)

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Add-ons

Although manufacturers improved the security and features of both Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2, there may still be some drawbacks to their functions. 

It can be a relief to us to discover that we can purchase additional accessories that can improve our Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock experience. I will have a more profound evaluation below to determine what you get for your money.

Kevo Plus

Kevo Plus

Out-of-Bluetooth-range control is available on all Kwikset Kevo Smart Locks. All you need is the Kevo Plus, a program and a gateway rolled into one. To link the Kevo lock with your home’s WiFi network, insert the gateway into a socket and attach it to your router through an ethernet cord.

Once you set everything up, you’ll be able to get fast alerts whenever the Kevo lock is activated, and you’ll be able to monitor the lock online from anywhere if you have an Internet connection.

Kevo Key Fobs

The Kevo Key Fobs are another option for opening Kevo Gen 1 and Gen 2 locks. The fob is an ideal alternative for guests who do not have access to a smartphone. It has the same Touch-to-Open functionality. You also won’t have to worry about duplicate keys.

The only drawback is that if the fob is lost or stolen, you’ll have to perform a Kevo Smart Lock reset to remove the lost or stolen Kevo fob from your Kevo lock. It will delete all records of granted eKeys, and all associated Kevo fobs. 



Is the Kevo Fob compatible with the Kevo Converter?

It certainly does. Kevo Plus is compatible with Kevo Convert. It also gives you access to Kevo convert as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Take note that it also includes a Bluetooth Gateway.

What is the battery life of a Kevo?

Four AA batteries power the Kevo lock. It should last for around a year, depending on how you use it.

Is Kevo Google Home suitable?

Yes, Google Home recognizes Kevo. Users can utilize voice control to control ARTIK cloud devices.

What devices can I use the kevo lock with

You may access the Kevo smart lock with a metal key or a fob, as well as your smartphone. It can use these devices to start the locking and unlocking process.

Kevo Gen 1 Vs. Gen 2: Which is the Best Option?

The Kwikset Gen 2 is a more advanced version of the Kwikset Gen 1. Collaborative setup, auto-calibration, a more robust housing, additional security against lock bumping and tension threats, and auto-locking are all included in the new version.

Overall, Kwikset Gen 2 outperforms Kwikset Gen 1 in many ways.

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