Lorex vs Night Owl (What You Need To Know – 2022)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Lorex and Night Owl’s sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.

Winner – Lorex

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Our Rating

  • Night Vision
  • HD Quality
  • Equipment options
  • Expensive

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Runner Up – Night Owl

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  • Image Detection
  • Audio Features
  • Night Vision
  • Product Warranty

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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


A security camera is an essential part of any safe environment. It records what goes on in the space, making sure that everything is being captured on film. Security camera brands differ in their features and price points. The more you know about the best security camera brands, the better you can decide on which one will work best for you.

Through hours of testing, we went through and compared the Lorex and night owl suite of products. Lorex and Night Owl are companies that offer wireless systems with an extensive range. At the end of the article, you will be able to choose the best camera for yourself by reviewing its pros and cons.

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The Lorex company is an innovative security technology, serving since 1991, and has become a leader of technology due to its passion and revolution. Its growing fame is due to its efficient team of engineers, technicians, and designers whose vision is to provide the best security solution in the coming years. This company is the first to introduce a Color Night Vision and 4K monitoring system and serves the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


It has a broad range of camera applications, including business security cameras, home cameras, store security, outdoor, thermal, elderly monitoring, vacation property, and pet monitoring cameras. It also comprises HP IP cameras, Analog HD cameras, Wire-Free cameras, and home monitoring systems. It is also bundled with extensive features, including 4K monitoring, detection, floodlight, thermal, vandal-proof, zoom lens, etc. Currently, they are having an annual-fall site-wide sale offering 20% off on the product range.

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Night Owl

Night owl is a company dealing with security cameras and was established in 2009. The company has settled its root in Florida and is best known for its video surveillance systems.


Since its inception, the company has worked hard and has gain popularity, and is continually growing in the world of technology. However, despite its growing importance, it is still not listed amongst the top security organizations. Moreover, its cameras are developed to adjust to any environment with a simple setup experience.

Its products are affordable, user-friendly and are designed and engineered to deliver high-quality to its customers. The products offered by the company are utilized by homeowners, municipal organizations, businesses, federal organizations, dealers, retailers, integrators, and distributors all across the world. The company offers wireless systems, a stand-alone camera, a camera for doorbells, and dome-style devices.

Lorex vs Night Owl: Pros and cons


  • Pros
  • It provides Color Night Vision with long-range
  • Offers HD video quality
  • A wide range of options and equipment are bundled with the product
  • Provides a smooth experience with dome or bullet camera options
  • Cons
  • These are expensive compared to other smart devices available for home security
  • False notifications are generated, making it hard to navigate

Night Owl

  • Pros
  • Its products provide an extra security level
  • It has a rapid image detection technology that mitigates the chances of false recordings
  • Audio-enabled features enable catching up with the voices nearby
  • The camera switches to night vision features if necessary
  • Cons
  • The camera quality of the application is not up to the mark and requires improvement
  • Their product warranty is also limited compared to other products

Compare Lorex vs. Night Owl Features



Night Owl

Item Weight

2 Pounds

11 ounces

Item Dimensions

6.7 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches

6.3 x 3.15 x 3.35 inches

Amazon.com price as of 10/08/2021 at 3:14 p.m. (MT). Read full disclaimer. Offers and availability subject to change.

Lorex vs Night Owl: Face to Face Features

Camera Models

The Night owl camera model includes a wired security system and wireless system, bullet cameras, and dome cameras. Moreover, high-tech cameras are also available with face recognition features.

Lorex includes an IP system, MPX system, and wire-free systems. Its most popular camera model includes a channel security system and bullet camera along with active deterrence systems.

Winner: Lorex


The pricing of Night owl begins from $80 to over $200. A two-cam simple package is purchased at $80, and recorders are separately sold at $150 to $300. While buying a 14-camera NVR costs $1500 or less.

Lorex pricing starts from as low as $50 for an indoor camera model to $130 for an outdoor rugged model. However, an analog camera ranges up to $799.99, and a digital IP camera costs $1549.99.

Winner: Lorex

Video Resolution

The DVR of the night owl supports a resolution of 1080p for video recording, and a 4K Ultra HD video resolution is provided by the cameras of the night owl. Night owl cameras have a field of view of 100 degrees.

Lorex cameras resolution capability lies between 1080p to 4K with a field of view of 140 degrees.

Winner: Lorex

Night Vision

The Night Owl cameras provide a range of 100 feet due to their dominant infrared LEDs to offer a diversified night vision. It shifts to the night mood automatically and is clear enough to visualize the darkest corner.

In Lorex cameras, night vision covers an 85 feet distance with an automatic infrared filter technology aiding in clear and concise night-time film. However, in total darkness, a 60ft distance is covered by the Lorex Camera.

Winner: Night Owl

Frame Rate

The frame rate of a Night owl is adjustable and can be set as one frame per second and also a high rate of 30 frames per second. However, with a low frame rate, the motion is usually choppy or stilted, but less storage is required.

Lorex is able to record 30 frames per second with a high resolution of 1080p resolution. It is considered a real-time movement, ensuring that no important moments are missed.

Winner: Lorex


Lorex offers an extensive range of cameras considering the implication of advanced features and technology. The company offers bullet and dome cameras along with security cameras for indoor and outdoor needs. Additionally, HD MPX and PTZ cameras are also offered by Lorex; about 140 security cameras are available at Lorex.

Night owl has a video doorbell for home automation and a wireless night owl security hub to smartly integrate with other devices. They also offer indoor and outdoor cameras. Its website 40 security cameras.

Winner: Lorex

Trial Period

The stand-alone camera system offered by Lorex provides a 60-day test experience for its customer. By doing so, the customer is satisfied with their purchase and chooses the best product that fits their requirement.

Night owl offers a 30 days trial period, with a complete refund of money with a one-year warranty period.

Winner: Lorex

Internal Storage

Night owl camera works on localized network and therefore does not require internet connections as the footage will be stored on the Micro SD cards and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Moreover, it comes with 1-2 Terabytes storage capacity that can be converted using a USB cable to store. (1)

Lorex has a 32 GB internal memory that can be expanded to 256 GB. Night owl’s capacity is 32 times more compared to the Lorex camera.

Winner: Night Owl

Two-way Communication

Night Owl cameras offer a 2-way audio service that assists in recording sound and enables speaking through the camera towards the other end. It is also compatible with google assistant.

For a Lorex system talking and listening to people on the other side of the camera is convenient. It has a built-in microphone and speaker to enable the functionality of two-way communication.

Winner: Lorex


Installation of Night Owl cameras is usually complex, and therefore expert help is required to conduct the task. However, the complexity varies from device to device; thereby, the installation of a wireless camera is easier compared to a wired one.

Installation of Lorex is easy as the product is designed according to the customer’s desire. The security system follows a do-it-yourself approach. Thus, with the help of a drill, ladder, and screwdriver, you are able to install.

Winner: Lorex

Mobile Application

Night Owl Security provides access to the live feed by downloading the mobile application and using it anywhere. thus, the night owl app is effective in accessing any movement. (2)

Lorex Mobile apps allow you to remotely access the camera system from a tablet or smartphone. 

Winner: Lorex

Lorex vs Night Owl: Stand Out Features

Night Owl Remarkable Features

Smart Home Options: Night Owl is considered a part of the Goggle ecosystem enabling a smart home approach. By this feature, a person is able to sync the Night Owl security systems with any device to be able to monitor the movements into or out of the home or business. A person can use Google to command the camera to arm at night by delivering a voice note.

Night Vision: The Night Owl Camera provides the quality a person craves. With its 4K Ultra HD camera providing 3840 × 2160 pixels stunning quality. These pixels are four times more enhanced compared to the 1080p cameras used for security purposes.

With the aid of better clarity, threats can be detected with high precision, and minute details could be intricated. Thus, this camera brings peace of mind due to its full-color video option in a low-light setup. Night Owl has an L2 Color boost technology that enables capturing of colored details despite darkness all around.

Dual-Sensor Technology: The innovative technology offered by Night owl enables infrared and visual detection. The built-in system records only when necessary to save the hard drive space and alarms only when things look dangerous. It also has a real-time motion sensor that receives signals when the device receives heat and motion sensation together in the particular area using patented technology.

Vandal Proof Camera Mounting: The Ultra HD wired cameras are mounted using the 3-axis vandal-proof bracket. To protect the cameras from the exposure of potential intruders, the cables flow directly between the centers of the bracket into the ceiling or wall. They also provide a wide angle of 80 degrees providing a larger area view for the owner of the home and business.

Lorex Remarkable Features:

Active Deterrence:  Lorex Cameras are an increasingly active form of security camera used to protect property. The camera has a bright LED light that is customized to be kept on always or being activated manually when a motion is sensed. A strobe light setting can be selected, which stresses the intruders and protects your home and business. Moreover, the camera also has a remote-triggered siren that is aimed to cut the path of the trespassers in their tracks. When a movement is detected within the sensor range, the system sends signals to the mobile application, and you will be able to deter the crime by sending an intruder alert.

Outdoor Approved: Lorex Camera is durable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed and manufactured to withhold any temperature range. Therefore, these cameras are reliable in all seasons as their monitoring functions never stop. It can effectively work at 131-degrees Fahrenheit or 55 degrees Centigrade. Considering the cold temperature, the camera works at -40 degrees and also has an IP67 water rating.

Smart IR Imaging Technology: Considering the ambient light, the Lorex Camera offers a clear vision up to 90 feet in complete darkness. The Noise Reduction and Imaging technology enable the performance in low light. The camera also possesses infrared filters that switch on and off, enabling perfect color reproduction.

Other Products: Lorex vs Night Owl

Lorex 2K WiFi Doorbell Camera, Home Surveillance Wired Video Doorbell,...
  • 2K Video Doorbell Camera - With 2K resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio and 164 degree viewing angle for clear video quality and HDR
  • Two-Way Talk - Greet visitors from anywhere by speaking directly through the doorbell, record custom messages, or using quick responses
Lorex 5MP Super HD Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Add-On Analog Bullet...
  • 5MP WEATHERPROOF CAMERAS - Each 5MP security camera provides clear video resolution. The wide 98-degree field of view allows you to cover large areas.
  • COLOR NIGHT VISION – Keep your family and possessions safe. Equipped with infrared LEDs, these cameras provide clear, colored video quality with IR night vision for up to 135ft, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black and white.
Night Owl AC Powered 1080p HD Wi-Fi IP Indoor/Outdoor Camera with 100 ft....
  • AC POWERED Wi-Fi IP SPOTLIGHT CAMERA: Move the camera as your coverage needs change
  • OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA: This Wi-Fi camera is for indoor and outdoor use
Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub, White...
  • 1 x 4 Channel 1080p HD NVR with pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive.
  • 4 x 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Cameras.

The Bottom Line

Considering the features of both the camera, that is, Lorex and Night owl, Lorex takes the victory as it excels in every field. Though Night owl has developed several features that the Lorex camera embeds, but the quality and services still require improvement and innovation.

Hence, if you are looking for the right choice for your home and business security, Lorex should be your immediate choice.


(1) Internal Storage – https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/112951/two-types-of-internal-storage-what-is-the-difference
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Written by

John Fox

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John Fox has been working as a security consultant for over 20 years. During his time in the industry, he’s learned about what it takes to ensure your home and family are always safe. With Safe Now, he’s tried to take those two decades of experience and share it with others. His goal now is to help others figure out how to make the right choices for their businesses and families.