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The rise of civil unrest paves the way for the increase in security threats. Whether we admit it or not, there’s always that risk of having your home broken into at any point in time, and it’s still better to be well equipped when that time comes.

Securing your home should never be taken lightly. Whether through the conventional lock and key system or the use of state-of-the-art smart devices, it shouldn’t be seen as an exaggeration whenever we take extensive measures in protecting our home.

If you want a better picture, a study by the FBI in the United States showed that in 13 years, 30% of active shooter incidents occurred in privates homes and some other public spaces. This number may not be that significant; some may even say that it would mean much less considering it didn’t occur solely in private homes, but why risk it? If there was a way to diminish that number entirely, wouldn’t you want to take it?

Editor’s Note: Are you looking for a good combination lock? Here is a guide on the best combination lock for 2020 as we reviewed each quality door that you must know today. 

Best Choice

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock...

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1. Ultraloq UL3 : An Excellent Lock for Your Outdoor Gate

The Ultraloq UL3 has a 3-in-1 Flexibility Entry either via fingerprint, a touch to wake up the numeric keypad, or a strategically placed mechanical keyhole. These give you more ways than one to open your doors, and yet all are tailor-fit to a personal level that would require extensive unlocking measures should an intruder attempt to break in. 

The intuitive OLED display lets you manage the users who’d be given or removed entry access, even assisting you through the entire process. Zinc Alloy makes up its body, which makes its being water and dustproof a good fit as both an indoor and outdoor lock. With a battery life of 8,000 access times, it would be a while before you need to worry about running out of power, which would be prompted by a smartphone app.

You could also control the three locking modes via the app – the Auto Lock, Lockout, and Passage mode making the security of every area in and out of the house more convenient to access. The Auto lock function works 5 seconds after a door is closed in its default settings, but it could be adjusted via the app or the lock itself. 

When pressed, the device has a button that not only enables or disables the Auto Lock function but also activates Passage Mode. Any authentication won’t be necessary when a door is in this mode. You can find the Lockout mode in the app as well – this disables all unlocking features except for the keypad, and it is only through punching in the code that you’d be able to enable the others back.

The installation wouldn’t be a problem either, given that it doesn’t require drilling and wiring for single borehole doors.

  • The 3-in-1 flexibility entry makes initial access to a gate lock quite tricky to achieve.
  • The OLED assistance lessens the hassle of going through manuals, which, let’s admit, is something we would all appreciate.
  • Zinc Alloy body makes for a sturdy lock for outdoor gates, so fewer worries on the possibilities of immediate wear and tear.
  • The fingerprint scanner tends to malfunction, so you would always have to bear in mind your password.
  • It’s not a deadbolt, therefore adding yet another expense should you wish to have both door lock and deadbolt.
  • The position of the keyhole, in the event intruders, discover this might be compromising the entire point of the lock.
ZKTeco Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock...

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2. ZKTeco ML10: For Your Rooms Inside the House

The ZKTeco ML10 is a smart lock that uses an Advanced Electronic Biometric Fingerprint lock. It works appropriately as an indoor lock, since carrying keys around the house to get in and out of rooms isn’t exactly the most sensible and practical thing. 

Its sleek and compact design makes it an excellent choice for indoor locks since it wouldn’t be much of an aesthetic distraction to the house. ZKTeco ML10 uses 4 Alkaline AA batteries that could go up to 8,000 times of access, and an alarm triggers when the power is almost out. You could either change the batteries or charge it externally with a 9V External Battery by then.

This lock is DIY friendly, and along with its standard mortise design, it removes what could’ve been an added installation expense on your end. The process itself wouldn’t be a problem either since they’d give you an instructional video you could follow throughout the process. 

ZKTeco also gives out a 2-year limited warranty – something that eases the anxiety over unprecedented repurchases and a hotline already posted for any queries on their product.

  • Its sleek and compact design of this smart lock wouldn’t ruin the overall look of a house, which is a factor we consider, whether or not we admit it.
  • This lock has a standard mortise, therefore fewer adaptability issues.
  • The Advanced Fingerprint Technology limits accessing rooms to only its recognized fingerprints.
  • The design limits its flexibility to being just an indoor door lock, so that adds to the list of things to keep track of in your security system instead of having the one app for all setup.
  • While this door lock ensures the privacy in all the places installed with it, it isn’t precisely guest friendly – guests would most likely be having a hard time going in and out of rooms unless you input their print in every single door.
  • Like the Ultraloq UL3, the keyhole might compromise the security this lock supposedly offers.
Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700 New Version of SAMSUNG SHS-5230 Digital Door...

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3. SAMSUNG SHS-H700: Ideal Smart Lock for Outdoor Entry Door

Samsung comes in with its line of smart locks beginning with the SAMSUNG SHS-H700. The lock comes with 2-way access (fingerprint or through the numeric keypad), and a mechanical override key for emergencies. What makes this smart lock stand out is that it has four extra features than your usual specs – Away and Silent mode, a Randomizer, and a Prank Warning System.

Away Mode is something you activate for when you’re frequently out of the house, or when you’d be away for an extended period. Any attempts at breaking from doors and windows other than the ones with smart locks would trigger the alarm. The Silent Mode works best when you have kids or when you want to avoid causing a ruckus whenever you open the door. It lets you adjust the volume of the melody being played or mute it when you enter. 

The Randomizer serves as a diversion for this smart lock – it enables you to punch in two random numbers before you start encoding the actual access code, avoiding intruders from seeing traces from your fingerprints. This feature comes hand in hand with the Prank Warning System. If you input an incorrect password consecutively for five times, the lock triggers a warning and automatically disables key authentication for three minutes.

  • The Away Mode sets this apart from the first two smart locks because this makes for an intrusion alert feature.
  • The Randomizer and Prank Warning system add an extra layer of security in a single device; therefore, the accessories to keep track of are lessened.
  • Silent Mode increases this smart lock’s convenience, as you wouldn’t worry about waking people whenever you open the door.
  • No app connectivity – this makes the entire syncing for a smart home security system more challenging.
  • There’s no led indicator for remaining battery life, and the power might run out while you’re not home.
  • The dimensions of this smart lock could be a problem for doors that have already been pre-drilled.
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4. Samsung SHS-1321: Best Deadbolt Door Lock

Another smart lock released by Samsung, the Samsung SHS-1321, is a rim type lock that uses a Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) card or tag along with the code to gain access to your home. 

This double authentication, coupled with its automatic locking mechanism a few seconds after a door is closed, sets this smart lock apart from the products we have in this list. It has a manual deadbolt type of lock on installed on the inner door as well, adding yet another layer of protection and making it an excellent choice for your lock on outdoor gates. 

The device, just like the SHS-700, also has the Away and Silent Mode, the Randomizer, and the Prank Warning system, which makes this smart lock a few steps ahead of the others in this list. We also have to recognize its design – since it doesn’t include a doorknob, this calls for fewer installation issues.

  • With the RFID tags being a necessity with the password, this smart lock all the more limits the number of people who could gain access into any area, making this efficient even as a lock for your outdoor gate.
  • The design as a whole lets you lessen the chances of throwing outdoor locks – you’re merely adding this extra layer on top of your already installed system.
  • The imperative double authentication might cause a problem since the RFID tag is something you could easily misplace.
  • Just like the SHS-H700, this lock has no app connectivity, so this device becomes an addition to the list of things to remember.
Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock, Fingerprint with Small...

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5. Samsung SHS-H705-FMK: Smart Lock for Your Garage Door

Last but not least, the Samsung SHS-H705-FMK offers an efficient replacement to your usual two-piece deadbolt and doorknob system. It combines SHS-H700’s doorknob that comes with a manual override from the inside with SHS-1321’s double authentication feature, this time using your fingerprint and password to gain access. 

This smart lock’s total reaction time from the moment you input your password and fingerprint is a lot faster than you put in a key. Its doorknob comes with a child-lock, along with the auto-lock feature that activates a few seconds after the door closes, assuring the safety and security of your young ones. Like the SHS-H700 and the SHS-1321, this smart lock also comes with Away and Silent mode, the Randomizer, and Prank Warning System.

The last element you might want to consider is the Fire Warning, where the thermal sensor sets the alarm off when the temperature reaches a certain degree. All these features combined already gives it an advantage in comparison to the SHS-H700.

  • Its sleek design, combined with its overall functionality, makes it an excellent outdoor lock.
  • This smart lock takes the best features of the SHS-H700 and SHS-1321 and combines it in a single device. With the two-factor authentication not needing an RFID tag, you wouldn’t need to worry about losing your card now and then.
  • The child lock feature makes all the difference, especially in young households, for not only does it avoid break-ins, but it also prevents breakouts.
  • The interface isn’t very user friendly, which could be a turn off for us less techie citizens.
  • Its Mortise feature may cause adaptability issues for some doors, so you have to check your door’s dimensions before purchasing this smart lock.
  • The plastic parts of the door are prone to breakage.

How to Pick the Best Door Locks for your Home

Home Security Measures Over the years

Hotel electronic lock card

The continuous rise of crime rates has made people more vigilant in covering their bases, beginning with their homes. From hiring door shakers who shake your doors to make sure they were locked, we’ve moved to more efficient measures over time – from door locks and deadbolts to having a remote control you bring around. Voice-activated locks have also dominated the market, as well as having a fingerprint padlock for an added layer of stringency. Intruders have become smarter nowadays, though, along with the advancements you could make in protecting your home, so did their creativity to adapt.

As technology finds a way to sync all your devices within the comfort of a single app, thieves have also become more creative with how they infiltrate your homes. Hacking has become widespread along with the rise of smart home systems, and these instances have created a cause for reconsideration for people who have yet to see its benefits. While this could get frustrating as you move forward, there is always a technique to end up being one step ahead of them. Researching the factors to consider at the beginning of this process might become overwhelming, but starting with the basics is a gateway to having an active layer of protection.

What are Smart Locks

an image of a person who opens his door with his smartphone because his door uses an outdoor smart lock

The harder to break the gate locks, the harder it is to gain access, therefore decreasing the chances of an actual break-in. This running risk for security threats is where smart locks become the star of the show. Smart locks are, in its most literal definition, locks that you use for your gates that let you gain access wirelessly via wi-fi, a keypad, smart home devices, voice control, or even fingerprint. 


Smart locks usually come hand in hand with a smart home system, wherein the user has access to control devices in the house like the lights, the thermostat, and even their locks through a tablet or smartphone via wi-fi connection. An example of this is Z Wave, where all your devices are connected to one standard radio frequency that lets you control them wherever you are as long as you have the app and an internet connection. Home appliances, including the locks of your house, are synced in one hub that relays the commands it gets from you, anytime, anywhere.

Outdoor Smart Locks

Door Smart Locks

Adding layers of protection should begin from the outside and work its way into your home. Outdoor smart locks are made to strengthen the security of your gate lock and have control of it within the palm of your hands. Built with materials like stainless steel and solid metal, they are more resistant and adaptable to constant weather changes. They are activated in various ways, most of them through wireless connectivity. These types of locks are best installed as gate locks because of their stability.

Mighty Mule is one of the household names when it comes to automated home safety systems. The company offers an array of products that ensure your security – from smart gates to driveway alarm systems. Wireless transmitters are connected to your gates or garage doors, and you will be able to access them through a smartphone app as long you’re connected via wi fi or any internet connection. As if those features weren’t enough, Mighty Mule’s products are D-I-Y friendly, which many would prefer to do than spend extra for installation.

A Smart Home is the kind of system that lets you safeguard your house from the get-go. Having a solid first line of defense arms your house from actual break-ins, and in the unfortunate event of one, gives you more time to prepare yourself and your family. The range of security levels each device offers is endless, giving you a ton of options to choose from and most likely a headache from all the confusion. But no need to panic, we are here to narrow down the smart locks that could be the best fit for your home.

Wrap Up

These are just a few of the most reliable ones so far, but there are tons more out there that might be a better fit for your home’s needs. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, creating an efficient Home Security System would entail a lot of research, which could be overwhelming. Start with the basics, but don’t assume that whatever you find would always be the best solution. By asking for an expert’s opinion on what would make a more suitable system for your home, this also leaves you with insight as to what you can and should do to secure your home and everyone in it effectively.

Ensuring a home’s safety isn’t a one-person job. In this fast-paced world, we tend to get complacent with the little things the especially with things that have become a part of a routine. Technology has given us a way to make sure that we don’t look past these little things, and now we simply have to open our phones to push a button. Intruders and hackers would always be lurking, waiting for the right moment to pounce; let’s not give them that chance by covering our bases well and educate ourselves every day. The idea of getting hacked is indeed terrifying. Still, it is in making a conscious effort to avoid the risk of leaving our supposed sanctuary free for all unwanted visitors.

Protecting your home is indeed a daunting task, but the rewards would outweigh the troubles. Your prized possessions, but more importantly, your life’s worth, pales in comparison to the hassles of putting the entire an entire security system up.