Schlage Sense vs Connect (What You Need To Know – 2021?)

Getting a smart lock is becoming more popular because people hate carrying bulky keys. Keys are heavy and bulky and are easily replaced by the beauty of smart locks. The Schlage sense and connect model are an excellent choice to improve your front door security. Schlage has been working 95 years in delivering the best quality smart locks and Connect is no slouch in the market either. A detailed comparison of the Schlage Sense and the Connect including us choosing the best solution for you will be provided below so stay with us.

Schlage is one of the most popular lock brands in the US. Since its establishment in 1920, Schlage has consistently been producing secure and sturdy locks for both consumer and commercial use and has established itself as one of the most reliable lock brands in the US. Schlage has also been one of the leading companies supporting the development of next-generation smart locks. Many ingenious innovations in the smart lock industry can be accredited to Schlage. But, how secure are smart locks? Definitely, it’s secure! So, let’s dive into the specifics of these two leading smart lock products of Schlage, shall we?

SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN...


Material: Metal
Finish Type: Satin Nickel
Item Dimensions: 4.5 x 3 x 8 inches

The Schlage Sense is one of the sturdiest smart locks you can find, the built of this thing is enough to intimidate a burglar. It’s made of steel and comes in three finishes. Schlage Sense also has a built-in alarm system that goes off if there is an attempt to break in.

Schlage can be paired with Apple Homekit and can be controlled with iOS-based devices. It’s not compatible with smart home devices other than those made by Apple, however. Schlage Sense is WiFi-enabled and can be locked/unlocked remotely from anywhere. However, this feature requires a Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter which is sold separately.

The Schlage Sense allows you to store up to 30 different codes. These codes can be assigned to different people and their usage history can be viewed on your phone. The usage history is a log of what people came in based on which code was used to unlock the door. And this feature is not limited to iOS devices, Android devices are just as compatible.

The Schlage Sense can fit doors of thickness range 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”. This range can be extended with a thick door kit from 1-7/8” to up to 2-1/4”.


  • Different codes can be assigned to each family member and other visitors. Up to 30 different codes can be assigned to different people.
  • Can be locked and unlocked remotely via WiFi.
  • Assigned codes can be managed and temporarily usable codes can be assigned.
  • History of locking and unlocking is created and stored which can be viewed on any device.


  • WiFi adapter is sold separately.
  • Is not compatible with most smart home devices.
  • The key option may make the lock vulnerable against expert lock pickers.  

SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with alarm with Camelot Trim...


Material: Metal
Finish Type: Satin Nickel
Item Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 1 inches

The Schlage Connect looks remarkably similar to the Schlage Sense. Although the Schlage Connect has a lot of features in common with the Schlage Sense, there are some major differences between the two that may make you choose one over the other.

Schlage Connects with Amazon Alexa. This integration does, however, require a hub that is sold separately. The touchscreen is quite durable against physical attacks and the screen has a matte finish that keeps you from leaving fingerprints. Any fingerprints left can allow an intruder to guess the code otherwise. The Schlage Connect can also be unlocked with a smartphone using your app. This feature is particularly useful for the pandemic since different people touching the screen may leave the virus, among other germs.  


  • It has wide access to design and style from traditional to contemporary.
  • It works well with smart home hubs and ensures security via alarm, Vivint, and more.
  • The length of the pin code can be chosen by the user. It can be as small as 4 digits and as long as 8 digits. 
  • Ease of installation


  • Without a smart home hub, the device is just a lock with codes. You won’t be able to monitor or lock the door remotely.
  • It only works well with sense locks and encodes. It does not work with the Schlage home app.

Schlage Sense vs Connect: Feature Face-Off


The Schlage Connect has a brushed steel-like finishing. Its black and blue keypad is an eye-catching feature for some, while others consider it as a big turn-off. The keys are not appealing to the people who like a minimalistic style. Whereas those who are more geared toward technological products usually prefer such color and prefer it as a personality marker.

The Sense is a high-end product with two finishes, one is Camelot, and the other is CenturyCentury, similar to the Schlage connect. The Camelot provides a more refined look to the smart lock device. In addition, its fingerprint resisting keyboard has replaced the old dusted entry pads. The Camelot design is of satin nickel finish or aged bronze, whereas the CenturyCentury comes in black or satin nickel.

Winner: Schlage Sense


The Schlage Connect is compatible with Z-wave technology and therefore easily connects with your house alarm system. With the aid of Z-wave, all devices residing within the network are able to communicate with each other creating a smart meshed-like home system. For example, when you unlock the door, the Z-wave can turn on your lightbulbs as well before you enter the house.

The Schlage sense provides connectivity with Schlage sense Wi-Fi adapters and Z-wave technology.  In addition, the device cannot be connected to android phones and are only compatible with the iOS operating system. Its strong connectivity can be demonstrated by its Siri feature. You can ask Siri to open the door for you. (1)

Winner: Schlage Connect


The Schlage Connect is easy to install if you are comfortable using a screwdriver. Just roll it around, and you are all set to secure your home. Initially, install the latch of the smart lock and then slide the keypad onto the outside portion of the door. Now look for the two long bolts and screw them together to provide support. Insert four AA batteries, connect it with the tray, and you’re done!

To install the Schlage sense, you will require a flat screwdriver, hammer, woodblock, tape measure, and pencil. Next, check the door dimension, install the bolt, change the faceplate, stroke the frame, assemble the touchscreen, connect cables and then add batteries. The installation process is quite similar because both belong to the same manufacturing company.

Winner: Schlage Sense


In regards to the connect. For entering the user code, you just need to enter the programming interface, add the code you like, wait for two beeps and blinks, and the code is added. This programming interface is protected via programming code. Remember to keep this code hidden.

The programming of Schlage sense is different; it uses a mobile app or connects with the Apple home kit. If you use a mobile app, the existing codes will be deleted. If using a manual method of programming, check the green tick mark and the red X mark. The programming indicator is solid when the programming function is undertaken. (2)

Winner: Schlage Sense


The price of the Z wave connect Camelot is $249.99

The price of the Sense deadbolt with Camelot is $197.67, whereas the price of the CenturyCentury is $173.74.

Winner: Schlage Sense


Schlage is one of the leading brands that offer the best security solution. Its Connect device has bank-grade encryption that protects your private property from an intruder who hacks such devices. The cyber-attacks are thus prevented with this encryption.

The Sense has a fingerprint-resistant finish and an anti-pick shield that protects the device to detect marks when entering the code. In addition, to enhance the security system, a built-in 90 dB siren is embedded in the device that is triggered when someone attempts to break into the house.

Winner: Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense vs Connect: Stand Out Features

Remarkable Features of Sense

Works Remotely: If you have an Apple TV or iPad at home and you are within a 40 feet distance, you can remotely control the lock. The iPad will serve as the lock’s hub. A Wi-Fi adapter can replace this function, just in case you don’t have the home kit hub. By installing the Wi-Fi adapter, the lock can be controlled by using the Schlage Sense app, and a connection can be developed to Siri providing audio adaptability. This is a big deal; Apple usually does not provide compatibility with other gadgets due to security reasons.

4-Digit Code: The 4-digit access code is easy to use. For further convenience, the lock can be paired to your mobile phone via Bluetooth connectivity, and unlocking at the palm of your hand could be accessed. It can also program 30 codes to share with trusted family or friends.

Virtual Keys: When you have a guest nearby and your phone is within the Bluetooth range, you can ask your guest to turn their Bluetooth on, and they will be able to use the Schlage sense app to unlock the deadbolt. Even if your guest does not have access to a smartphone, a unique access code can be provided to unlock the door via touchscreen.  

Remarkable Features of Connect

Third-Party Hub: This device can only work remotely when it is connected to a third party. The third party can be anything that is a Wink Hub, Smart things, and Vera. A Wi-Fi adapter is not suitable for this lock system. This means that the Connect lock is not under the control of an application but is compatible with smart devices. However, you can monitor the movement via the application. (3)

Sensor Detection: This device comes with a remarkable sensor that detects the most distinct vibration near the door. If the door is moving, a shrill alarm is beeped. This is a highly important security feature of this device protecting intruders from entering the house. Tracking of when the door was locked and unlocked can be witnessed via the mobile application. A low battery notification is also provided before so that you don’t hassle when entering the house due to the power being off.

Auto-Lock Feature: A door using the Schlage Connect can be locked in two ways, either manually or with the auto-lock feature by which the door automatically locks after 30 seconds.

You may want to check more home security hacks here aside from getting a smart lock that’s best for your home or office. 

Other Products: Schlage Sense vs Connect

SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt With Century Trim (Matte Black)
  • Works with Schlage Sense app for Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Use with 1-3/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. door
SCHLAGE BR400 Sense Wi-Fi Adapter (2.4GHz WiFi Only) | Works With SCHLAGE...
  • Works with Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt only (Does not work with Apple HomeKit, Schlage Encode, or Schlage Connect)
  • Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter requires a 2. 4GHz network
SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 716 SCHLAGE Connect Smart Deadbolt With Alarm Inbuilt...
  • Pair with a Z Wave smart home or security system like Samsung SmartThings or Ring Alarm to lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Hands free voice control requires Z Wave smart home system and compatible voice assistant; Alexa device (sold separately)
SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN...
  • Hands-free voice control requires Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter and Alexa device (sold individually)
  • Free iOS and Android smartphone app lets you manage codes, set schedules and view usage history


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