SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint (What You Need To Know – 2022)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying SimpliSafe and Frontpoint sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.


SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7...
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Starts at $143.99

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Signal Burst Technology
  • 24-Hour Battery
  • 3-Year Warranty


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Frontpoint Wireless/Cellular Home Security System - Standard Package
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Starts at Price not available

  • 100% Wireless
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Interactive Features
  • Receive Emergency Response


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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


Looking at buying a SimpliSafe or Frontpoint device? Which home security system is best for you? We break down the differences to decide which one is right for you.

Simplisafe and Frontpoint are both considered some of the biggest names in home security systems. They differ in price, monitoring options, and contracts.

Quick Summary

Best choose SimpliSafe if you like the following features:

  • Simple Installation
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Inexpensive – professional monitoring monthly charges are less than $15.

Best choose Frontpoint if you like the following features:

  • Highly Rated App
  • Remarkable Customer support service
SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System


The SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System has a 5-piece system with professional monitoring and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


SimpliSafe Pros and Cons

When considering Simplisafe and Frontpoint, you need to consider several benefits and drawbacks. For your consideration, the pros and cons of Simplisafe are stated below:

Pros for SimpliSafe:

  • They have no long-term contracts
  • The cameras are stylish in design
  • It provides a 2-month money-back guarantee
  • These don’t require an expensive monitoring installation
  • It provides a choice to connect with multiple systems
  • These cameras don’t necessitate a need for smartphone apps
  • The usage is easy and convenient when dealing with these cameras
  • They function and operate normally without a Wi-Fi or power source  

Cons for SimpliSafe:

  • These cameras are not good for outdoor purposes
  • These have limited smart home integration
  • To facilitate smart home integration and home control, it requires a monthly subscription
  • They do not provide compatibility between new and old components
Frontpoint WirelessCellular Home Security System 1


The ADT Wireless Home Security System is a 6-piece DIY system. It has professional monitoring, and you can enjoy it with no contract. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


Frontpoint Pros and Cons

When choosing between Simplisafe and Frontpoint, there are several Pros and Cons you should be considering. The pros and Cons of Simplisafe are mentioned below:

Pros for Frontpoint:

  • Starting packages are not too expensive
  • Easy and simple installation procedure
  • Compatible with Z-wave smart home
  • Wide range of home security sensors
  • Great customer service

Cons for Frontpoint:

  • These don’t provide self-monitoring
  • The monthly monitoring plans are expensive

The equipment packages and monitoring packages of Frontpoint are too costly than the Simplisafe. However, Frontpoint is flexible when working with Z-Wave, an open platform. Thus, having the ability to not indulge in only a company’s equipment. However, they have limited home automation options.   

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Number of Pieces

5-Piece System

10-Piece System

Entry Sensor



Motion Sensor

  • Yes
  • Yes

Works with Alexa

  • Yes
  • No

Info current as of 10/08/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint: Equipment

SimpliSafe and Frontpoint provide you with multiple packages and simple installation procedures. The great feature of both the security cameras is to offer the possibility of a build your own system.

The package box for both the companies offers a separate base, a keypad, three window/door sensors. When choosing SimpliSafe’s eight-piece package, it has a smoke detector, a push-button arm and a disarm key fob, and a motion sensor costing $ 374.

In contrast, Frontpoints nine-piece package has an indoor camera, three window/door sensors, a motion sensor, a doorbell camera, and a smoke sensor costing $633.92.

SimpliSafe and Frontpoint offer you carbon monoxide and smoke sensors, flood and temperature detectors, a panic button, and a glass break sensor. (1)

When choosing between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, Frontpoint offers more security equipment’s involving a tilt sensor for the garage door and a touch screen controller or a keypad.

Moreover, Frontpoint works with the Z-wave platform to integrate smart lights, locks, and smart thermostats. SimpliSafe has no smart thermostats or smart lights, containing only its smart door lock.

Distinguishing between the two, Frontpoint comprises two indoor cameras for $69.99. At the same time, Simplisafe comprises one indoor camera for $ 99 and a video doorbell for $169. These cameras have 1080p HD resolution.

SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint: Monitoring

Simplisafe and Frontpoint work through professional monitoring, giving you the ease to monitor 24/7 with cellular backup feasibility.

However, Simplisafe offers an option of self-monitoring. When talking about monitoring, a lot of esoteric features can be combined; below are all the features offered regarding both Simplisafe and Frontpoint:

Winner: Tie

Automated System Checks

System Checks are offered by Frontpoint by ensuring the home security system automatically with hourly assessments, while Simplisafe doesn’t offer you an automated monitoring system check.

Winner: Frontpoint provides automated system checks

Secret Alarms

Only Simplisafe offers remote alarms that will notify you without any sound system. These offer secret or hidden alerts, useful if any safe or liquor cabinet is triggered.  

Winner: SimpliSafe, provides secret alarms

Exclusive User Codes

Frontpoint systems allow access by multiple users to a Frontpoint account. These systems offer you unique codes to access others in your account.

Winner: Frontpoint provides user codes  

Tested Video Alarms

Simplisafe interactive plan offers you verified and tested video Alarms. These cameras start recording and send a minute clip to the monitoring center when an alarm is generated. Here the monitoring team confirms whether it was a crime and a need to inform or call the police for any emergency case. These videos work as evidence sent directly to the monitoring team to encounter a quick response.

Winner: SimpliSafe, delivers tested video alarms

History for Sensors

Frontpoint lets you view footage and check the timeline for your sensors’ history, while SimpliSafe doesn’t have this feature.

Winner: Frontpoint allows you to view the history

Trigger Alerts for Motion Detection 

You can get this feature under the Frontpoint plan of motion-triggered alerts. They provide you with images and clips when any motion is detected on the camera. It gives the best way to ensure security without even logging in to the app provided by Frontpoint.

Winner: Frontpoint sends you alerts for motion detection

Crash and Smash Protection

Frontpoint only provides crash and smash protection when choosing a package plan. As soon as the control panel is smashed, the professional monitoring team has crashed and smash protection, while SimpliSafe doesn’t have this feature.

Winner: Frontpoint provides cash and smash protection

Geo-location Services

This feature is available in Frontpoint plans that allow users to track the location of their family members by connecting cell phones with the Frontpoint system. This feature seems less important as many smartphones nowadays have built-in location services. However, the feature can benefit someone who doesn’t have a smartphone and requires tracking. The feature is only available in Frontpoint and not in Simplisafe systems.

Winner: Frontpoint provides geo-location services  

SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint: Comparative Features    

Originated in 2007, Frontpoint has gained a reputation by providing you with the best customer service. They have built a top reputation in the DIY alarm security system market.

Whereas, SimpliSafe, originated by Chad Laurans, has initiated an approach for simple DIY home security for you at an affordable price. Though, they are much more inactive and contain negative feedback from customers than the Frontpoint systems. Presently, SimpliSafe is offering only one camera with a subscription option for monitoring and advancement of features; features include integrating with smart home devices and remote operation. 

Simplisafe is less costly than Frontpoint monitoring plans and equipment packages. However, it does not offer more flexibility and expandability than the Frontpoint, as third-party equipment cannot be used.

Frontpoint has:

  • 1080p HD
  • 140-degree field of view
  • 8X Digital zoom
  • Color Night vision
  • Rechargeable Battery

SimpliSafe has:

  • 1080p HD
  • 180-degree field of view
  • Digital PTZ
  • 15-Foot Night vision
  • Free Cloud Storage


Simplisafe and Frontpoint are well-reputed and have maintained a great rating. These have provided you with quality services for years.

Frontpoint and Simplisafe maintain an A+ BBB rating.  Frontpoint has been in the field of serving best for 8 years, while Simplisafe has been in the market for 10 years. (2)

Concerning their respective sales, they both have a very low ratio of complaints from customers. They also provide you with an enthusiastic and immediate response to the complaints coming their way.


Wrapping Up

Choosing between the two can’t be easy when talking about your home security system. 

Best to choose SimpliSafe if you like the following features:

  • Simple Installation: These provide incredibly simple installations with only peel and stick options and wireless-based devices.
  • Self-Monitor: Using Simplisafe, you can avoid paying extra charges on the monitoring if you are fine with having a local alarm system.
  • Inexpensive professional monitoring: The monthly charges are less than $15.

Best to choose Frontpoint if you like the following features:

  • App with a high rating: the app provided by Frontpoint has good reviews from both Android and iPhone users.
  • Remarkable Customer support service: They lead the service at an ease of amazing response from customers. They have high ratings from Google and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Simplisafe is the best option if you want an inexpensive and honest home security system with no long-term contracts.

But if you search for a comprehensive home automation system and an upgrade to your smart home equipment, then your choice should be Frontpoint as it full fills your needs. 

You may want to check other product and learning articles we’ve written. Until our next review!


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