Simplisafe vs Ring vs Nest (Reviewed 2022)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying SimpliSafe, Ring, and Nest sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.


SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7...
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Starts at $143.99

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 1-Year Warranty


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All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera with two-way talk, Works...
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Starts at $148.99

  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Solar Panel
  • Works with Alexa


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Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera -...
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Starts at $199.00

  • Weatherproof Outdoor Camera
  • Works with Alexa
  • Emergency Calling


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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


Having worked in security for over 15 years I know that most people have trouble choosing the best security system because of all the options out there. After hours of testing and my personal experience with most of these, we have selected three of the leaders in the market for security cameras. 

Each of these cameras has its pros and cons. However, to make things easier for you, we have detailed a full comparison of all three options available to you. By reading this, you can understand which one offers the best value for your money.

Simplisafe, Ring, and Nest are the three options we will compare in this buying guide. These three are some of the most popular cameras out there and are also ranked among the top in the list of security systems.

Quick Summary:

Purchase the Simplisafe option if you want: 

  • Easy and quick DIY installation.
  • Subscription plans every month
  • Professional and reliable monitoring
  • A variety of packs that you can choose from

Purchase the Ring option if you want:

  • No contract required
  • Reputed company owned by Amazon
  • Cheap professional monitoring option
  • You wish to have a range extender

Purchase the Nest Cam if you want: 

  • Smoke detectors
  • Nest cam IQ has a facial recognition feature
  • Easy expandable options
  • Smart mobile alerts
SimpliSafe 5-Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe Wireless Security Camera

The Simplisafe wireless security camera is one of the best pieces of equipment out there on the market. As it provides a 140 degrees view, there is virtually no blind spot that you have to worry about. Additionally, you can zoom in up to 16 feet of 8X.


Any potential intrusion is met with a siren that alerts you and the neighbors. You can scare them off with a 2-way audio speaker and mic to warn them. It can operate in difficult temperatures and in rainy conditions as well, providing a crystal clear view. 

You would not be unnecessarily alerted to the movements of vehicles or animals. Moreover, you can have it customized to monitor zones of activity like doors, windows, and other vulnerable regions. The two Wi-Fi antennas help ensure stable connectivity. 

So, even if your Wi-Fi modems are a little far off than where the cameras are placed, you can still have good connectivity. It will ensure the seamless operation of the camera. It is one of the features that stands out from the rest of the competition that is in the market. 

The total security system that the company provides is also something you can consider purchasing from them. It may cost you a lot more than the cost of the basic camera and the features that come along with it. You would also be required to pay subscription fees for it. 

All new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar 

If you are looking for a versatile camera, this one can be the right choice. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. The better part about this camera is its ability to use solar and battery power to operate. It enhances the battery life without requiring replacement. 


Two-way audio and HD video make it easier to communicate with someone who is outside. You can receive motion-activated notifications on your application after installing this camera. Colored night vision means that you do not have to rely on blurred night vision. 

The camera is easy to install without professional help. It is weather-resistant and can withstand persistent rains. If you want a bird’s eye view of your home, you can install the camera at a vantage point. The Ring app also provides a live view from the camera.

The solar panels may have to be ideally placed for them to work appropriately. As a layman, it may be difficult for you to identify the right spot to fix it to allow maximum exposure. Therefore, you might need professional assistance to ensure this system works properly.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security

Nest Cam

This Nest cam is suited to be used indoors or outdoors with its weather-resistant capability. Live feed from the camera can help you communicate with the person outdoors. 


You have a good night vision sensor that automatically turns on in low light conditions. It can identify people, vehicles, and animals and differentiate them. Additional features that can be added include viewing history that you might have otherwise missed. 

An additional one hour of recording is possible even during a power or internet outage. The installation of the cameras is relatively simple and can be mounted using two screws. The camera can be attached to the holder with an inbuilt magnet. 

You can install the cameras anywhere you like with the type of attachments that come with them. However, if you wish to keep changing locations of your camera often, you might have to purchase other additional equipment that you need to have installed at your home.

Pros and cons


  • Pros
  • Can recognize faces and nameplates on a vehicle with 8X zoom
  • Spotlights and sirens going off in case of an intrusion mean everyone is instantly alerted
  • Real-time or live footage access on smartphones with the app is seamless
  • Priority dispatch of police after visual verification
  • Addon rechargeable battery is available from the manufacturer
  • Clear color vision even at night work as the USP for them
  • Cons
  • Battery replacement or recharge required
  • High upfront costs for the purchase of the entire system if someone needs it
  • Potential re-connectivity issues with the smartphone mobile application


  • Pros
  • Good night vision in HD despite it being in black and white
  • 2-Way audio to communicate with someone outdoors or when someone has entered your area
  • Safety alerts can be customized as per your requirements displayed on the smartphone apps
  • App offers entire control of the camera irrelevant of not being nearby
  • Live view of the premises on the smartphone app
  • Real-time notifications on your smartphone
  • Solar-powered recharging of the battery avoids battery draining too fast
  • Cons
  • Audio quality is not per the standards promised and is garbled at both ends
  • Only an 80-degrees field view is available, and it is by far lesser than the competitors
  • The live feed does not have enough clarity during the day or night on the smartphone application

Nest Cam

  • Pros
  • Night vision provides visibility of up to 20 feet with 6 infrared lights and good clarity
  • Extensive video history is available from smartphones for prolonged periods
  • 6X zoom is available to recognize faces and vehicle plates
  • The 130-degree field view is diagonal so that you do not miss too much of the action when it does happen
  • Cons
  • Expensive investment with add-ons added per your specific requirements
  • Professional help is required for the installation if you wish to install it at heights greater than 6 feet
  • There are different features available but require a subscription to activate
  • Additional magnetic mounts have to be purchased separately
  • If you need a table mount, they would have to be purchased separately too

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Ring vs. Nest Cam features




Nest Cam

Video Resolution

1080p HD

1080p HD

1080p HD

Night Vision

Colored (Up to 10 ft)

Black and White

Black and White





Power Source


Solar and Battery


Battery Life

Up to 6 Months

Until Battery is Worn Out

3 to 5 Months

Smart Phone Support

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Weather Resistant

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Two Way Audio

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Motion Detection

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Base Station

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Keypad Support

  • No
  • Yes
  • No

Panic Button

  • Yes
  • No
  • No

Built-in Siren 

  • Yes
  • No
  • No

Range Extender

  • No
  • Yes
  • No

Glass Break Sensor

  • Yes
  • No
  • No

Video DoorBell

  • No
  • Yes
  • No

Key Fob

  • No
  • No
  • No

Easy Installation

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes

Product Weight

24.8 oz

16.01 oz

14.01 oz

Product Dimensions

3.09 x 3.09 x 2.95 in

5.50 x 0.5 x 7.8 in

3.3 x 3.3 in price as of 10/08/2021 at 3:14 p.m. (MT). Read full disclaimer. Offers and availability subject to change.

SimpliSafe vs. Ring vs. Nest Cam: Face To Face Features

We will now look at the head-to-head features of the three cameras we have listed. These face-to-face features would be helpful for you to determine which one is the clear winner here. 

Dimensions And Weight

The dimensions of the Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera are 3.09 x 3.09 x 2.95 inches. Comparatively the ‎ Ring Stick Up Cam Solar has dimensions of 5.5 x 0.5 x 7.8 inches. The Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) has dimensions of 3.3 x 3.3 inches. So, if you are looking for a compact one, the Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera is the clear winner. 

The Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera weighs 24.8 oz. Whereas, Ring Stick Up Cam Solar and Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) weigh 16.01 oz and 14.01 oz respectively. Here in terms of weight, our winner is Nest Cam, weighing only 14.01 oz. 

While Simplisafe is compact, the Nest Cam is weightless. If you compare the dimensions and the weight, the winner would be the Nest Cam. It is because it is relatively larger but weightless in comparison to both.

Winner: Nest Cam is the winner among the three. 

Connection and Range of Operation

All three cameras operate wirelessly. However, the Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera provides two antennas for that extra bit of connectivity. So, it is easier to operate outdoors even if your house is a little bigger than usual. The other two, the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar and Nest Cam require to be in specific proximity to your Wi-Fi modems to connect properly. (1)

The Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera provides 140 degrees of field view. The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar only has an 80 degrees field view. However, a 130 degrees field view is offered by Nest Cam. Here, the obvious winner is the Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera providing a 140 degrees field view. 

Winner: The Simplisafe wireless outdoor camera with 140 degrees is the clear winner here. 

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio offered by the Simplisafe wireless security camera and Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) has very similar standards. However, the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar has garbled audio. At times audio cannot be heard by the person at the other end. 

Winner: The Simplisafe wireless security camera and Nest Cam are equally good. 

Video and Night Vision

You can get up to 1080p HD on the Simplisafe wireless security camera. Moreover, you have the options to choose between the color and black and white model. 

The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar has the same resolution as the former at 1080p HD. It does not have the ability to watch videos in color. This is one of the drawbacks it has. Although the color is available in relatively close proximity, it is not as good as the real color vision. 

On the other hand, the same video quality is offered by the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar at 1080p HD. This camera also does not provide colored night vision. It means that you only view videos in black and white with infrared sensors.

Winner: The Simplisafe wireless security camera with colored night vision is the easy winner. 

Source of Power

The Simplisafe wireless security camera provides a battery life of about 6 months. That, however, depends on how frequently it is used. The battery would have to be replaced or recharged before being used again. A full charge of the battery takes about 5 hours.

On the other hand, the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar automatically recharges with sunlight. Therefore, it does not require the batteries to be changed or recharged as often as the former. However, in cold winter seasons, it might not be the case for this camera. 

The lowest battery life is for the Nest Cam. It can only last for about 6 months before being replaced. It can mean a lot of downtimes when batteries are changed or charged. Light usage may help it last for about 6 to 7 months.

Winner: The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar is the clear winner in terms of battery life. 

Application Interface

All three cameras have applications that work on the smartphone that you have. Installing the app from the Google PlayStore or the Apple Store can help you view live videos. You can also interact on all three apps for your 2-way communication purposes.

Winner: All three applications are user-friendly and supported by Android and iOS. 

SimpliSafe vs. Ring vs. Nest Cam: Stand-Out Features

In this section, we list the stand-out features of the Simplisafe wireless security camera, Ring Stick Up Cam Solar, and the Nest Cam.

Stand out features of Simplisafe Wireless Security Camera

  • It provides 140 degrees of field view. It essentially covers almost all of the lawn outdoors in most homes. This feature is better than both its competitors.
  • It offers colored vision at night and in low-light settings. It is something that both of the other competitors do not have.  
  • It has a zoom of up to 8x to identify faces or nameplates of cars or other automobiles within 16 feet. 
  • Built-in sirens and flashlight activation can help scare intruders and also alert neighbors of unusual activity at your place. 

Stand out features of the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

  • Its Solar-powered camera means that you do not have to worry about its source of power at all. (2)
  • It has customizable safety alerts as per the exact requirements of smartphone applications. 
  • Motion-activated capability means lower power consumption from the battery. 
  • A reasonable 130 degrees field view covers most spots with minimal blind spots. 

Two-Way AudioStand out features of the Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery)

  • It weighs lesser when compared to all its competitors. 
  • The weight and dimensions offer a proper match for this camera.
  • It is easy to install and does not require professional assistance. 

Wrapping Up

We have provided a comprehensive comparison between Simplisafe wireless outdoor security camera, Ring stick up cam solar, and Nest Cam. These are the top three options available in the market for security cameras. 

However, each of these differs from one another. The last 11 rows on the comparison list may require you to activate their security system. It would include equipment and installation costs. These costs may be higher, but there are EMIs that you can benefit from. 

You may also be required to pay a subscription fee for using certain features and facilities. However, getting a package may not be necessary for a household if you live in a safe area. A basic one with a self-monitoring feature with other features can be the one. 

However, it is a personal choice that can differ from one person to another. You may have to speak to a technician with each of these camera manufacturers to know what would suit your exact need. However, these comparisons can help you decide better and with ease. 

Buy the Simplisafe Wireless Outdoor Camera if:

  • You are likely to use this camera only outdoors for specific purposes.
  • You require a proper alert, alarm, and siren system in place in case of intrusions. 
  • There is a need for good night vision in color and not black and white. 
  • You want to have the maximum coverage of the field possible. 
  • Good battery life and value for the money you invest in security cameras or systems. 

Buy the Ring Ring Stick Up Cam Solar if: 

  • You wish to have good battery life and lesser maintenance.
  • Cost-effectiveness is what you aim at for your security cameras and systems. 
  • You want customizable safety alerts and not annoying alerts for any motion detected. 
  • You wish to have total control of the cameras installed at home from the smartphone application. 

Buy the Nest Cam if: 

  • You want a moderate battery life without having to recharge or replace them. 
  • Average zoom capabilities and relatively good field area coverage are what you need. 
  • A cost-effective product is something that you are looking for in the market. 
  • You want to have a good video storage option with a view-back facility. 
  • A piece of equipment or camera that is easy to install and uninstall with no professional help whatsoever. 

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(1) modems –
(2) solar-powered –