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We all have a super-secret spy in us waiting to get out.  The smallest of surveillance cameras come compact enough to double as pens, watches, and USB chargers.

Here is the thing — so many tiny cams are on the market, finding the best one for you takes a little research. Follow us down the path of spy cameras to make your search a straightforward one.

Why — The Smallest Spy Video Camera

Mini spy cameraLife experiences and circumstances call for a mountain of reasons for tiny spy cameras. Parents worry about their children with babysitters, for instance. Another example is to protect themselves and their property against thieves.

  • Tip: They make ideal dash cams.

Even YouTube and TikTok create a space where miniature spy cameras are part of being an Internet influencer. Recording funny videos and wildlife can make people famous, overnight.

The desire for micro cameras could be for one reason or a combination of many. Either way, you want to know the best product for you before investing a cent.

We can’t nearly cover all the options out there. But, we can narrow it down to the five we think will best serve your wants and needs.

  1. MHDYT Hidden Security Camera

  2. SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

  3. DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera

Editor Side Notes: Looking to be ready at all times with your newly bought spy camera? Here is a guide on the best nightstand gun safe for those who wanted to be ready all the time even at night and at sleep.

Best Choice

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1. MHDYT Hidden Security Camera

Workplaces sometimes turn toxic overnight. Whether it is sexual harassment or the possibility of wrongful termination, the MHDYT Hidden Security Camera will clip onto your dress shirt collar to record footage that you might need later in a possible court case.

Would you believe that it records in full HD? To get quality video, slip a micro SD card into the small spycam, and it will record in a loop, tossing out the old footage to record up-to-date images.

Are you uncomfortable wearing a spy camera? The wee camera comes with magnets so it can attach itself to a filing cabinet in a work cubicle.

A frustrating aspect of the MHDYT hidden camera is that the battery does not hold a charge very long.

  • Trouble-free when hiding and operating
  • The miniature size
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Supports different size Micro SD cards (4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB)
  • Poor battery life
  • Sometimes buggy video
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At some point, we all stay in hotel rooms. Whether vacation or business, we have to trust our personal belongings to strangers in a strange place.

The DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera doubles as a USB charger and works like one, too. No one sees a device charger and thinks it is watching their every move. But, this mini camera is always observing.

It is hard to prove when something goes missing from a rented room. But, with a motion-activated spy cam, the proof is in the 1080P Full HD video.

The itsy bitsy USB charger only as about a 90° angle, which is not always enough to cover an entire room, but it goes back to what you need it to do.

  • Easy installation
  • 60 minute run time
  • 150° wide-angle lens
  • 1080HD video & 12 MP photo
  • Not so great battery life
  • Poor to no night vision
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3. GunVault (SVB500) Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe

Many nightstand gun safes can also store important papers, cash or jewelry. This safe has room for some of those items but is for handguns. When the door drops open the handle of your pistol is visible and ready for use if you have the need. It is portable, but can also be mounted easily. 

Hardware for mounting comes with the safe and there are several options there. It uses a 9V battery which is not included. This is a biometric nightstand gun safe.

This fingerprint gun safe nightstand uses fingerprint reader biometric technology. It can hold up to 20 individual’s fingerprints. The memory will hold up to 120 individual fingerprints. The safe is 18-gauge steel so it is sturdy. It also has foam interior so you won’t scratch your gun.

This gun safe also comes with two keys so you can get into your safe no matter what happens. You may also use the keypad or the fingerprint scanner. The interior light can be adjusted, so you can see your handgun as soon as you open the safe. The safe is 13 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. It weighs seven pounds. It comes with a 17-year limited replace or repair warranty.

The safe is easily transportable so your handgun is always safe. There is room for only one, but there is room for some extra magazines. 

The safe is sturdy enough, but some reviewers say the locking system is not all that secure and that it can be picked. This biometric gun safe nightstand is one of the best drawer gun safes you will find. The only issue is that some people question the reliability of the locking mechanism.

  • The ability to record without an internet connection
  • Loop recording
  • Doubles as a USB charger
  • Only a 90° wide-angle field of view
  • Finicky motion detector
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4. AREBI Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Leaving a new baby to go back to work is an added layer of stress.  We think we choose nannies or at-home daycare we can trust. But, the second we step out of the door, we are left wondering if our children are safe.

The AREBI Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is a mini cam that helps to soothe your worry. It is unique in that when downloading the HIDVCAM app, you can check in over the course of a day using streaming video.

The battery life might not be the best out there, but it does record when plugged in. It means that when used as a spy cam at home, it doesn’t miss a thing.

The new technology for live streaming does cause the tiny cam to lag, but the extra eyes are otherwise reliable.

  • 150° field of view
  • Magnetic
  • Live streaming
  • Infrared night vision
  • Laggy live streaming
  • Poor battery life
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5. Relohas1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera WiFi

Do you travel and trust your home and property to someone paid to check-in? Does your kid come home from school and skip homework?

The Relohas1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera WiFi is a great indoor and outdoor watchful eye. It boasts of superior night vision, with four modes of recording. It comes through when you need it the most.

The tiny cam works with smart device apps for real-time live streaming video. It is viewable from anywhere in the world. Whether you are double-checking a house sitter’s word or promising that the kids follow the rules, it delivers from any hidey-hole you choose to stash it.

It has a tendency to overheat, so check the camera from time to time.

  • Easy-to-stash mini camera
  • Takes a large (64G) SD card
  • Remote monitoring
  • 4 modes of recording
  • Lengthy charging time
  • Camera runs hot

4 Need-to-Know Features and Tips — The Smallest Hidden Spy Camera

The security system market continues to explode with more and more options. Every tiny camera is different because the uses are that diverse.

  1. Weight — Lightweight stealthy cameras are for those that want to wear them on their lapel or other clothing to document toxic work environments or even for fun. The ones perfect for those uses come with tiny parts to secure them on your person. Others come with handy magnets to covertly stash it on metal services.
  2. Size — Whether wearing it or stowing it in secret, the size is a serious characteristic to consider when investing in a mini spy cam.  
  3. Recording vs Live Streaming — The smallest of spy cameras come in two types of video options. Self-recording and the ability to stream video are two things to contemplate — the self-recording option stores photos and videos to a MicroSD card for future viewing. The wireless streaming option utilizes an app to allow users to monitor in real-time.
  4. Design — The way it looks is dependent on personal needs. Some double as things like USB chargers, others are wearable, and even still, there are tiny cams only meant to hide on shelves or light sources.
  5. Motion Detection & Night Vision — The two major features are part of most security systems. While the technology for portable spy cams is new, motion detection and night vision are choices.

Battery Life — Every mini camera is different. But, one thing they do have in common is not-so-optimal battery lives. Be sure to do a little research to find the one right for you.

5 Answers to Common Questions — The Smallest HD Spy Camera

The question of the legality of recording people is a legit and crucial query to make. The answer is, it depends.

Federal law says that when recording a conversation, as long as you’re part of it, it is legal. The term for this is one-party consent.

But, here is the issue — specific state laws override federal and some require everyone involved in a situation to consent to the recording. It is called two-part consent.

Another layer of permission pertains to private property. Nanny cams, hotel room recording, and home security cameras are perfectly legal. However, there is a gray area saying that only video is legal, while audio still requires one-party consent.

You always have the right to ask if you’re part of a recording.

At the same time, if you are doing the recording, know the local, state, and federal laws to avoid litigation and criminal charges.

Let’s narrow the question down a little further and address specifically spy cameras.

According to federal law, tiny undercover cameras are perfectly okay. But, consider moral and ethical issues.

It is illegal to record in places like bathrooms and locker rooms. People have rights according to the expectation of privacy.

If a recording is for malicious intent, it is also illegal. But that is where the black and white answers stop.

The legality of any recording depends on state law. One-party and two-party consent states exist. The safest way to approach the situation is if recording outside your home, stay away from recording conversations you are not part of.

Businesses even have to approach spy cameras by researching laws and workers’ rights. Employees, however, need to consult their employers and rule handbooks. Many bosses put strict regulations on recording in the workplace.

Spying on your own home is legal. But, still, stay up to date on recording legislation. It evolves and changes. Specifically, keep up with only video and video, including audio.

All wireless cameras typically work the same way. Built-in transmitters send video and audio through WiFi, rather than with various cables and wires.

The two ways of viewing footage are through live feeds that rely on smart device apps or storing recorded material on SD cards for later use.

Motion detection, night vision, and the uses of a tiny spy camera play a factor in how they work. The gist of it is that they record whatever image becomes fixed and then transmit that to the user.

The transmission itself happens at whatever speed the connection allows. It depends on the device’s capability with your WiFi speed.

Truth be told, we all hold secret spy cams in the palms of our hands. Our smartphones record memorable moments and things we would rather forget.

But, spy cameras are more specific, for example, to protect our vehicles when we are not around. Or, keep watch over your kids when you’re not there. And, yes, you can make your own if you are handy.

You need:

  • A power supply from another tiny device
  • A USB webcam
  • Screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Drill

YouTube videos are out there that walk people through every step on how to make their own miniature cams.

The basic idea of assembling one starts with taking things apart. You have to disassemble a webcam and then breakdown a small device such as a computer speaker, mouse, or cellphone charger for a power supply.

The smaller the model you are trying to create, the more precise the drilling. You will need to know how to position the circuit board and hold it together to test it before permanently closing the new contraption.

If power tools are not your thing, there are plenty of small spy cameras available for reasonable prices.

  • Check obvious places like light sources and fire detectors for equipment that looks suspicious.
  • Listen for any unusual clicking or buzzing emitted by a recording device.
  • Sometimes mysterious wires will lead you in the right direction.
  • Flashlights tend to give away mini cams because the mirrors reflect the light.


The average field of view in a teeny spy camera is 300ft. The line of sight is extendable with modifications.

Again, we speak in terms of averages — 60 to 70 minutes. Battery life is a significant feature of spy cameras that require attention. While wireless, when recording, most do need a cable to charge them.  

The charging time for a spy cam varies. It could take 20 minutes to 5 hours to fully charge one.

Well, yes, if you want to live stream video and utilized other features of a little camera.

Without an internet connection, footage records to an SD card that will fill up. Some MicroSD cards exist that work on a loop and record over the previous video and replace it when the new.

Part of having cameras the size of a pen or USB charger is that they are a newish technology. A small camera rarely has the ability to zoom in and out. With that said, the picture quality is worth the sacrifice of not being able to get close-ups.

The uses for the smallest spy camera wireless connected vary; some include underwater adventures. The thing is, the camera in question must specifically be weatherproof.

It also means that if you are going to utilize a mini camera for outdoor use, you definitely need to find and purchase one that is explicitly made for that use.

Avoid using indoor cameras for outdoor use, including wearing one of the smallest of cameras on your collar.

That is part of the awesomeness of wireless spy cameras that can transmit to a smart device. From wherever you might be, you can turn the nanny or pet cam on and off as you choose. Remote access to a mini recorder gives you the power to control most of its features.

My Top Pick — The Smallest Spy Camera for Sale

In all honesty, every spy camera is unique for its own reasons. It comes down to how someone wants to use it as to which they prefer. My pick is the DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera because it looks like a regular USB charger and works like one, too.

The portable nature of this specific tiny camera makes it perfect for travel and using it wherever the need arises. The DIVINEEAGLE camera also detects motion, which conserves battery life and records only when it needs to. Speaking of recording, the 1080P full HD allows for crisp and precise images.

The smallest spy camera has so many uses. Embrace your inner spy and see what you can uncover.