Spy Camera Instructions

People who purchase a spy device are also interested in spy camera instructions. Some devices may be very convenient to use but do not incorporate instructions that are simple to follow.

To prevent a spy device from being too difficult to use below, we mention the necessary steps. It can make any camera much easier to use when you need it.

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parts of mini camera

To follow this tutorial, you will need a few items usually included with a spy device. The following instructions are specifically tailored to spy cameras that users can get from a physical store or an online store most of the time.

Spy cameras that are shaped like everyday objects require the same instructions as those conventional spy cameras. To perform the following procedure, you will need:

  • Spy camera
  • Micro SD card
  • Micro USB cable
  • PC or laptop
  • Suitable place for installation
  • Mounting structure

The spy camera is the only object that turns out to be indispensable for the following task. The rest of the objects are secondary.

Step by Step Instructions

We have developed the following steps to make it easier to use such a device.

1. Preparing the spy device


The user has the possibility of inserting a Micro SD card to expand the storage. It is essential to obtain a higher video recording capacity. A Micro SD card is ideal when the user wants to get high-resolution videos. The camera also takes up more memory when you choose 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second.

small hidden camera

It is important to check that the spy device has 100% battery power. When this device is purchased, the battery is not fully charged. Providing an efficient initial charge may be the best way to extend the life of the device.

Some options can incorporate loop recording to overcome this drawback. Loop recording uses the same memory already occupied previously to re-save new recorded videos.

The disadvantage of loop recording is that old files are deleted. The most obvious advantage is that the person will be able to have a constant recording of videos at all times regardless of the storage capacity.

2. Assembling the structure


hidden camera parts

A spy camera can be used without any additional structure. Some available options on the market may incorporate some support to provide greater stability during use. The user will have to decide if he wants to get a structure that provides more stability.

It is possible to have some everyday objects to provide additional support for this device. When it comes to using a spy camera on an irregular surface, a book or an object that provides a smooth surface will be more than enough. 

3. Installing the spy camera


To be able to use the spy camera, you should have a suitable place. This place must be a place where the device can go unnoticed. Many spy cameras have very small dimensions.

People tend to choose a high place to get an excellent field of view. High places are excellent since people usually do not pay attention to objects at a certain height.

mobile app hidden camera

It is highly recommended to install the camera in a place that is accessible. When videos are to be analyzed on a Micro SD card, access to the camera is important.

A camera with a good location but difficult access is a slightly less convenient option. The user will have to make a great deal of effort to access the videos stored inside the camera’s Micro SD card. (1)

4. Testing the device


A computer of some kind is required to check the operation of this device. The camera can be connected via a USB cable to the computer. When images are successfully made then it means that the camera is working properly and is not faulty.

couple looking at the hidden camera

This same procedure can be useful to use this spy device as a webcam. You need to use the USB cable to connect this device to a computer. Then you need to choose from the computer the spy device as the main webcam. (2)

This procedure may vary depending on the operating system of each PC. Some cameras may include the ability to connect remotely. To establish the connection you simply need to have wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

5. Consider wi-fi connection


To connect a wi-fi capable camera, a specific application is often required. Some spy device manufacturers provide the application. Having each manufacturer’s application is a good way to turn on remote surveillance.

The user should consider that the WiFi connection is smooth with sufficient speed. While choosing higher image quality, a higher internet speed will be required. It is necessary to avoid interference that could occur such as walls and electronic objects near the WiFi network. 

Each manufacturer’s application usually requires the creation of a user and password. It is necessary to configure for the first and only time the spy device we have purchased. After that, you simply need to start configuring this type of camera to be able to use it.

Final words

Did you like this tutorial? Knowing the instructions of a spy camera allows people to get the most benefit and use out of this type of device.

Below you can leave your comment or express if you liked this article. Having a well-functioning spy camera is usually important in a variety of situations!

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(1) SD card – https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2520/~/sd%2Fsdhc%2Fsdxc-specifications-and-compatibility
(2) webcam – https://www.explainthatstuff.com/webcams.html

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