SQ8 Mini Camera

SQ8 Mini DV Camera (Why We Loved It)

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High Definition Support 4.5/5​

Motion Detection Technology 4.5/5​

Optical Zoom 4.6/5​


Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

It’s time to take a look at another big name in the mini-camera world. This time we have the SQ8 Mini DV Camera, commonly mentioned as the budget king.

The SQ8 Mini Camera is a tiny spy camera that can be hidden anywhere. It can take 1080p video or 16-megapixel stills and has a USB plug for easy uploading and downloading of video footage.

The SQ8 Mini Camera is the perfect tool for those who want to capture moments in their lives without being seen. Its portable size makes it easy to discreetly film events. It can be hidden in a variety of places such as inside a stuffed animal, lamp, clock, and more.

Well, the price isn’t the only good side of this tiny yet powerful camera. Due to its size, there are some cutbacks compared to the high-end ones, but the small sensor is perfectly capable of capturing stunning images or videos.

Although it’s mainly designed to be used as a mini camera, its functionality is quite broad.  The SQ8 is a very portable mini camera. It doesn’t require any additional equipment.

It’s that tiny, you can even carry it around in your pocket if you need to. All you have to do is power it on and record. It’s that simple! And before you proceed, you may check the article here for the best mini camera in the market this year!

SQ8 Mini Camera


  • Type: SQ8 Mini Camera
  • Sensor Technology: CMOS
  • High Definition Support: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Micro Card Type: MicroSD / TF
  • Function: Infrared Night Vision,1080P , Photograph,Motion Detection
  • Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus
  • Material: Metal Case

Specifications & Features

Although the camera is tiny, there’s quite a lot to talk about. We divided the specs & features into categories, so you can easily navigate to what you are looking for. Let’s begin with the design!


The SQ8 Mini Camera is a compact camera that is designed with the consumer in mind. It has an 8-megapixel sensor that captures high-quality images and videos in low-light conditions. It features a 25mm lens with an aperture of f/2.0 for clear shots without distortion or blurring.

The SQ8 Mini Camera is a small, portable, and discreet camera. The weight of the product is only 12 grams.


The SQ8 has a 120-degree field of view in front of the camera which can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs. It also has a micro USB port that can connect it to a computer, TV, or laptop and charge it using an adapter. The battery life on this device is up to 60 minutes long when fully charged. It can shoot hours of video on a single charge when motion detection and standby mode are on.


It can deliver 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second. It offers all the benefits of a traditional camera, such as manual exposure and focuses control, as well as some modern features such as digital image stabilization and RAW file output.

The SQ8’s compact size makes it perfect for travelings and outdoor activities like hiking or biking. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers that want to capture their experience without lugging around a heavy DSLR camera. You’ll be able to capture everything easily with this tiny device from your adventures abroad! (1)


The SQ8 Mini Camera has an award-winning, water-resistant digital camera design that can capture any image or video in the best quality possible.


It’s very lightweight and can be mounted on many different surfaces, making it easier for you to record your videos in places where there may not be enough room. It also has a built-in timer and voice recorder.


This device is not only compatible with iOS and Android devices but also can be connected to your PC or Mac. (2)


It has an anti-shake function with a 3-axis gimbal, which helps make the video stable. It also has an HDMI output, so you can play the video on your TV or monitor. The SQ8 Mini Camera also has features like Face Detection, Auto Focus, Smile Shot Mode, Motion Shot Mode for action shots, Timer Shot Mode for delayed shots as well as built-in wireless printing capability so you can print directly from the device without any cables. (3)


The SQ8 Mini Camera memory card is a compatible device for any smartphone and tablet.

This micro-sized flash drive is perfect for anyone who wants to share photos of their trips or special moments with the people they love. It can be used as a space-saving extension for Apple’s lightning connector, Samsung’s USB-C, or other devices with the same type of connection.

The memory card also has a 16 GB capacity which will provide enough storage to view your content on any device.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini DV Camera

When buying a mini camera you need to see if what you are looking for is actually a mini DV camera, or is there a better fit for you.

As the name suggests, mini cameras are purposely designed to be quite portable. While you do gain a lot from a camera being small, there are limited possibilities due to lack of space. The 3mm camera lens can’t capture much detail.

For starters, the field of view is quite poor in these mini cameras. Especially if you do plan to use the SQ8 Mini DV Camera in your car, it might not perform the way you expect it to.

If you are looking for a car camera, we recommend getting one that is specifically designed for the roads. You might find what you are looking for in this article.

But on the other hand, it’s super portable and simple to use. There are no complicating buttons or functions.

The price is also a big advantage for these mini cameras. A 1080p camera that has a ton of added features can cost up to a few hundred bucks. With just a sliver of the price of those top high-end models, the SQ8 is truly worth considering.

Wrapping Up

The SQ8 is the smallest action camera on the market. It has a 4 MP camera that captures 1920 x 1080p 30 fps video at 30 meters. It also captures 8 megapixel still images. The SQ8 Mini is worth the price because it can be used for all kinds of adventures and activities, making it a great gift for any adventure-seeking person.

It is not just a small camera for capturing memories in your life, but also an adventure sports camera that can be used in extreme conditions.

It is worth it because it captures amazing photos with great quality, has no shutter lag, and has an excellent battery life, all at an affordable price.

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