How To Change Your ADT Home Security Alarm Code

PowerMaster Code entering user code

If you need to change your ADT security alarm code, there are different ways you can do so. The first and most obvious way is to call customer service and have them give you a new one. However, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use the ADT Pulse app to change it … Read more

How to Charge your ADT Doorbell Battery

blue adt chime doorbell

When installing ADT doorbells the most common maintenance you’ll have to do is charging the battery, though it’s an easy task sometimes people struggle in figuring out how to do it. The rechargeable battery pack allows the video doorbell camera to be installed almost anywhere, but it does require maintenance from time to time. After … Read more

How to Use an ADT WiFi Camera without Service (Guide)

blue outdoor camera

Just like many other security service providers, ADT also requires its customers to sign an agreement before you get the best of the smart security system. ADT cameras together with other related smart home gadgets will not work well if they’re not monitored and linked by their servers. To use an ADT wifi camera without … Read more

How to Turn Off Voice on ADT Alarm

adt device on the wall

The ADT voice has been a staple of the security industry for many years. For some people, it’s comforting to hear a familiar voice when their alarm goes off. However, there are times when you want to turn off your ADT alarm completely, or just mute it temporarily. We’re going to show you how to … Read more

How to Turn Off the Backlight on an ADT Keypad?

ADT device disarmed ready

Is the backlight of the ADT keypad troubling you? An ADT keypad backlight comes with many advantages. The backlight is mainly designed to provide visibility during the low-light setting. But, the ADT keypad backlight can be a headache sometimes. So, having some knowledge on how to turn off the backlight on an ADT keypad can … Read more

What Does FC Mean On ADT Alarms

adt alarm system device rebooting

When installing ADT alarms one of the most frequent questions I get is regarding the FC code and why it’s appearing on a customer’s alarm. Troubleshooting issues can be difficult and we will go through this specific one in our guide below. The FC code on your ADT alarm means it is not communicating as … Read more

How To Turn Off ADT Chime – Quick Steps

adt device home screen

The ADT chime is an audible tone generated by the security panel due to activating particular system zones on your ADT alarm. When in a busy house with kids or with constant doors opening the door the chime sounds can be pretty annoying. You should know how to turn the chime off properly so the system … Read more

How to Set Time on an ADT Panel?

ADT's date and time setup

Most people don’t understand the importance of setting up the correct time in ADT security systems. An incorrect time set on an ADT Panel might cause lots of issues. Imagine for a moment, if the ADT panel recorded an inaccurate time during a security incident like a break-in and you called the police to investigate; … Read more

What Does Cellular Failure Mean on ADT?

ADT device home screen

One of the best features of ADT security systems is that you can link them to a cellphone. Linking or pegging your ADT to your mobile device enables you to track the ADT sensor conveniently. However, it often comes with Cellular Failure issues. If the GSM fails to communicate, your ADT will encounter a Cellular … Read more

How to Turn Down Volume on an ADT Alarm Panel?

ADT home screen

Adjusting volume settings on your ADT alarm panel can be a little tricky. From my personal experience working with these alarms, I have been requested to do this during many installs. With various ADT alarm keypads, you might face some difficulties while trying to adjust the volume. So, today, I’ll teach you how to turn … Read more

How to Connect an ADT Camera to New WiFi (Guide)

LAN cables to router

Do you want to connect your ADT security to a new WIFI connection but are unsure where to begin? This guide will come in handy whether you have a new WIFI system or you’ve disconnected the camera from the WIFI network and wish to reconnect. Below we will teach you how to connect the ADT … Read more

How to Remove ADT Motion Sensor from Wall?

unassembled motion sensor device

Motion sensors are a vital part of your ADT alarm system. They help the ADT control panel detect any type of movement automatically and save battery and disk space. But what happens when your motion detector starts malfunctioning? A malfunctioning motion sensor will trigger your alarm system without there even being any real threat or … Read more

What is Night Arming ADT (FAQ and Guide)

ADT home screen

The night arming option allows you to activate some of the interior motion and disarm other motion sensors at night. This option is Arm (Stay) only. Night Stay can activate your outdoor windows and doors to instant mode. So if anyone opens any of them, the alarm will ring without any delay. In this post, … Read more

How to Remove a Zone from an ADT Alarm System?

ADT zone bypass setting

A zone is nothing but a slot on the control panel of an ADT sensor. Sometimes these zones get damaged and need replacement. Press and release the “ready” key to identify the damaged zones. To remove a zone from your alarm system, you need to follow a simple process. 1) Disarm your ADT alarm system … Read more

How Long Does an ADT Battery Last?            

adt alarm system on the wall

Batteries don’t have an unlimited shelf life and using them on alarms can tax them making them run out quickly. So, one must have a clear understanding of the type of batteries and their longevity to be prepared. Here, I will guide you in battery length and picking the correct battery for the ADT alarm … Read more

What Does Reporter Failure Mean on an ADT alarm?

adt system set

The most common issue associated with ADT systems is “Reporter Failure”. You can easily detect if your ADT system has a Reporter Failure issue because it will beep every 30 seconds. A Reporter Failure issue occurs when the Lyric System cannot send a report to the AlarmNet through the enabled communication pathway within the specified … Read more