What Happens if You Tell Alexa to Self Destruct?

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In a world of countless AI assistants, the versatility of Alexa makes it more than just a smart service. You can rely on it for a lot of things, and it can be your primary source of information. Of course, that is just the basic stuff as Alexa can do so much more. Of the … Read more

How to Delete Your Voice Profile on Alexa (Guide)

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One of the things that can make your Alexa device such a convenient assistant is its ability to take voice commands. Your Alexa device comes with voice recognition technology that identifies your voice from others by training itself to make sure it only listens to you and does not respond to every random person. You … Read more

How to Connect your Alexa to an LG TV

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A common question for LG TV owners who have also purchased an Alexa is how to connect the Amazon Alexa device with their LG TV. I had a hard time figuring this out because there was no straightforward way to do this. But this can be managed using a couple of applications. These applications allow … Read more

Why is Alexa Having Trouble Understanding (Easy Fix)

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Alexa can be a great tool for a wide range of reasons however like any other product sometimes you can face problems. Of course, this is not necessarily a technical problem and in most cases but when you do face such a problem, knowing how to fix it can be critical. Here we will share … Read more

How to Connect Your Alexa Device to a Hotspot (Guide)

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There can be numerous scenarios where providing a Wi-Fi connection to your Alexa device is impossible. Whether you are on the road or facing a Wi-Fi outage at your home or office, you need to find an alternative internet source for your device. Thankfully, the Wi-Fi module in mobile devices can transmit Wi-Fi. This means … Read more

How To Change Alexa Voice To Morgan Freeman (Guide)

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One of the most recognized celebrity voices in the world is Morgan Freeman and who wouldn’t love to have him talking to them personally? We give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to change any of your Alexa devices to celebrity voices including the echo and phone devices using the app. Update: You can no … Read more

How to Turn Off an Alexa Alarm (5 Different Ways)

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If you are an avid Alexa user, you probably use it for your alarms. It is a great solution for setting daily alarms, but it is also important to know how to turn them off. You don’t want it to keep on blaring until you figure out how to turn it off, especially if the … Read more

What Do the Buttons on Alexa Mean?

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Alexa is a highly versatile AI assistant created by Amazon to make our lives more convenient than ever. That is exactly what Amazon Echo Dot devices are for and to make them more interactive, they come with physical keys. Naturally, Amazon has also added multiple functions to every button echo dot has to make it … Read more

How to Change your Alexa Device Location (Guide)

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To change Alexa’s location on your Amazon Echo speaker, you simply have to access the following menus detailed in this guide. In general, you will need to open your Alexa app. Then go to settings at the bottom right. Then go to locations. Then choose the device you want to change and click edit. Finally, … Read more

Hey Samuel – Alexa Samuel L. Jackson Celebrity Voice Guide

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Have you ever wanted to change your Alexa’s voice to something a little more interesting? Most people love the voice of Samuel L Jackson not only because of how iconic and funny he is but because of how pronounced and unique he makes your Alexa. Ever since the release of Alexa celebrity personality of Samuel … Read more

How to Connect Z Wave to Alexa (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Here I will go through the procedures of how to connect the Z wave to the Amazon Alexa device. Alexa currently does not support Z-wave, i.e it is not Alexa compatible, and for you to make Z-wave Alexa compatible you have to go through a Z-wave protocol. The protocol is used for home automation due … Read more

How to Connect Tidal to Alexa (3-Part Guide)

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Are you having trouble connecting Tidal to Alexa? If so, this guide will help you. Today we will take a look at how to connect Tidal on the Amazon Alexa app. Before we start the article, one thing needs to be said. There are official ways and unofficial ways to connect Tidal to Alexa. Well … Read more

Why is Alexa Making a Chiming Noise (And How To Fix It)

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From answering your calls, playing your favorite music, giving the weather, controlling your smart home, to simply asking a question Alexa is amazing. However, it might get annoying when you start hearing Alexa chime randomly. In general, chiming noise might be because of the following: Alexa misunderstood a background noise or voice for its wake-up … Read more

How to Set Up Intruder Alert on Alexa (Guide)    

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We all know that Alexa devices can do many things, like play your favorite music. But it’s also an excellent tool in case of emergency. Its intruder alert feature is a significant step forward to your family’s protection. It helps scare burglars away once they’ve broken into your home. To set up an intruder alert … Read more

How to Connect Wiz Lights to Alexa

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WiZ is a WiFi-connected smart lighting system that is simple to set up. You can control your lights with its WiZ Smart Home skill: switch them on and off, alter their brightness tone at will, and more.  In General to connect wiz lights to your Alexa, find Integrations from the Settings tab, then press Amazon … Read more