How to Configure Lorex Recording Settings

Lorex recording setup

Lorex security cameras are among the easiest to install. I usually recommend Lorex products, including their security cameras especially if you are a DIY person. This article goes through how you can configure the Lorex recording settings. Follow these steps to configure Lorex recording settings. To access the ‘Quick Menu,’ right-click on the ‘Live View’ … Read more

Lorex Night Vision Settings (How to Configure)

cctv camera in black backdrop

One thing I noticed when installing different camera systems for clients is that the Lorex surveillance cameras have outstanding night vision. That’s not in dispute, though. The big question is; do you know how to configure the night vision settings yourself, which is the most common issue I get with people trying to do the … Read more

Lorex Person Detection Not Working – Solved

motion detection setup window

It’s not the best idea to have your Lorex security camera recording in its general line of sight at all times, this can cause memory overload and deletion of old footage. The optimal function of your Lorex Security Camera includes active smart motion detection to be able to reduce strain on your memory. So, if … Read more

Lorex Camera Turn Off Light (Guide)

lorex motion light activated

A lot of times I have customers message me about some lights that are keeping them up at night and they want them to be turned off. While I usually don’t recommend turning off any indicators, you could have some good reasons so I have put together a guide. This guide is aimed at helping … Read more

Do Lorex Cameras Need WiFi

lorex wifi camera

A lot of Lorex installs in the past have been done in a wired manner. Whenever I have had customers looking to get a wired system installed they usually ask me if the Lorex camera needs wifi or if the wired functionality is enough to get it working. With Lorex, you can find wired and … Read more

Lorex Poe Camera Wiring Diagram: Explained

wiring diagram

Have you ever tried using a security camera wiring diagram? They can be an eyesore to demystify. As a security installer, one of my most common questions from do-it-yourselfers is how in the world do I read these wiring diagrams, especially with the Lorex Poe Camera. These diagrams can be essential to getting the electrical … Read more

Lorex Invalid Camera Video Standard (Reasons)

cctv recording footages

The common cause of Invalid Camera Video Standard errors is a compatibility problem between the camera and the recording device. You can resolve it by changing the camera type in the settings or updating the firmware. In other cases, you cannot fix the problem because the recorder does not support the camera resolution.  In general, … Read more

How To Troubleshoot Lorex Connectivity Issues

cctv camera at post outside

The Lorex Cirrus app allows you to monitor the digital video surveillance recorder with active deterrence records in real-time. However, Lorex product users who switched to using Lorex Cirrus may suffer minor performance problems with their devices or an issue with an internet connection; no need to worry because this is an easy fix! In … Read more

How To Fix the Lorex Invalid Username Or Password Error

sign in screen

If you’ve been struggling with Lorex invalid username or password, it implies that Camera Registration is attempting to access your camera with the wrong login credentials. To access your Lorex device, you need to know where to look first to understand how to fix the errors. In general, to fix your Lorex camera invalid username … Read more

Lorex Delete Recording (How-To Guide)

cleaning files at 74%

Deleting Lorex recording is easy, and it is crucial, especially decluttering unimportant footage. Deleting security camera footage saves up a lot of hard drive space, so you may continue to use the device with your existing storage without purchasing more. In general, you can delete Lorex security camera recordings with these easy steps: Lunch the … Read more

How to Fix the Lorex Device Storage Corrupted Error

error folder file to fixed folder file

A micro-SD card is a very crucial component of Lorex security cameras. Although it’s just a tiny type of flash memory card, it can store data locally and allow you fast data access. However, like any other data storage medium, an SD card malfunctions and can become corrupted. In general, when your Lorex device storage … Read more

Lorex DDNS Setup (Guide)

a man pointing to a digital board with the word DNS

Using a Lorex Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS service) account, you may access your Lorex security system from anywhere globally via an easy-to-remember free dynamic domain accessible 24/7. Lorex’s specialized free DDNS service solution will help you stay connected to the things that matter to you. In general, you can set up Lorex DDNS with … Read more

Who makes Lorex Cameras?

lorex products for home

Lorex cameras are considered as one of the highest quality cameras having excellent features and specs. But the question is, who are the main manufacturers behind these Lorex cameras? Lorex cameras are manufactured by a company named Duaha Technology. It is a state-owned trading company located in Hangzhou, well known to sell video surveillance products … Read more

Configuring Custom Motion Zones on Lorex Security Cameras

cctv mounted on a tree

Lorex is one of the most recognized security technology companies that you can find out there. They provide a wide range of systems for both residential and commercial use with cameras that provide high-quality video recording and night vision. While there are many cool features that these systems have to offer, like night vision, one … Read more

Guide to Setting up a Lorex PoE Switch

network for PoE switch

A common challenge when installing an IP security system is the limitation of Ethernet cabling. IP cameras deployed using PoE technology involve the use of copper network cables such as CAT5e or CAT6 which have a data broadcast boundary of 100m (328ft). While that should be sufficient for a home or small business installation, large-scale … Read more

Lorex Anti Dither: Explained

lorex dvr/nvr

Most of us have used a DVR or CCTV camera, but haven’t heard much about “Anti-Dither”. In this article, we will help you to understand the concept, and also guide you on how to configure Anti-dither Settings on Lorex Cameras. Anti-Dither is the amount of time delay that occurs before the DVR starts recording, it … Read more