Installing a Ring Doorbell On an Uneven Surface (Step by Step Guide)

pointer finger about to press the button of a Ring Doorbell

Installing a ring doorbell might be tricky if you have an uneven surface. I personally have faced this problem when mounting my ring doorbell on my brick wall and have put together an article and complete guide to mounting ring doorbells if your walls are not level. Getting Started A ring doorbell camera is motion-activated … Read more

How To Reset a Ring Doorbell Pro (4-Step Guide)

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If your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is no longer working as intended and you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting options, or if you intend to sell or give it away, you can reset it to its factory default settings. This guide will walk you through the steps. Resetting a Ring Doorbell is necessary if: The device is … Read more

Ring Camera Flashing Blue and White (Why and How to Fix It?)

Ring Video Doorbell with Chime

The Ring Camera is the world’s favorite home security peephole product and it’s easy to see why. But why is yours flashing blue and white light? Is this a big or serious problem? read on to find out why. In general, the ring camera will flash blue or white because of two possible issues. The … Read more

View Ring Doorbell On TV (Your Detailed Guide)

Ring Video Doorbell

Have you ever wanted to turn your TV into a video monitor with a Ring Video Doorbell? Or did you want to be able to quickly switch over and see who is at the door? In our guide well cover every method and how to connect your tv to your WiFi and see who’s at … Read more

How To Change a Ring Doorbell Sound (5 Step Guide)

Ring Doorbell - How to change

If you have a Ring doorbell, it’s quite simple to change the ringtone of your device. With these 5 steps, you will be able to change your ring doorbell chime to any song you want. You can also change the volume, and choose one for your Ring and motion alerts. Step 1: Choosing Your Ringtones … Read more

Ring Doorbell Narrow Mounting (Problems and Solutions)

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Ring Video Doorbells combine the features of a smart doorbell and a smart peephole camera, and the result is even smarter than the sum of these parts. However, you can’t benefit from a Ring Doorbell if you’re having issues mounting it. Installing a Ring doorbell is easy unless you have a very narrow frame. Here … Read more

Ring Doorbell Recording (How-To Guide)

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One of the most common questions with ring owners is how do we get a ring doorbell recording going and do I have these features available to me? In our guide, we’ll go through recording using the software as well and setting up recordings with your computer and some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started … Read more

How To Prevent Ring Doorbell From Being Stolen (8 Tricks)

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Crime rates are at an all-time high around the world so security devices and technology innovations are also at an all-time high. One of these devices is the ring doorbell but as these became more popular so did their theft. Don’t worry, since when thieves evolve so do we, and we here at SafeNow have … Read more

How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription (Guide)

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The best feature of the Ring Doorbell is that it takes real-time video of visitors coming to your home and allows you to save that video for later viewing, but what if you don’t want to pay for a subscription? There are other ways in which you can use the ring without the ring subscription … Read more

How Long Does The Ring Battery Take To Charge? (Timed)

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At present, many people choose battery-powered security systems. The Ring contains different battery-operated surveillance cameras, outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, nanny cam, spycam, and even video doorbell models. You can install these cameras in any place without much hassle. However, one drawback about these battery-powered Ring models is that they can not function when the battery … Read more