How to Format SD-Card for Security Camera (Guide)

sd card on in a laptop's sd card slot

You may want to remove the micro SD of your security camera from time to time for varying reasons. For instance, you might have a virus that you want to eliminate. Or, you could want to fix corrupt files, and at times, you may want to remove the existing files. The best way to fix … Read more

Lorex Factory Reset


For those who are looking for a security camera system with night vision capabilities and 4K video qualities, Lorex is the best option. Today we are going to talk about one of the most searched topics related to Lorex cameras on the internet, going through a Lorex factory reset. To activate Lorex IP camera factory … Read more

Bunker Hill Security Camera Network Setup (5-Step Guide)

Weatherproof Color Security Camera with Night Vision

Security systems are excellent tools and the best forms of home protection in today’s age. The Bunker Hill Security Network is an outstanding wireless security system that enables customers to monitor their homes and keep track of what they love no matter where they are. The Bunker Hill Security Network has many benefits and features … Read more

Wireless Security Camera iPhone Remote Viewing (Setup Guide)

man holding a phone monitoring his security camera

Using your iPhone for remote viewing, you can watch your home at any time without actually being there. This has brought about a lot of convenience and ease to the lives of many homeowners. In this article, I will be talking in detail about the various aspects of this system, from the basic components to … Read more

Are Security Cameras Allowed in Bathrooms? 

bathroom signs

Have you considered the possibility of concealed cameras in restrooms? If you happen to discover one, it might be rather traumatic. Furthermore, it may constitute a significant invasion of your privacy. A bathroom should be a private space free of prying eyes. With that, you might wonder if it’s legal to install a security camera … Read more

How to Hardwire a Wireless Security Camera (3-Step Guide)

hardwired security camera

There are many reasons you may choose to switch your wireless security camera to a hardwired system including speed and issues with WiFi connectivity. Most wireless security cameras come with ports that can have hardwired connections regardless of their functionalities. Hardwiring a wireless security camera requires some tact and knowledge which I will help through. … Read more

Zosi DVR Default Password (Reset Step-by-Step Guide)

Zosi DVR

When purchasing a Zosi CCTV surveillance system, you might need to know what the Zosi DVR default password is. In General, for the old Digital Video Recorders (DVR), the username is admin and the password is blank. For the new ones, there is no Zosi default password. This is because they come without a password … Read more

How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Transmit (Guide)

man mounting a security camera on the wall

Wireless security cameras are becoming more innovative every day. One of the best recent features includes their ability to transmit signals over large areas without using standard cable wires. In general, a security wireless camera can transmit around these ranges: 250 to 500 feet in closed locations 30 feet for built-in antenna receivers 1,000 feet … Read more

How to Reset the Swann H.264 DVR Password (6-Option Guide)


The H.264 DVR is an exceptionally well-known nonexclusive video recorder made by a large number of producers all around the world and promoted through many brand names! This article will assist you in the event that how to reset the password of the device(H. 264 DVR). We’ve listed 6 of the most proficient methods and … Read more

What Happens When You Unplug a Security Camera?

unplugged cable wire

A common fear is what would happen if a security camera is unplugged, will it be turned off? Are there backup batteries? We will cover all of this in our detailed article. Getting a security camera that operates even when it is unplugged to a power source is vital to safeguard you against power outages. … Read more

What Size SD Card for a Security Camera Do I Need? (Complete Guide)

SD Card

Many people don’t realize that a memory card plays a vital role in providing the delivery of clear videos and images. Because of this, you must be willing to find the best memory card on the market. There are tons of them available, and the selection process could be tasking when you know nothing about … Read more