How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Transmit (Guide)

man mounting a security camera on the wall

Wireless security cameras are becoming more innovative every day. One of the best recent features includes their ability to transmit signals over large areas without using standard cable wires. In general, a security wireless camera can transmit around these ranges: 250 to 500 feet in closed locations 30 feet for built-in antenna receivers 1,000 feet … Read more

What Happens When You Unplug a Security Camera?

unplugged cable wire

A common fear is what would happen if a security camera is unplugged, will it be turned off? Are there backup batteries? We will cover all of this in our detailed article. Getting a security camera that operates even when it is unplugged to a power source is vital to safeguard you against power outages. … Read more

How to Install Goowls Security Camera

goowls security camera

If you are worried about your neighborhood’s security, investing in a security camera should be your starting point. Besides getting instant alerts in case of invasion, you also benefit from interactive monitoring. You needn’t be in a dilemma as far as installing a security camera is concerned especially if you’ve settled on a Goowls security … Read more

How to Fix Security Policy Restricts Use of Camera (Guide)

security camera at doorstep

You pull out your Samsung device to record a special occasion, but the instant you open the camera, you’re disappointed. You notice an error “security policy restricts camera” rather than the camera app. You can fix the camera security policy in your device by: Looking for third party Apps Cleaning the camera data A Factory … Read more

How to Make a Wired Security Camera Wireless (8 Steps)

wired security camera mounted to the wall

Wireless security camera systems have many perks and benefits that you cannot get from traditional wired security cameras. However, the additional cost of installing one can be a problem, apart from other challenges. You can easily repurpose a wired security camera as a wireless IP camera in just a few simple steps, eight, to be exact! … Read more

Bunker Hill Security Camera Troubleshooting (8+ Ways to Fix)

Bunker Hill Security Weatherproof Color

Is your Bunker Hill security camera suddenly malfunctioning? A number of things can go wrong with a bunker hill security camera. Your Bunker Hill security camera might abruptly stop working, displaying video or flag warnings on the monitor or screen in an erratic manner. Don’t panic; everything is under control and you’ll easily be able … Read more