How Much Space Does a 4k Security Camera Take?

security camera at home during night time

There are a huge number of security cameras with different features. Many people look for 4k security cameras because they can provide the highest quality image resolution. It is necessary to have a large amount of memory because it is a resolution that includes a lot of details and is reflected in its massive size … Read more

Can Wireless Cameras work without the Internet?

a color white cctv camera mounted on a wall

Nowadays when it comes to security surveillance there are different cameras with different designs. That is why some of them can work partially without the internet while others do not need the internet at all and use internal memory or cellular networks. Learning which are the best options in this regard allows you to choose … Read more

How do Cellular Security Cameras work?

a Samsung mobile camera

Year after year we can find a great variety of innovations when it comes to security surveillance of a home or business. Among all these innovations we have received one of the more interesting ones in cellular security cameras.  However, since it is a security implement that does not require the internet to work, many … Read more

What is a Cellular Security Camera?

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This type of security camera can be used within a surveillance system for businesses and homes. This is a great innovation since these surveillance cameras do not need the internet to function. Instead of using cables, these cameras are connected to a cellular network. This is how data transfer can take place. The cellular aspect … Read more

6 (Easy) Ways On How to Spot a Fake Security Camera

security camera on plan for home security

There are many steps you can take to keep your property safe. Today, let’s focus on just one: security cameras. Before going further, it’s important to look at why security cameras are important and the benefit and drawbacks of fake varieties. Does the Presence of Security Cameras Matter? According to ResearchGate data that surveyed 422 randomly … Read more