How Does a Portable Door Lock Work?

addalock display of portable door locks

Spending a night at a hotel or a rental place can turn into a bad experience if the doors are not secure enough. You won’t be able to sleep freely in an unprotected room. But, you can change everything with a simple security device. A portable door lock is an excellent choice for the above … Read more

How to Pick Door Lock with a Paperclip (3-Step Guide)

one metal paperclip

Do you know how to pick a lock using paper clips? You should know how important the lock picking skill is if you’ve ever misplaced a key and desperately wanted to get back in without having to drill the door. Today we’re going to show some easy-to-follow steps for picking door locks using a paperclip. … Read more

How Does a Door Lock Work?

doorknob with its shadows

Curious minds always want to know the mechanisms that make equipment work. Beyond opening and closing your door, have you ever thought of how door locks work? It’s simple but complex. The latch stays partly in and out of the lock cylinder when the door is locked. When you insert a key in the latch, … Read more

How to Remove a Door Lock Cylinder: 4 Easy Steps

damaged door lock

A lock cylinder key is a lock’s internal mechanism. It is often interchangeable, and you can find them in offices and residential doors. Removing a cylinder key is not a difficult task if you know how to go about it. Are you looking for a DIY tutorial on how to remove the door lock cylinder? … Read more

How Does a Magnetic Door Lock Work (Guide)

electromagnetic plate and wires

Magnetic locks are an excellent way to secure your home, office, or commercial property. Magnetic door locks are far superior to traditional locks in many ways but how do they work? Our article will go through the mechanism of magnetic door locks and how exactly they come to function, whether they are safe, and why … Read more

How to Install a Door Lock and Handle (Guide)

man's hand holding a doorknob

Whether you use an old door or a new door, installing a new lock requires some effort and time. It is not an easy task. You might have to deal with broken door locks or door handles every so often depending on whether you live in a high corrosion area or just use your lock … Read more

How to Lock Your Door with a Fork (Guide)


Having a security camera or alarm system is pointless if your doors are not secure. Some doors cannot be locked or they do not come with a lock. There can be other scenarios where locks are flimsy or just not secure enough. To get past these issues, you need an alternative way to lock your … Read more

How Does a Car Door Lock Work (Guide)

car side window buttons

Cars have all sorts of door locks ranging from Standard Key Entry to Keyless Entry door locks. The type of lock depends on the model and features of your car, but most have Electronic Locks. In general, the working mechanism of a car door locking system is quite simple. The latch rods exert a force … Read more

How to Keep a Door from Locking (Guide)

door closed

Most door locks are sensitive. They can easily lock you out of the room. If you have kids playing around in the house, they can accidentally lock it causing you to fiddle for a key. To avoid such situations, read our guide. Here, we will cover how to easily keep your door from locking using … Read more

How to Secure Your Home Without an Alarm (10+ Ways)

a key with a home keychain attached to the doorknob

Breaking and entering a common occurrences nowadays. With more than 2.5 million burglaries in the US alone, there’s a good chance you might be a victim of one. However, thanks to modern surveillance and home security equipment, securing your home has never been easier. And you don’t have to spend a bucket-load of money when … Read more

How To Secure Windows Without Bars (8 Best Ways)

windows with yellow wall

Are you looking for the added security of window bars but don’t want the unsightly and ugly look of them? There are many ways that you can protect your windows without having to install bars on them. We go through some ideas we’ve picked up as security installers and more below. 1. Improving Security with … Read more

10+ Security Camera Troubleshooting Tips

man holding camera dvr

IP camera troubleshooting can be frustrating. Even if everything appears to be in order, getting IP cameras up and running can require some hard work. Although IP video is becoming easier to configure as it develops, it is still far from “plug and play.” Every expert should have a few basic troubleshooting solutions under their … Read more

What is Arlo Geofencing (And How To Set It Up)


Arlo Geofencing alerts you whenever someone or something enters a pre-defined area of your property. It gives you security even if you forget to turn your cameras on as you leave. Arlo geofencing technology may be used to create timetables for resumes and control security cameras and motion sensors.  However, despite all these excellent factors … Read more

DIY Security Screen (in 8 Easy Steps!)

fiberglass screen

You can build an aluminum security screen by making a frame using an aluminum screen frame kit and adding a fiberglass screen to it using a rubber spline and a spline roller. If you wish to build a wooden security screen, all you need to do is build the frame, add a fiberglass screen using … Read more