Safety Items For Home – 18+ Items You Should Own


Did you know that in the year 2019, 215 lives were taken by fire accidents in homes? Research shows that if you don’t have functional safety devices such as smoke alarms in your home, you’re about eight times more likely to die in a fire.  Well, it’s an excellent decision to double your amount of … Read more

Home Security Hacks – 15+ DIY Lifesaving Hacks That Work

home security

In this article, we will explore the different ways to secure your home from threats. No one intends to be a victim of a crime or break-in, but it does happen. And when it does, it can be a traumatic experience. It is important to take steps to make your home less vulnerable to crime … Read more

17 Backyard Security Tips That Will Make Your Home Safer


One thing that is common in American houses is the propensity to have wood backyard fences and to feel overly secure that this is enough, leaving doors unlocked and the backyard open. Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of burglaries happen using the backyard as the first access point. The big use of … Read more

How To Turn Off ADT Alarm System Without Code: 5+ Easy Ways

ADT alarm system

Imagine standing in your living room with a raging beeping alarm and not knowing how to disable it. It’s overwhelming! The neighbors will hear it, and because you don’t have the code, you won’t be able to turn it off. So, what’s next? Turning off an ADT alarm system without a code is as simple … Read more

How to Reset ADT Alarm Panel – Checklist and Guide

ADT system

Usually, a common issue with ADT alarm panel users is that they have trouble figuring out how to reset the alarm. There are different ways to reset an ADT alarm system. In general, when resetting an ADT alarm before pressing the shutdown button, the user password needs to be input. This is usually more than … Read more

How To Turn Off a Fire Alarm (5+ Easy Steps)

fire alarm

Any dispatcher will agree that the most comment call they get is regarding how to turn off a fire alarm. There is no such thing as an automatic turn-off function, nor will the device recognize if the fire is already under control. Hence, the sound will keep going until someone actually turns off the alarm. … Read more

How Long Does The Ring Battery Take To Charge? (Timed)

ring camera doorbell

At present, many people choose battery-powered security systems. The Ring contains different battery-operated surveillance cameras, outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, nanny cam, spycam, and even video doorbell models. You can install these cameras in any place without much hassle. However, one drawback about these battery-powered Ring models is that they can not function when the battery … Read more

How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need: A Simple Guide

smoke alarm

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the two most common reasons for fires are heating equipment and cooking equipment being set ablaze. A smoke alarm can help detect these fires before they start. All states require 1 smoke detector in each bedroom, level, and corridor next to living spaces. The total number of smoke … Read more

How to turn off the ADT alarm beeping? (Multiple Alerts)

ADT system

ADT is one of the most popular security solutions out there. It requires minimal maintenance, and no special training is necessary to understand how it works. If you hear constant alarm beeping coming from your ADT Alarm System, it usually means your battery is running low. Fixing it is easy – To turn off the … Read more

How to Make a Homemade Driveway Alarm

home driveway

A home entry alarm is a great way to optimize the security of any home in a simple way. Many different entry alarms are available on the market today. Many users are not willing to pay the costs of any of these units. For all these people there is a very efficient way to create … Read more

How to Install a Driveway Alarm


Different devices can optimize the security and protection of a home. An entry alarm is one of the most popular devices due to its versatile functionality and easy installation. We can mention each of the important steps for those who wish to install this device. Before you proceed, here you can take a look at … Read more

10 Easy Steps On How To Secure Your Home (And Much More)

House Protection

The words “home security” has become so broad that it can feel overwhelming. But, the truth is, steps, hints, and tips are easier to follow than just throwing two words into Google and hoping for the best. We all strive to feel safe in our own homes. It sometimes comes in easy-to-do methods, and others … Read more

15 (Effective) Ways On How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors

Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are safety mechanisms that won’t allow the door to close if something is blocking their beam of light. This safety feature was made standard in the early 1990s to avoid unnecessary injuries. While we can all appreciate these sensors they can become a nuisance if they start to malfunction. Here we will … Read more

Best Location For Carbon Monoxide Detector: (5 Good and The Bad)

carbon monoxide detector

Home Most people know about smoke alarms and the dangers of inhaling smoke, but they may not know as much about carbon monoxide dangers. Medical and emergency officials say carbon monoxide detectors are a good thing and all homes should have them. They are as important as a smoke alarm. The problem with carbon monoxide … Read more