The 4 Best Padlocks Around (Reviewed 2022)

Master Lock 3KALF Outdoor Padlock

The Toughest Padlock Best Overall Best Features Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience Locks are not as safe as we like to believe. Cheap and poorly made locks can be compromised literally within seconds. Pin-tumbler and wafer locks that don’t have pick resistance can be picked within seconds using … Read more

7 Best Door Lock Installation Kits (Reviewed 2022)

Ryobi A99DLK1 Wood Door Lock Installation Kit

Easiest to Use Most Versatile Best Overall Best for Beginners Most Economical Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience When it comes to security, there’s always more to learn. But you don’t have to be a pro with installation if you have one of these door lock installation kits. In … Read more

5 Best Lock For Storage Unit (Reviewed 2022)

SCHLAGE 994831 Solid Steel Round Padlock

Best on a Budget Best Overall Most Heavy Duty Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience Having a quality lock can be a very good investment. Most locks are not meant for extended exposure to harsh weather and deteriorate over time. This makes these locks easy to break, leaving your … Read more

Rekeying vs Changing Locks (What You Need To Know?)

door handle and lock

Do you have concerns about moving into your new home? Or have you lost your keys? It might be a good time to look over changing or rekeying your door locks. Changing locks expands your choices for customization and upgrades. On the other hand, rekeying locks provide cost-effective security for your property.  Both increase security … Read more

How To Pick A Deadbolt Lock (Guide)

deadbolt picking

Years ago I found myself locked out of my home on a Saturday evening coming back from dinner. With no locksmiths on call at that hour, I was lucky I had some training and knew how to get back into the house. Lock-picking is not as difficult as most think and most people can learn … Read more

Ways To Lock A Door Without A Lock (10 Simple Ways)


There are many ways to lock a door without a lock. In this guide, we teach you 10 easy ways to do so in case you don’t have a regular lock. Locks are the most convenient and reliable way to secure your door. But if your door lock breaks or your door doesn’t have a … Read more

How To Cut A Lock Off Of A Storage Unit (Best Ways)

storage units

Have you lost the keys to the lock you placed on your storage unit and are unable to get inside? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us and below we will cover how to get right back in by cutting off a lock on a storage unit. Below we will have a few … Read more

Locked Out Of The House? – 10+ Ideas You Can Try!

house lockout

As a security installer and locksmith, I can tell you people getting locked out of their house is my number one call. Getting locked out of your own house isn’t unusual. Misplacing or losing keys is something we’ve all done at one point. Thankfully, there is always a way to open the locked door and … Read more

How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock (7 Expert Methods)

broken key

As a security installer and locksmith one of my most common calls is a broken key stuck in a lock. Often, a key stuck in a lock seems like an emergency, and your priority will be to contact a locksmith to remove it. Based on the depth of the key, you can open the lock … Read more

How To Pick A Garage Door Lock – Save Time & Money

garage gate

Forgetting your garage keys happens to every person more often than you would think. In fact, I have been stuck like that on multiple occasions, waiting on the locksmith to come and open the garage door lock for me. But that was all before I learned how to do it myself. And so will you, … Read more

How To Open A Padlock Without A Key: 8 Easy Methods

open padlock without key

Have you ever been stuck staring at a simple padlock? Maybe you forgot your key, or maybe you just simply misplaced it somewhere and can’t remember where. And now you are stuck with that security padlock to your basement door, garage door, or just a simple box and can’t figure out a way of opening … Read more

How To Pick A Filing Cabinet Lock (5 Expert Methods)

picking cabinet file lock

With the right tools and a little practice, you can pick your way into any filing cabinet in minutes. The first step in picking a lock is to identify which type of lock it is. Once you do this, it will be much easier to find the right tools for the job. Filing cabinet locks … Read more

How to Unlock a Door Without a Key (10 Expert Ways Guide)

unlock without key

In general, the best way to unlock a door without a key is to pick an unused card, like a reward card or old credit card. Slide the card towards the lock inside the door frame, pushing the door latch in to allow the door to open. Below we will go through more methods and … Read more

Key Won’t Turn in Door Lock? (Try Our Top Fix!)

door lock

As a security expert, I get this question very often and it’s one of the most common calls a locksmith gets when someone puts a key into their door and it just won’t turn. If you want to try something quickly the best fix is usually spraying some WD40 inside the keyhole, then putting your … Read more