Types Of Sliding Glass Door Locks (10+ Examples & Photos)

Working in security I have a heightened sense of paranoia for all locks and nothing scares me more than unsecured sliding doors. It’s easy with one look to see that the mechanism that comes with most sliding doors is shabby at best and can be easily broken through.

Did you just move into a new home and are you struggling to secure your sliding door? Or are you just looking to upgrade your lock? There are many types of sliding door locks and models making it a bit overwhelming, were here to help.

Below we will be introducing and explaining the different models and their intricacies.

Type Level of Security
Mortise Sliding Door LocksLow to Medium
Keyed Sliding Door LockLow
Two Bolt Sliding Door lockMedium
Loop LockMedium
Sliding Door Track LockMedium to Low
Surface Mounted Hook BoltLow
Security BarMedium
Automatic Sliding Door Lock and Smart LockMedium
Electromagnetic LockHigh

#1. Mortise Sliding Door Locks

Mortise lock for door

This type of lock is the default door lock of most sliding doors. Commonly, if you purchase a sliding door, you will see this lock already installed on your door.

Mortise sliding door locks are attached inside the door panel of your sliding door, which makes it look strong.

If your sliding door has this type of door lock, and as you try to lock it. You will see that the thumb latch controls the lock hook, which is apart from the handle.

You can only lock mortise door locks from the inside, and it doesn’t come with a key, making it its disadvantage. So if you accidentally lock yourself outside, you might need to look for another way to enter your house.

Moreover, mortise sliding door locks are the best locks for people looking to save a buck. This kind of lock often comes at a small price. However, it has its downside to its durability. The handle may be too flimsy to last for years, especially if your slider is difficult to open and close.

#2. Keyed Sliding Door Locks

Do you often forget and lock yourself outside, and it irritates you at times? Well, this type of lock is perfect for you.

Keyed sliding door locks are key-operated sliding glass door locks. You can open this type of door lock from either side, and you can lock the sliding door from the outside or inside of the house.

However, there may be a chance that you might lose the key. So, I suggest that you should be extra careful when owning these types of locks.

Moreover, please keep in mind that you should make sure that it will fit in your door before you get a keyed sliding door lock. There might be a chance that the keyed door lock that you’ll purchase will not work in the door panel of your sliding door, and it’s going to be a big waste.

You may feel discouraged knowing that keyed sliding door locks are not the best choices for security purposes. Yes, you did not misread anything. The keyed sliding door locks are not best for security because a burglar might just pick the lock of your sliding door. But, you can increase the security of your sliding door and still use a keyed door lock by installing a secondary lock.

#3. Two-bolt Sliding Glass Door Locks

If you think that it’s much better to extend the security of your current sliding doors, then you should get a two-bolt sliding glass door lock.

Two-bolt sliding glass door locks utilize two interlocking bolts that keep your door close. Despite that, the two-bolt sliding door lock will still work without another type of lock.

These locks could be a brilliant alternative if your glass door didn’t come with a lock. Also, you won’t need to contact a professional because you can easily install it on the door jamb yourself.

However, like the other locks, the two-bolt sliding glass door lock also has its weaknesses. It may break down after a few years of use. This commonly happens, mainly if you use a cheaper or the wrong type of product. So, be more watchful if you buy these types of locks.

Nevertheless, this type of lock is still a great kind of lock for you to install on your sliding door. Not only does it come in handy, but it also comes at a small price, and it is also very easy to install.


#4. Loop Locks

Using a loop lock to provide an additional layer of security to your sliding glass door is a budget-friendly option. It may not be as secure as the two-bolt lock, but it’s a lot better than a single hook lock alone.

Loop locks are also another type of secondary lock. You can purchase this lock and quickly install it on your sliding door. Moreover, just like the two-bolt locks, loop locks will still function even without other types of locks on your sliding door.

Loop locks secure your door to the jamb. They are commonly composed of hardened steel, so they’re pretty tough.

When you install a loop lock, commonly, you see three parts of the device. These parts are usually installed at the top of the glass door from the inside:

First is the mounting plate that you will need to install on the door jamb. Next is the keeper; you will need to install this part to the sliding door. And lastly, the locking bar, you will see that this part of the device locks your sliding door to the door jamb. 


#5. Sliding Door Track Locks

Suppose you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time for a long installation. A sliding door track lock is one way to do it.

Sliding door track locks are simple security devices. You will only need to place it at the sliding door’s rail; this will lock and serve as a barrier to your door to prevent movement.

A track lock gains its advantage with its flexibility and hassle-free installation. However, it may not be as secure as the other type of locks. 

You can install a couple of them instead. In this way, it will increase its resistance to external force, making your sliding door more secure.

#6. Surface-Mounted Hook Bolt

If you want to lock and unlock your sliding glass door from the outside but don’t want to use a key. Here is a solution for you. 

A Surface-mounted hook bold is a type of lock that allows you to lock your sliding door from both inside and outside of your house. It has a keypad in the exterior panel where you enter your password to unlock the door.

These locks work with most conventional sliding doors and can fit above or below the existing lock. 

Bear in mind that it may look like a smart lock, but it is not considered one. Therefore, the system of this device does not work with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


#7. Security Bar

If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require any tools to set up, security bars are the best option.

Security bars are very flexible; you may use these devices with any door. A security bar fits the gap between the active slider and the wall at the bottom of the door jamb. In this way, it prevents someone from pulling your door open. It gains its protection from the strength of the floor. This way, it holds the sliding panel from moving.

#8. Automatic Sliding Door Locks and Smart Locks

Suppose you want your sliding glass door to open automatically. You should install automatic sliding door locks as it saves you effort in opening and closing your sliding doors.

Smart locks allow you to control your sliding door through your cellphone, which means you can unlock or lock your door anywhere. 

Having an automatic sliding door may sound cool, but it might not be extremely secure. Anyways, this will not be a problem if you have a lot of spare money and can afford one.

When in terms of installation, you cannot install these locks by yourself. You might need to contact a professional to place it for you.

 #9. Electromagnetic Locks

If you can’t afford to purchase a smart lock, you badly want an electric-powered lock. An electromagnetic lock is another option for you. (1)

Electromagnetic sliding door locks work perfectly with any door. However, these locks can be quite complicated to install. Also, it only functions with electricity and will not work if the power is cut.

In general, electromagnetic sliding door locks are one of the best choices for reliable security. However, it has its downfall regarding its complicated installation, and it does not work without power.


#10. Child Locks

Child locks are the best fit for you if you want a lock for security and, at the same time, for safety purposes. The lock limits the width of the gap of a sliding door. It allows you to lock the door when it is partially open. this type of lock is quick and easy to use. You need to remove the pin, and the door will open.

How do sliding glass door locks work?

A spring operates a sliding glass door lock. The spring contained within the bolts contracts when you open the door, allowing the door to open. The spring is energized when it is closed, causing it to lock.

Can you put a keypad lock on a sliding door?

Yes. Keypad locks and other types of locks are commonly put on sliding doors to increase security. The hook and bolt lock may be the only lock that keypad locks cannot function with when it comes to sliding doors.

Are there smart locks for sliding doors?

Yes, there are. Several programmable features are available, such as biometric locks, auto-locks, and smartphone apps, which can improve home security. (2)

Are sliding locks commonly targetted by burglars?

Sliding glass doors are often targets of burglars. They believe that these are the quickest and most accessible entry points. To prevent this, choose the best combination of locks for your sliding doors.

Wrapping Up

To enjoy the benefits of having a sliding door, you must know the different locks that are available. In this way, you will feel more secure.

In conclusion, the best way to keep and have high-end security for your sliding door is to have a lock and install a secondary lock. It will always be your decision on which lock you should buy and what fits your door well but always keep security in mind. It’s not always easy to pick the perfect model, and I hope this helps.

(1) electromagnetic – https://www.britannica.com/science/electromagnetism
(2) smartphone apps – https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/computer-science/smartphone-application

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