What Humidity Should a Gun Safe Be At

Are you constantly troubled by the way guns sweat when you store them in the safe? Or are you concerned about why mold grows in the gun safe?

That only means one thing; the humidity in your gun safe is higher than the recommended moisture level. If you love collecting guns, it is only reasonable to have a gun safe to store them. However, you need to know that there is appropriate safe maintenance you have to practice. And that is to keep the humidity in the gun safe at the approved numbers by experts.

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What Humidity Should a Gun Safe Be At

Everzen Mini Dehumidifier Gun SafeThe gun experts, called the National Rifle Association (NRA), propose that the moisture in the gun safe should be at a 30% to 50% level. At the same time, you need to set the temperature in the room, where the safe is, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to make this possible. You may want to check and learn here what temperature should a dehumidifier be set at in a gun safe.

You will need a device or system to absorb the extra moisture inside the safe to attain this. The most recommended devices are dehumidifier rods and desiccants. These are efficient options to control the humidity inside any closed space and storage, especially for those kept at basements and garage areas.

Exposing your gun to extreme moisture will be bad for your weapons. They could rust and hold the mold in them. The ammo will become greasy. So gun owners should be vigilant in storing their guns. Investing in the right product that will keep the gun safe at all times. (1)

These are valuable things that require following safety protocols to avoid danger.

Can You Really Keep the Room Temperature at 70 Degrees?

Everzen Gun Safe DehumidifierWith the help of a gun-safe dehumidifier, we can control the humidity inside the safe from 30% to 50%. But can we keep the room temperature steady at 70 degrees Fahrenheit? 

Well, that is not possible because the changing weather plays a role in keeping the temperature. However, you can ensure that you can control the hotness and coldness in the room. (2)

To do this, you need a thermostat or a similar device that will regulate the temperature in a room. And you have to install a heating/cooling system in the room. Then connect it to the device so that you can freely operate it in any given weather.

Assume that you are able to store the guns in a safe and keep the humidity to the accepted level.


For the safety of gun owners and the public, you need to know the perfect humidity level required in the safe. This will keep your gun away from rust, mold, and other elements that could damage its parts.

Before we end, here’s a good read on how to run power cord to a gun safe dehumidifier.

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